Short Plays for Young People

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James Plaisted Webber, Hanson Hart Webster
Houghton Mifflin, 1925 - 231 psl.
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17 psl. - Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep ; If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take ; And this I ask for Jesus
142 psl. - Through the thick corn the scarlet poppies peep, And round green roots and yellowing stalks I see Pale pink convolvulus in tendrils creep; And air-swept lindens yield Their scent, and rustle down their perfumed showers Of bloom on the bent grass where I am laid, And bower me from the August sun with shade; And the eye travels down to Oxford's towers.
69 psl. - Once at the Angelus (Ere I was dead), Angels all glorious Came to my Bed; Angels in blue and white Crowned on the head." M. VIEUXBOIS [drowsily]. "She was an Angel" . . . "Once she laughed" . . . What, was I dreaming? Where's the draught? BABETTE [showing the empty cup]. The draught, M'sieu'?
145 psl. - Here will I sit and wait, While to my ear from uplands far away The bleating of the folded flocks is borne; With distant cries of reapers in the corn — All the live murmur of a summer's day.
69 psl. - One was the Friend I left Stark in the Snow; One was the Wife that died Long, — long ago; One was the Love I lost — How could she know ? " M. VIEUXBOIS {murmuring} Ah PAUL! . . . old PAUL! . . . EULALIE, too! And ROSE . . . And O! "the sky so blue!
69 psl. - Ah! I am old — and I forget. Was the place growing green, Babette? Babette. But of a greenness — yes, M'sieu' ! And then the sky so blue — so blue! And when I dropped my immortelle, How the birds sang! (Lifting her apron to her eyes.) This poor Ma'am'selle!
119 psl. - Moon. All that I have to say, is, to tell you that the lanthorn is the moon ; I, the man i' the moon ; this thorn-bush, my thorn-bush ; and this dog, my dog.
227 psl. - Be brave, your Majesty, as she was brave. A man on horseback told me what she said. She said: ' I was a Queen and you dethroned me. I was a wife and you have killed my husband. I was a mother and you tear my children Away from me. Only my blood is left. Make haste to shed it. And be satisfied.
82 psl. - Travelling Man. Will you give me a bit of that dough to bring with me ? I have gone a long time fasting. Mother. It is not often in the year I make bread like this. There are a few cold potatoes on the dresser, are they not good enough for you ? There is many a one would be glad to get them. Travelling Man. Whatever you will give me, I will take it. Mother (going to the dresser for the potatoes and looking at the shelves). What in the earthly world has happened all the delf ? Where are the jugs gone...
68 psl. - M'sieu' speaks So loud he won't be well for weeks ! M. VIEUXBOIS Where have you been ? BABETTE Why, M'sieu' knows: — April ! — Ville-d'Avray ! — Ma'am 'selle Rose ! M. VIEUXBOIS Ah ! I am old, — and I forget. Was the place growing green, Babette? BABETTE But of a greenness ! — yes, M'sieu...

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