The Cambridge Companion to Robert Frost

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Robert Faggen
Cambridge University Press, 2001-06-14
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This collection of specially-commissioned essays by experts in the field explores key dimensions of Robert Frost's poetry and life. Frost remains one of the most memorable and beguiling of modern poets. Writing in the tradition of Virgil, Milton, and Wordsworth, he transformed pastoral and georgic poetry both in subject matter and form. Mastering the rhythms of ordinary speech, Frost made country life the point from which to view the world and the complexities of human psychology. The essays in this volume enable readers to explore Frost's art and thought, from the controversies of his biography to his subtle reinvention of poetic and metric traditions and the conflicts in his thought about politics, gender, science and religion. This volume will bring fresh perspectives to the lyric, narrative and dramatic poetry of an American master, and its chronology and guide to further reading will prove valuable to scholars and students alike.

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List of contributors
Note on the texts
the Lives of Robert Frost
Frost Biography and A Witness Tree
Frost andthe Questionsof Pastoral
Frost andthe Ancient Muses
Frost asaNew EnglandPoet LAWRENCE BUELL
Frosts Poetry of Metaphor JUDITH OSTER 8 Frost and the Meditative Lyric
Frosts Politics and theCold
Human Presence inFrosts Universe
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