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J. Cundee and C. Chapple, 1805
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20 psl. - Elizabeth, on an evening, rode out that way to take the air 3 : where, near the town, she was invironed with a number of begging rogues (as beggars usually haunt such places), which gave the Queen much disturbance.
18 psl. - Below the ceiling, which is richly adorned with paintings and ornaments, runs a series of large medallion paintings, exhibiting the portraits of all the Earls of Northumberland in succession, and other principal persons of the houses of Percy and Seymour 5 all taken from originals.
339 psl. - ... the kitchen who desired to speak with me. I ordered him in. A plain, decent, elderly figure made its appearance, and, being desired to sit, spoke as follows : ' Sir, I am clerk of the parish of All Saints, in Northampton ; brother of Mr.
775 psl. - ... in order to make up a purse for the defence of their collective rights. When a sufficient sum of money was subscribed, they applied to a...
65 psl. - ... its elevation, composed of ten prisms, which form the ten different stories of the building. The lowest of these is twenty-six feet in diameter, exclusive of the portico which surrounds it, and eighteen feet high; the second is twenty-five feet in diameter, and seventeen feet high; and all the rest...
131 psl. - Some of them have their foreign Letters of Orders, with Patterns sealed on them, in their Hands ; the Colours of which they match, by holding them to the Cloths they think they agree to. When they have pitched upon their Cloth, they lean over to the Clothier, and, by a Whisper, in the fewest Words imaginable, the Price is stated ; one asks, the other bids ; and they agree or disagree in a Moment. The...
65 psl. - ... two years later as The Citizen of the World. And Sir William Chambers, for whom Johnson had written a few lines of introduction, was employed by the Princess Augusta to improve and decorate the grounds at Kew House.
65 psl. - The body of the building consists of an octagon saloon in the centre, flanked with two cabinets, finishing with one large dome and two small ones. The large dome is crowned with a crescent, and its upright part contains twenty-eight little arches, which give light to the saloon. On the three front sides of the central octagon are three doors, giving entrance to the...
121 psl. - VI. under which the government is constituted of a mayor, recorder, ten aldermen, ten common-councilmen, a town-clerk, and two sergeants-at-mace. The borough sends two members to Parliament, and has done so since the 23d of Edward I. The right of election is in the mayor, aldermen, and resident burgesses, not receiving parochial relief. The sons of burgesses, and those who have served apprentice seven years in the borough, have a right (upon the demand thereof) to be made burgesses. Though the electors...
65 psl. - CHAP, n. laid, and with such care, that there is not the least crack or fracture in the whole structure, notwithstanding its great height, and the expedition with which it was built. The staircase is in the centre of the building. The prospects open as you advance in height, and from the top you command a very extensive view on all sides, and, in some directions, upward of forty miles distant, over a rich and variegated country.