Puslapio vaizdai

Stuart's View of Society in Europe, in its progress from Rudeness to Refinement, 1 vol.

Clarendon's Hiftory of the civil Wars in England, 12 vol. Life of Clarendon, 5 vol.

The Life of Lorenzo de Medici, called the magnificent by William Rooe, comprising fome account of the political State of Italy, and of the rife of letters and of arts in Europe in the fifteenth Century, 4 vol.

Account of the Rife and progrefs of the English Stage; by Malone. I vol.

Essay on the Learning of Shakspeare, by R. Farmer,8. In the price of 13 a vol.

Smith's pofthumous Works; containing: Effays on philofophical fubjects, with his life, 1 vol.

Hume's Effays on Suicide and the immortality of the foul, 8. in the price of a vol. 1/3.

Robertfon's Suppl. to his Hift, of America, containing the Hist. of Virginia, to the year 1688; and the Hist. of new England to the year 1652. in the price of half a vol. Hailey's Life of Milton, with conje&ures on the origine of Paradife loft, 1 vol.

Knox's Ellays, moral and literary, 3 vol.

Lowth's English Grammar, 1 vol, In the price of half a vol.

In the Prefs, and Speedely will be published,

Blair's Lectures on Rhetoric and belles-lettres: a new Edition in 4 vol.

Shaftesbury's Characteristics, 3 vol.

Smith's Wealth of Nations, 4 vol.

Robertfon's Hiftory of America, 4 vol.

Ferguson's Hiftory of the Roman Republic, 6 vol.

Fieldings, Hiftory of Jofeph Andrews and his Friend Abraham Adams, 2 vol.


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