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and matter directed by amendatory acts to be added, inserted, or substituted is incorporated and accompanied by explanatory notes.

The purpose of the present work is to present the text of the law as it now exists. No change in the language has been made without express and statutory authority. In cases where doubt exists whether acts or portions of acts and sections of the Revised Statutes are superseded by subsequent provisions both the earlier and later provisions are set forth with explanatory notes. In some instances it was deemed necessary to include portions of the context not in themselves applicable to the department, but necessary to complete the sense or indicate the intent or purpose of the portions directly pertinent. In many acts and portions of acts and many sections of the Revised Statutes incorporated in the work, parts thereof are omitted as inapplicable to the Department of Agriculture, and such omissions are indicated by the insertion of asterisks. Where entire acts are incorporated they are set forth, as far as consistent with the logical arrangement of the work, as entities; but where they treat of more than one subject they are divided and the different sections or provisions are set forth in parts of the work where they respectively fall. Separate provisions relating to similar matters are correlated by reciprocal notes. Many incidental matters which may aid in construction are explained by notes.

Acts or portions of acts are preceded by citation of the date of the act, the chapter, and the page of the Statutes at Large on which the act begins. Where entire acts or the first portion of acts are set forth, the legal title of the act is given. At the close of each section of the work taken from the Statutes at Large is a note in small type citing the date of the act, and the chapter, section, and particular page of the Statutes at Large on which it occurs. Sections of the work taken from the Revised Statutes are preceded by the citation of the corresponding section of the same. Sections, paragraphs, or provisions of the Statutes at Large and sections or portions of sections of the Revised Statutes are preceded by headings indicating their import.

The insertion of the copious explanatory notes and the very complete index, it is believed, will add to the convenience and value of the work.

It was deemed advisable to insert, in the appropriate parts of the work, the text of the agricultural appropriation act for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1913, though its provisions are in general temporary in nature.

A list of the citations to the annual agricultural appropriation acts of the Department of Agriculture has been appended.



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