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P. 13. for ftcaming read freaming.
p. 18. for stumpt read stump.
p. 22. for draughty read droughty.
P. 33. for pass' read pass’d.
p. 36. for pow’rful read powerful.
p. 44. for then read than.
p. 46. for hand read hands.
p.53. line last, add 1.
p. 60. for neighbor read neighbour.
p. 78. second stanza, line 5. for He read She.
p. 81. for feadow read fadows.

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OH say what is that thing call'd light

Which I must ne'er enjoy ;
What are the blessings of the fight,

Oh tell a poor blind boy.

You talk of wondrous things you fee;

You say the sun shines bright;
I feel him warm, but how can he
Or make it day or night?

My day or night myself I make

Whene'er I sleep or play ; And could I always keep awake

With me 'twere always day.

With heavy fighs I often hear

You mourn my hapless woe, But sure with patience I can bear

A loss I ne'er can know.



Then let not what I cannot have

My cheer of mind destroy ; While thus I sing I am a king

Although a poor blind boy.

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AND wherefore do the Poor complain?

The rich man ask'd of me,
Come walk abroad with me, I said,

And I will answer thee.


'Twas evening, and the frozen streets

Were cheerless to behold, And we were wrapt and coated well,

And yet we were a-cold.

We met an old bare-headed man,

His locks were few and white, I ask'd him what he did abroad

In that cold winter's night :

'Twas bitter keen indeed, he faid,

But at home no fire had he,
And therefore he had come abroad

To ask for charity.

We met a young bare-footed child,

And she begg'd loud and bold, I ask'd her what she did abroad

When the wind it blew so cold;

She said her father was at home

And he lay sick a-bed,
And therefore was it she was sent

Abroad to beg for bread.

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At this the father rais'd his hook

And Inapp'd a faggot-band;
Ilo plied his work, and Lucy took

The lantern in her hand,

Not Nither is the mountain roe,

With many a wanton stroke 14 fi ciljna fia the powd’ry snow

The new gold Luuke.

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