A Tour in a Phaeton Through the Eastern Counties

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Richard Bentley & Son, 1889 - 403 psl.

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172 psl. - Were I in my castle of Bungey Upon the river of Waveney I would ne care for the king of Cockeney...
114 psl. - Resigned unto the heavenly will, His son keeps on the business still.
332 psl. - Sir: — I am scornfully amused at your appeal to me, of all people in the world the precisely least likely to give you a farthing! My first word to all men and boys who care to hear me is " Don't get into debt. Starve and go to heaven, — but don't borrow. Try first begging, — I don't mind, if it's really needful, stealing! But don't buy things you can't pay for!
157 psl. - If she had not been catcht and supported By her intended Husband Of which invisible bruise After a struggle for above sixty Hours With that grand Enemy to Life (But the Certain and Merciful Friend To helpless Old Age) In terrible Convulsions, Plaintive groans or Stupefying Sleep Without recovery of Speech or Senses, She dyed on the 12th day of Sept. In ye year) of our Lord 1737 ) of her own age 44 Did anyone, asked Kate, ever spend Eternity under a better Synopsis?
291 psl. - I've the very carving knife and fork that that gentleman used when he was here ; ivory-mounted they are, they go with the hotel, and were handed to me when I took it.
332 psl. - And of all manner of debtors pious people building churches they can't pay for, are the most detestable nonsense to me. Can't you preach and pray behind the hedges— or in a sandpit— or a coalhole— first? And of all manner of churches thus idiotically built, iron churches are the damnablest to me. And of all...
77 psl. - O mortall folke! you may beholde and se Howe I lye here, sometime a myghty knyght; The end of joye and all prosperite Is deth at last, through his course and myght; After the day there cometh the derke night; For though the day be never so longe, At last the belles ringeth to evensonge.
16 psl. - Such a prodigious valley, everywhere painted with the finest verdure, and intersected with numberless hedges and woods, appears beneath you that it is past description; the Thames winding through it, full of ships, and bounded by the hills of Kent. Nothing can exceed this amazing prospect, unless it be that which Hannibal exhibited to his disconsolate troops when he bade them behold the glories of the .Italian plains...
162 psl. - Life, like the game of bowls, is but an end, Which to play well this moral verse attend. Throw not your bowl too rashly from your hand, First let its course by reason's eye be plann'd, Lest it roll useless o'er the verdant plain, Thus sanguine life is often spent in vain.
305 psl. - ... knights. This church contains several tombs of interest. In the chancel we came upon a plain marble tablet, with the following inscribed thereon : Sacred to the Memory of MARY TUDOR, Third Daugh" of Henry y1 7th, King of England, and Queen of France.

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