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Penrod's Detective Story

Written in the seclusion of the barn, with no one near but Duke, his faithful dog.


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By Booth Tarkington
Author of “The Gentleman from Indiana,” “The Flirt,” “Monsieur

Beaucaire," etc.
NOWHERE has Booth Tarkington done such fin-

ished, exquisite work as in this story of boyhood. The full flavor of his story is not only for the grown man or woman, but for all ages that love the comic

It is a picture of a boy's heart, full of those lovable, humorous, tragic things which are locked secrets to older folks unless one has the gift of understanding. Booth Tarkington has it eminently, and “Penrod " will stand as a classic interpretation of the omnipresent subtlety — BOY.

CHAPITER THE SIXTH Mr. Wilson reched for his gun but our hero had him covred and said Well I guess you don't come any of that on me my friend.

Well what makes you so sure about it sneered the other bitting his lip so savageley that the blood

You are nothing but a comon Roadagent any way and I do not propose to be bafled by such, Ramorez laughed at this and kep Mr. Wilson covred by his ottomatick

Soon the two men were struggling together in the deathroes but soon Mr. Wilson got him bound and gaged his mouth and

away for awhile leavin our hero, it was dark and he writhd at his bonds writhing on the floor wile the rats came out of their holes and bit him and vernim got all over him from the floor of that helish spot but soon he manged to push the gag out of his mouth with the end of his tongeu and got all his bonds off



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Harry Leon Wilson, author of “Bunker Bean,” etc., says:

“I think you have never done anything so good as the Penrod stuff. I am pretty sure I detect strokes here and there that you have never before equalled."


Mr. Tarkington wanted to make sure that the artist drew a real boy, so this is how he describes him:

"Penrod should not look tall, athletic, graceful; neither should he seem quite so short and awkward. Nor must he seem either modish or too extremely untidy. 'Duke' (the dog) is a little larger than I have drawn him. Sometimes he should look up affectionately at his master. The most important thing is that Penrod should always be the same boy-if he wears a 'Norfolk,' it should n't be too Hart, Schaffner & Marx! He should be, most of all, an individual."

To finish the story of a real boy's heart get

“Penrod” Illustrated by Gordon Grant.

Net $1.25

Doubleday, Page & Co., Garden City, N. Y.

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By E. F. Benson

Author of Dodo" Dodo's daughter is a modern of the moderns; and the story of her waywardness and her lovers is done with much cleverness and sparkle and unfailing humor.

Price $1.35 viet, postage 12 cents

THE CENTURY CO., Union Square, New York

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The Things He Wrote to Her

By RICHARD WIGHTMAN The things he wrote to her portray a soul-drama of many scenes but just two characters-a man very much in love and the woman to whom he pours out his heart.

You cannot get away from the smiles and tears and beauty of this inspiring, appealing little book.

A charming gift book. Price 60 cents net, postage 5 cents

Anthony the Absolute

By SAMUEL MERWIN “Anthony is an original conception, and he stands out from the pages of the journal containing his story clearly and positively with an individuality so strong, so fresh, and pleasing that it takes only a few pages to make the reader glad of his acquaintance, and determined to go on with him through his unique adventure, as much for the pleasure of his company as for interest in what is going to happen."— New York Times.

Striking illustrations by Crosby. Price $1.35 net, postage 11 cents


Published Anonymously “Remarkable as a character study, and as a study in atmosphere." -Book News Monthly.

“A tense story written with exquisite finish.”—Los Angeles Times.

“One of the big, vital novels which only comes at long intervals.” Brooklyn Eagle.

Price $1.30 net, postage 10 cents

THE CENTURY CO., Union Square, New York

Fiction of Unusual Quality and Interest


Dr. S. Weir Mitchell's




This, the last book of one of the greatest figures in all American letters, is, in the estimate of many, Dr. Mitchell's finest and most finished work. As a brilliant and intensely interesting picture of Civil War days it is unrivaled.

Price $1.40 net, postage 12 cents

Jack London's

John Barleycorn

has fairly_surpassed her.
self in ‘T. Tembarom. In
her long career as a novel.
ist she has never written
any other long story that
was quite so uniformly
-Chicago Record-Herald

“It is honest romance, with
a tiny fairy godmother, a
modern villain, and a beau-
tiful princess in disguise
as Little Ann.”
- The Independent



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“Anold-fashioned tale that
is sometimes romantic,
sometimes realistic, some.
times plausible, sometimes
incredible, but always en.
-Boston Transcript

“A story warranted to in.
duce the most rejuvenating
of moods in all but the
most case-hardened of

-Life T. TEMBAROM “Through many pages of surprises, quaint humor, and gentle adventure, Mrs. Burnett carries "Tembarom' with the skill and in. genuity of a Dickens." -Review of Reviews

T. TEMBAROM “A fairy tale for grownups.”—Town and Country

A powerful indictment of alcohol, a personal narrative of gripping interest, “the greatest book that has yet come from the pen of Jack London."

Price $1.30 net, postage 12 cents

Eleanor Hallowell Abbott's

The White Linen Nurse Not a bit like any other book you have read, except perhaps, “Molly Make-Believe.” You'll have fun reading it, and you 'll have almost as much fun defending your opinion of it.

Price $1.00 net, postage 7 cents

Harvey J. O'Higgins's

Silent Sam Stories of New York and its most picturesque people, done with O'Higgins's characteristic realism and humor.

Price $1.25 net, postage 11 cents

" It's irresistible!”

William and Bill By Grace MacGowan Cooke and Caroline Wood Morrison “There's not a mother or father in the country who won't love this book.”The Continent

Price $1.25 net, postage 10 cents

Maria Thompson Daviess'

The Tinder Box A delightful frolic of a story by the author of “The Melting of Molly"-with a touch of serious purpose underneath the laughter.

Price $1.00 net, postage 7 cents

And Jean Webster's

Daddy-Long-Legs It is a whimsical little wisp of a story, overflowing with quaint charm and rippling humor. Everybody who reads it wants to reread it and pass it on. Have you seen the play?

Price $1.00 net, postage 8 cents

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At all booksellers

Price $1.40 net, postage

12 cents

THE CENTURY CO., Union Square, New York



A distinguished and unusual book, with forty-four lovely reproductions in color from water-colors, oils, and pastels.

The most beautiful and representative book yet made of this famous English artist's work, of unique value for collectors and all interested in modern art.

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THE CENTURY CO., Union Square, New York

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