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fayer calls out upon Caf. to beware the ides of March. Caf. calls him a dreamer, and difregards his caution. Exeunt.

Sc. III. Manent Bru. and Caf. Caf. hints to Bru. the growing greatness of Caf. and the approaching flavery of the Romans. Shout within. Bru. expreffes his fear that the

for their king.

people are choofing Caf.

Sc. IV. Enter Caf. and his train. Caf. tells Ant. he would choose to have fuch men about him who are fat, fleek-headed, and who fleep o' nights and hints that Caf. and fuch fort of men, who are lean, and think much, are dangerous. Exeunt Caf. and his


Sc. V. Manent Bru. Caf. and Cafe. The laft informs the

other two, that the crown had thrice been offered Caf. which he has often refused, and that this had been the occafion of the people's fhouting. Exeunt Cafe. and Bru. Caf. intends at night to throw in at Bru.'s window, papers written in different hands, tending to express the great opinion the Romans have of Bru. Exit.

Sc. VI. Thunder and lightning. Enter from oppofite fides, Cic. and Cafe. with his fword drawn. Talk of the dreadfulness of the night, and portentous prodigies

that had appeared.

pitol on the morrow.

Sc. VII. To Cafc. enter Caf. reported the Senators blifh Caf. as a king,

That Caf. is to go to the Ca

Exit Cic.

Cafe. informs Caf. that it is intend on the morrow to efta

Caf. difclofes to Cafe. a con

fpiracy that he had formed with others against Caf. into which Cafe. readily enters.


Sc. VIII. To them enter Cin. who tells Caf. that the Confpirators are waiting for him at Pompey's porch. Caf. hopes to make Bru. of their party. Exeunt.


Sc. I. Brutus's Garden. Enter Bru. who calls and awakens Luc. Enter Luc. whom Bru. orders to light a taper in his ftudy. Exit Luc. Bru. in a foliloquy refolves that, for the welfare of Rome, Caf. muft die. Enter Luc. who gives Bru. a letter he had found in the study. Exit Luc. Bru. reads the letter, which is written to ftir up Bru. against Caf. Enter Luc. who brings word that Caf. and others muffled up are at the door. Bru. orders them to be admitted. Exit Luc.

Sc. II. To Bru. enter Caf. Cafe. Dec. Cin. Met. and Treh. They determine to affaffinate Caf. A propofal is made to cut off M. Ant. alfo, which is over-ruled by Caf. It is propofed to engage C. Lig. in the confpiracy, for which purpofe Met. is defired to call on him, and fend him to Bru. Exeunt all but 'Bru.

Sc. III. To Bru. enter Por. who, from the unwonted gloom

inefs and irregularity of Bru.'s behaviour, fufpe&ts fome hidden grief to lie upon his mind; and conjures him to impart it to her; adding, that although fhe is a woman, yet being the daughter of Cato and wife of Bru. fhe is able to keep a fecret; and that, to prove her patience and conftancy, fhe had

given herself a wound in the thigh. Knocking within. Bru. bids Por. retire, and promises to unfold to her all the fecrets of his heart. Exit Por. Enter Luc. bringing in Lig. who is fick. Exit Luc. Lig. declares that (though fick) if Bru. have any honourable exploit in hand, he is ready to engage in it. Bru. tells him, he will open the as they walk. Exeunt.

business to him,

Sc. IV. Cafar's palace. Thunder and lightning. Enter J. Caf. in his night-gown. Cal.'s difturbed fleep. Enter a Servant, whoin Caf. fends to the priests to bid them do facrifice. Enter Cal. who, from the prodigies that had appeared, endeavours to diffuade Caf. from going to the capitol. Enter Servant, who brings word that the augurs, plucking forth the entrails of an offering, found no heart in the beast, and advise Caf. not to go to the capitol. Caf. notwithstanding thefe prodigies, from the principle of courage, maintains his determination of going; till, farther conjured by Cal. he at length confents that M. Ant. fhall make his excufe to the Senate for not attending them. Enter Dec. whom Caf. informs of his having been perfuaded by Cal. on account of a frightful dream fhe had, not to go to the capitol. But Dec. by giving a fortunate interpretation of the dream, and informing Caf. that the Senate have concluded to present him with a crown, induces him to go. Enter Bru. Lig. and Cafe. Treb. Cin. and Pub. and foon after Ant. as to attend him to the capitol. Caf. invites them to drink fome wine with him before they go. Exeunt.

Sc. V. The ftreet. Enter Artemid. reading a paper of his own writing, wherein he bids Caf. beware of the confpirators, and inferts their names.

This paper

he intends to give Caf. as he paffes to the capitol. Exit.

Sc. VI. Enter Por. and Luc. and a while after a Soothsayer, who intends to caution Caf. as he paffes to the capitol. This fcene exhibits the terror of Por. on account of the approaching attempt, and her anxiety for the fuccefs of it.


Sc. I. The ftreet near the capitol. Flourish. Enter Caf Bru. Caf. Cafe. Dec. Met. Treb. Cin. Ant. Lep. Art, Pop. and Soothfayer. Caf. tells the Soothfayer that the ides of March are come; to which the Soothsayer answers, Ay, but not gone, Art, and Dec. offer papers to Caf. to read; Art. bids Caf. not to delay reading his, as it nearly concerns himfelf (Caf.) Cef. anfwers that what regards himself fhall be laft confidered. Caf. afks why they urge their petitions in the ftreet, and bids them come to the Capitol. Exeunt.

Sc. II. The capitol. The fenate fitting. Enter Caf, and

the reft, as in the foregoing Scene. After Caf. has taken his feat, Met, goes towards him, and being followed by the confpirators (who range themfelves about Caf) he petitions for the repealing his banished brother Pub, Cimber, and is backed by


Caf. Cin. and Dec. But Caf. perfifting to reject the petition, the Confpirators ftab Caf. and cry out, Liberty! &c. Exeunt all but Confpirators. They befmear their arms and fwords in Caf's blood. Enter a fervant from Ant. to know if his mafter may with fafety fpeak with the confpirators; and being answered in the affirmative, exit Servant to fetch his mafter. Enter Ant. who apparently enters into league with the Confpirators, and gets permiffion of them to make an oration in praife of Caf. over his dead body in the marketplace. Exeunt all but Ant. Enter Octavius's fervant, with advice that his mafter is on the way to Rome. Exeunt, with the body of Caf.

Sc. III. The Forum. Enter Bru. Caf. and the Plebeians.

The Plebeians are clamorous for fatisfaction about the murder of Caf. Bru. promifes to give them good reafons for the deed, provided they will give him audience; and bids Caf. go into the other ftreet, and harangue, that so the numbers may be parted. Exit Caf. with fome of the Plebeians. Bru. goes into the pulpit, and tells them that Caf. was cut off for his ambition, and that the liberties of the people might be preserved. The Plebeians applaud Bru. and are for carrying him home in triumph to his houfe; but he perfuades them to stay and hear the funeral oration on Caf. to be fpoken by Ant. who enters with the body. Exit Bru. Ant. by his artful fpeech ftirs the Plebeians to love and pity for Cef. and hatred and rage against the Conspirators. Exeunt Plebeians, to burn Caf.'s body, and with a refolution to fet fire to the houses of the Confpira


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