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muft not yield to one of woman born. Macd. bids him, defpair his charm, for he (Macd.) was from his mother's womb untimely ript. On this Mach. refufes to fight; but on being provoked by Macd. with the name of coward, again engages him, and exeunt fighting.

Sc. VII. Retreat and flourish. Enter with drum and colours, Male. Seyw. Roffe, Thanes and Soldiers. Seyw. is informed that his fon is dead; but, as he received his wounds on the front, rejoices that he died honourably. Enter Macd. with Mach.'s head. He and the reft hail Malc. king of Scotland. Malc. creates the Thanes, Earls; gives thanks to all; and invites them to Scone, to fee him crowned. Flourifh. Exeunt omnes.


[blocks in formation]


HEN fhall we three meet again


In thunder, lightning, and in rain?

2 Witch. When the hurly-burly's done, When the battle's loft and won.

3 Witch. That will be ere fet of fun. 1 Witch. Where the place?

2 Witch. Upon the heath.

3 Witch. There to meet with Macbeth.

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1 Witch. I come, Grimalkin.

2 Witch. Padocke calls- -anon.

All. Fair is fou!, and foul is fair.

Hover through the fog and filthy air.

[They rife from the flage, and fly away.


i The Palace at Foris.

* Alarum within. Enter King, Malcolme, Donalbaine, Lenox, with attendants, meeting a bleeding Captain. King. What bloody man is that? he can report, As feemeth by his plight, of the revolt

The newest state.

Mal. This is the ferjeant,

Who like a good and hardy foldier fought

'Gainft my captivity.


Hail, hail, brave friend!

Say to the King, the knowledge of the broil,

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d. So all before P; he and all after, put in by T; the fo's have no defcrip

except C. repeat I come twice.

The fo's and R. Gray-Malkin. f All before P. give this speech to Ali: fo does C..

. & P. and H. omit the.

tion; R. and P. only, A Palace; C. A camp near Foris.

* So the fo's; all after, except C, omit Alarum within.

. This direction was first put in by once.

R; the fo's read only, [Exeunt,

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The 1ft f. and 7. read bail but"

So all before P; he and all after,

This description of the Scene is firft - except G. Doubtful long it frood, &c.

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As two expert fwimmers that do cling together,
And choak their art. The merciless Macdonald,
(Worthy to be a rebel; for to that

The multiplying villanies of nature
Do fwarm upon him) from the western ifles
• Of Kernes and Gallowglaffes, is fupply'd;
And fortune on his damned' quarry fsmiling,

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Shew'd like a rebel's whore: But all 's too weak,

For brave Macbeth (well he deferves that name)
Difdaining fortune, with his brandifht fteel,
Which fmoak'd with bloody execution,
Like valour's minion carved out his paffage,

Till he fac'd the flave;

Which ne'er fhook hands nor y bad farewel to him, "Till he unfeam'd him from the nave to th' chops, And fix'd his head upon our battlements.

All the editions read spent : But 'tis probable Shakespeare wrote 'xpert, cutting off the e to make it measure, which the editors (not knowing what to make of it) changed into spent, the traces of the letters being near. Spent can here have no meaning; for the fimile is drawn from two perfons fwim-” ming for a trial of their skill, who can swim fafteft ;-and as they approach near the goal, they are fuppofed to cling together, and ftrive to hinder each other in their progrefs; an operation inconfiftent with their being tired and spent, but well agreeing with their being expert

in their art.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

King. O valiant coufin! worthy gentleman!
Cap. As whence the fun a "gins his reflection
Shipwrecking ftorms and direful thunders break;
So from that fpring, whence comfort feem'd to come,
• Discomfort fwells. Mark, king of Scotland, mark ;
No fooner juftice had, with valour arm'd,


Compell'd these skipping Kernes to truft their heels;
But the Norweyan lord, furveying 'vantage,
With furbisht arms and new fupplies of men
Began a fresh affault.

King. Dismay'd not this


Our captains, Macbeth and Banquo?
Cap. Yes,

As fparrows, eagles; or the hare, the lion.
If I fay footh, I muft report, they were
As cannons overcharg'd with double cracks,
So they f doubly redoubled ftrokes upon the foe.
Except they meant to bathe in reeking wounds,
Or memorize another Golgotha,

I cannot tell

But I am faint, my gashes cry for help.→

King. So well thy words become thee, as thy wounds;

They finack of honour both.

Go, get him furgeons.

[Exeunt fome with the foldier.

a So the copies before P. who reads well'd. J. Difcomforts well'd. C. Dif

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comfort avells.
d J. Kermes.

e H. and C. brave Macbeth.

f. P. and all after, except C. omit


This direction put in by C


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