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to her." And that reformed daughter of sin has lived consistently ever since, and when I was last in Philadelphia she was one of the most esteemed members in that Presbyterian Church. And so every one of you can begin anew, and God will help and man will help you. Oh, turn, and do not die. Seven short years is the allotted life of a fallen woman. Oh, escape your early doom, escape your infamy, and hear God's voice calling you to repent. Your resolution to amend will be borne up by hosts of friends; never fear for that. Just take the decided step, and you will be helped by every good man and woman in the community. Oh, I beseech you to act right now, and settle this great question for time and eternity.

I heard of a mother whose daughter was led astray, and the poor daughter tried to hide herself, thinking her mother would not forgive her. The mother went to the town where she supposed her child had gone, but she hunted and hunted unsuccessfully. The trouble is with the most of those girls who go astray they go under assumed names, and this daughter had done the same thing, and that mother couldn't find her. At last she found a place where fallen women resorted to, and the mother went to the keeper of that place and begged her to let her hang up her picture. in the room, and consent was granted. Hundreds of fallen women came into that room and carelessly glanced at the picture and went out. Weeks and months rolled on, until at length one night a poor fallen girl came into the room. She was going out as careless as she had entered, when her eye caught the picture, and, gazing at it for a moment, she burst into a flood of tears. "Where did you get it?" she sobbed. They told her how her mother came there, heart-broken, and asked to have her picture hung up in that room, in the hope of finding her daughter. The girl's memory went back to her days of peace and purity, recalling the acts of kindness of that loved mother, and she then and there resolved to return. See how that mother sought for her and forgave her. Oh, poor fallen ones, the son of God is seeking for you to-night. If you haven't got a mother to pray for you, the Son of God wants to be everything to you. He wants you to Himself. Let me hold Him up to you as your best friend. He wants to take you to His loving bosom and this very night and very hour you can be raised if you will. There was a woman who was trying to get a poor girl to go back to her home. She said, "Neither my mother, my father, nor my brothers will forgive me. They won't permit me to go back." "Will you give me your address ?" the lady asked. The address was obtained, and the very next post brought a letter marked "immediately," and it seemed as

if the whole hearts of her father and mother and brothers were poured out in that letter. It was filled with kindness, and urged her to come home and all would be forgotten. There is many a poor fallen girl in Chicago whose mother is praying for her, and whose heart is aching because she won't go back. Your mother will forgive you, and all your friends, if you will only show true signs of repentance. They will take you home.

O, my friends, let this be the last night you will live in sin -in shame. Let this be your last night in which you will live in sin. Take those sins you have to Him, and He will forgive you. He has said, "Let the wicked forsake his ways," and pardon is ready. That is what our Lord will do. He will pardon you and make you pure. Will you let Him pardon you to-night.

Just before coming down this evening I received a letter from a fallen woman. I've received a number during the past few days. Thank God the spirit is at work among that class! And let me say right here, if there is any person here who keeps a brothel, if you will allow Christian ladies admittance, they will go gladly, and hold meetings. This idea that Christian ladies do not care for your class is false-as false as the blackest lie that ever came out of hell. Why, some of the first ladies of the city have lately been visiting these houses personally, and have been trying to save their erring sisters, a few days ago, several came to me and asked if I couldn't get a list of all the brothels of the city. I went to police head-quarters and got the names of the keepers and addresses, and gave it to these Christian women, and since then, many houses have been visited. These charges that Christian women will not have them in their homes are equally false. The other night a lady of culture was on her knees with a poor one, who told the lady that she was a fallen girl, and did not know where to go if she didn't go back to her brothel. "Come and stay at my house," said the lady, "I will take care of you," and when the girl got up from her knees, the lady saw she was a poor colored girl. That good Christian kept her till she got her a good situation. Another one not long ago received the truth, and one of our ministers wrote to her parents, got a pass and sent her home to her forgiving parents. Let me ask you not to believe we are cruel; that we are hard-hearted; that we do not care for the fallen women, but only for the abandoned men. We have a place to shelter you, and if that is not large enough, the business men will put up another. They will do everything for you if you are only repentant; they will not try to keep you down and cast you off. If you are sincere, there are hundreds and thousands of people in

this city whose hearts will go out to you. But I want to read this letter:

"CHICAGO, Dec. 14.

"MR. MOODY,-Many fallen women in this city would, in these days, gladly change their mode of life and seek Christ and restoration to the homes and hearts of parents and friends whom they, weakly, left many, many bitter years and months ago, if only they could see some way to an honorable living and friendly recognition and help when they should seek these."

Now, let me say here that any young woman that wants reclamation ought not to look into the future. Say to yourselves, "I will be saved to-night, come what will."

"You say, 'Seek first the kingdom of Christ;' but, my dear brother (for such you seem even to me), why do this if only returning shame awaits us ?"

I wish every fallen woman would think as this one does ; why, I would be a brother to you all. Thank God, I've got a brother's heart for all of you. I wish every one of you would feel that I want to do you good-that I only want to lift you up.


Suppose a hundred fallen women of this city were at the Tabernacle to-night-no doubt more than this number will be there and that these should seek Christ and find forgiveness, for you assure us there is full forgiveness for even us, so that these scarlet stains should be 'whiter than snow-where, I ask, shall we live? What shall we do?

"We must return ere the echo of the last prayer in that Tabernacle has died away, to the apartments which have only known our bitter shame, and again meet the devil in his chosen home."

Let me say, again, that no woman in this audience need do that. There will be homes open for you. God will provide for you if you will trust Him. I hope there will be hundreds here to-night who will say, "I will never return to that place. I will never go back to that house of shame; I will never meet the devil in those houses more; I will rather die in the poor-house than do it; I turn my back forever upon death and hell."

"No home of parent or friend, or praying Christian who joined in your prayer at the Tabernacle for us, would offer our weary bodies shelter there, or our willing hands labor wherewith honest bread might be earned. No Christian's purse affords to-morrow's bread."

Dear friends, let the morrow take care of itself. Don't be looking at the future. Just walk by faith. That's what every Christian must do.

"The very ones who came here to pray for us go away scorning us; and while with the virtuous wife and mother and the pure maiden we would plead a common Saviour, they would thrust us from them. What can we do?. Who will help us?

"There remains only a life of shame and an unwept death, physical and eternal, for us. Hopelessly


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E have for our subject this afternoon the precious little word "Come." I want to call your attention first to the "Come" in the 53rd chapter of the prophecies of Isaiah, “Incline your ear, and come unto Me. Hear, and your souls shall live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you, even the sure mercies of David."

"Incline your ear and come unto Me; hear and your soul shall live." Now, I find if we get people to listen-to pause and hear the voice of God, it isn't long before they are willing to follow that voice; but it is so hard to get people to stop and listen for a moment. The din of the world makes such a noise that the people don't hear the voice-that still small voice. He says, "Incline your ear and come unto Me." Now, if we could only get all the friends in this audience to incline their ears this afternoon-not only your natural ears but the ears of your soul, you could be saved to-day. But Satan does not want you to do this; he does all he can to keep your ears from hearing. He. makes you think about yourself, about your sons, your homes; but, my friends, let us forget all those things to-day-let us forget all our surroundings, and close our eyes to the world, and just try and listen to the word of God, and come and hear what He has to say. "Incline your ear and come unto Me; hear and your soul shall live." Now, let us turn to the tenth chapter of Romans, where we see, "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Now, it is not my words I want to have you listen to—it is not my words I want you to hear this afternoon, but I want you to hear the word of this loving King who calls you to Himself. What does He say? In another place He says: "Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if any man hear My voice and open the door, I will come in to him and sup with him and he with Me," or "if any woman," or any one; that's what it means, my friends-" hear My voice and open the door, I will come in to her, and will sup with her and she with Me." I heard of a little child some time ago who was burned. The mother had gone out and left her three children at home. The eldest left the room, and the remaining two began to play

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