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and he dared to make it known. He knew whom he worshipped. The idea of looking back to church records of years ago to see whether a man has professed religion, is all wrong. In Babylon they knew whom Daniel believed on; these hundred and twenty knew the very day after the passage of the edict. He knows they are watching near his window when the hour comes for prayer. He can see two men close at his side, and knows they are spies; perhaps they may be taking down every word he says for the papers. The moment comes and he falls on his knees, and in tones even louder than ever makes his prayer to the God of Israel, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He doesn't omit to pray for the king. It is right to pray for our rulers. If we quit praying for our rulers, our country will go to pieces. The reason they are not better oftentimes is just because we do not pray for them. And now the spies rush to the king and say: "O, Darius, live forever; do you know there is a man in your kingdom that won't obey you?" "Won't obey me! Who is he?" "Why that man Daniel." And the king says: "I know he won't bow down and worship me; I know that he worships the God of Heaven." Then the king sets his heart to deliver him all the day from the hands of those one hundred and twenty men. But they come to him and say: “If you want to break your law your kingdom will depart, your subjects will no longer obey you; you must deliver him to the lions' den." And Darius is compelled, and at last gives the word to have him sent away and cast into the lions' den, and these men take good care to have the den filled with the hungriest beasts in Babylon. He is thrown headlong into the den, but the angel of God flies down, and he lights unharmed on the bottom. The lions' mouths are stopped. They are as harmless as lambs. The old prophet at the wonted hour drops on his knees and prays with his face toward Jerusalem, as caimly as in his chamber. And when it gets later he just lays his head on one of the lions and goes to sleep, and undoubtedly no one in all Babylon slept sweeter than Daniel in the lions' den. In the palace the king cannot sleep. He orders his chariot, and early in the morning rattles over the pavement and jumps down at the lions' den. I see him alight from his chariot in eager haste, and hear him cry down through the mouth of the den: "Oh, Daniel, servant of the living God, is thy God whom thou reverest continually, able to deliver thee from the lions?" Hark! Why, it is a resurrection voice! It is Daniel saying: "My God is able; He hath sent one of His angels and hath shut the lions' mouths." I can see them now just embrace each other, and together they jump into the chariot and away they go back to the palace to breakfast. But I am overstepping my time. Let us pray.

The Prophet Daniel, III.

WANT to say some further things about Daniel. I want to refer to how an angel came to him, and, as we read in the twelfth chapter of Daniel, told him he was a man greatly beloved. Another angel had come to him with the same message. It is generally thought this last angel was the same one spoken of in Revelation, 1st chapter, 13th verse, as coming to John when banished at the Isle of Patmos. People thought he was sent off there alone; but no; the angel of God was with him. And so with Daniel. Here in the 10th chapter and 5th verse he says: "Then I lifted up mine eyes, and behold, a certain man clothed with fine linen, and otherwise arrayed as God's messenger, who cried, 'Oh, Daniel, a man greatly beloved, understand the words which I speak unto thee, and stand upright, for unto thee am I now sent.'" It was Daniel's need that brought him from the glory land. It was the Son of God right by his side in that strange land. And that was the second time that the word came to him that he was greatly beloved. Yes, three times a messenger came from the throne of God to tell him this. I love to speak of that precious verse in the eleventh chapter-the thirty-second verse: "The people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits," and also of the twelfth chapter and second and third verses: "And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt; and they that be wise shall shine as the stars of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever."

This was the angel's comfort to Daniel, and a great comfort it was. The fact with all of us is that we like to shine. There is no doubt about that. Every mother likes her child to shine. If her boy shines at school by getting to the head of the class, the proud mother tells all the neighbors, and she has a right to. But it is not the great of this world that will shine the brightest. For a few years they may shed bright light, but they go out in darkness; without an inner lightness. Supplying the brightness they go out in black darkness. Where are the great men who did not know Daniel's God? Did they shine long? Why, we know of Nebuchadnezzar and the rest of them scarcely a thing, except as they fill in the story about these humble men of God,

We are not told that statesmen shall shine; they may for a few years or days, but they are soon forgotten. Look at those great ones who passed away in the days of Daniel. How wise in council they were, how mighty and victorious` over hundreds of nations; what gods upon earth they were! Yet their names are forgotten and written in the grave. Philosophers, falsely so-called, do they live? Behold men of science-scientific men they call themselves-going down into the bowels of the earth, digging away at some carcass and trying to make it talk against the voice of God. They shall go down to death by and by, and their names shall rot. But the man of God shines. Yes, he it is who shall shine as the stars forever and ever. This Daniel has been gone 2,500 years, but still increasing millions read of his life and actions. And so it shall be to the end; he will only get better known and better loved; he shall only shine the brighter as the world grows older. Of a truth they that be wise and turn many to righteousness shall shine on, like `stars, to eternity.

And this blessed, thrice blessed, happiness, like all the blessings of God's kingdom is for everyone. Even without the first claim to education or refinement you can shine if you will. One of you sailors there can shine for ever if you only go to work for the kingdom. The Bible don't say the great shall shine, but they that turn many to righteousness. A false impression has got hold of many of God's people. They have got the idea that only a few can talk about God's affairs. Nine-tenths of the people say, if anything is to be done for the souls of men, "Oh, the ministers must do it." It don't enter into the heart of the people that they have any part in the matter. It is the devil's work to keep Christians from the blessed luxury of winning souls to God. Anyone can do this work. A little girl only eleven years old came to me in a Sunday-school and said: "Won't you please pray that God may make me a winner of souls?" I felt so proud of her, and my pride was justified, for she has become one of the best winners of souls in this country. Oh, suppose she lives three-score years, and goes on winning four or five souls every year; at the end of her journey there will be three hundred souls on the way to glory. And how long will it be before that little company swells to a great army. Don't you see how that little mountain rill keeps swelling till it carries everything before it. Little trickling streams have run into it, till now, a mighty river, it has great cities on its banks, and the commerce of all nations floating on its waters. So when a single soul is won to Christ you cannot see the result. A single one multiplies to a thousand, and that into ten thousand. Perhaps a million shall be the fruit; we cannot tell. We only know

that the Christian who has turned so many to righteousness shall indeed shine for ever and ever. Look at those poor fishermen, Jesus' disciples, how unlettered. They were not learned men, but great in winning souls. So not a child here but can work for God.

The one thing that keeps people from work is that they don't have the desire. If a man has the desire God soon qualifies him; and what we want is God's qualification; it must come from Him. I have been thinking what shall be done for the next thirty days that I continue to preach here. If I should just put it to the vote, and ask all Christians who wanted prayers to rise, all of you, I know, would rise. There are at least 3,000 Christians here. Now, is it too much to ask that 3,000 Christians will each lead one soul to Christ this coming week? The Son of God died on the cross for you. Right here in this Tabernacle you can tell those weeping over their sins about God and heaven. How many times I have watched, just to see if Christians would speak to these sorrowing ones! If we only had open-eyed watchers for souls, there wouldn't be a night but five hundred or a thousand inquirers would crowd into the inquiryrooms. These anxious inquirers are at every meeting just waiting to have warm-hearted Christians bring them to Christ. They are timid, but will always listen to one speaking to them about Christ. Suppose each one of you now prayed: "Give me some soul this week for my hire;" what would be the result? This room would not hold the multitude sending up shouts of praise to God and making heaven glad. Where there is an anxious sinner there is the place for the Christian.

A little bed-ridden boy I knew kept mourning that he couldn't work for Jesus. The minister told him to pray, and pray he did; and the persons he prayed for one by one felt the load of their sins and professed Christ. When he heard that such a one had not given in, he just turned his face to the wall and prayed harder. Well, he died, when by his little memorandum it was found that he had prayed for fifty-six persons daily by name, and before he was buried all of them had given their hearts to Jesus. Tell me that little boy won't shine in the kingdom of God! These little ones can be used by God.

I remember a good many years ago I resolved I wouldn't let a day pass without talking to some one about their soul's salvation. And it was in that school God qualified me to speak the Gospel. If we were faithful over small things God will promote us. If God says: Speak to that young man," obey the word, and you will be given by and by plenty of souls. I went


down past the corner of Clark and Lake streets one day, and, fulfilling my vow, on seeing a man leaning up against a lamppost, I went up to him and said: "Are you a Christian ?" He damned me and cursed me, and told me to mind my own business. He knew me, but I didn't know him. He said to a friend of his that afternoon that he had never been so insulted in his life, and told him to say to me that I was damning the cause I pretended to represent. Well, the friend came and delivered his message. "May be I am doing more hurt than good," I said; maybe I am mistaking, and God hasn't shown me the right way." That was the time I was sleeping and living in the Young Men's Christian Association rooms, where I was then President, Secretary, janitor, and everything else. Well, one night after midnight I heard a knock at the door. And there on the step leading into the street stood this stranger I had made so mad at the lamp-post, and he said he wanted to talk to me about his souls salvation. He said: "Do you remember the man you met about three months ago at a lamp-post, and how he cursed you? I have had no peace since that night, I couldn't sleep. Oh, tell me what to do to be saved." And we just fell down on our knees, and I prayed, and that day he went to the noon prayer meeting and openly confessed the Saviour, and soon after went to the war a Christian man. I do not know but he died on some Southern battle-field or in a hospital, but I expect to see him in the kingdom of God. Oh, how often have I thanked God for that word to that dying sinner that He put into my mouth!

And I have just been engaged in this personal work all my life. God's business is not to be done wholesale. Think of the Master Himself talking just to Nicodemus; and then how He talked to that poor woman at the well of Samaria. Christ's greatest utterances were delivered to congregations of one or two. How many are willing to speak to tens of thousands, but not to speak to a few! I knew a man who was going to get rich and do large things for God, but he never did anything; he wouldn't do little things, that was the secret. Oh, be willing, Christians, to be built into the temple, as a polished capstone, or just a single brick-no matter just how, but somehow. Say to yourself in your home, in your Sunday-school classes, in your daily rounds, "I'll not let this sun go down till I lead one soul to Christ." And then, having done all, shall you shine as gems in the great white throne for ever and ever.

I want to tell you how I got the first impulse to work solely for the conversion of men. For a long time after my conversion I didn't accomplish anything. I hadn't got into my right place; that was it. I hadn't thought enough of this personal

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