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"They Who Knock at Our Gates"

Some twenty years ago there came to America an under-
sized, underfed, overworked little girl of twelve- one of
a million steerage immigrants. Out of the limits of her
native Pale, wherein the Russian Government sought to
confine the Hebrews of the district, she came-to show
America to Americans. "The Law of the Fathers," in
the March American Magazine, is the first of a new
series of articles by

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There is "A Triangle Within a Tri-
angle," by Edgar Allen Forbes, in
which Jimmy O'Brien rises in the
world and learns the value of a clean

There is an amazing story about a negro preacher by James D. Corrothers-himself a negro and an ordained minister. Grant Noble is the hero, as great a center" as Darmount ever developed. As a comment on negro suffrage, and as an index to the negro character, the story is profoundly significant.

"The Soul's Winning Fight with Science," by H. Addington Bruce, shows that science is no longer at war with man's belief in the immortality of the soul.

The romance of their coming; the burning faith and beauty of their loyalty to our land; the inestimable range and value of their material service to us and ours; and, above all, the rich spiritual offerings they make to America.

The March American Magazine

And, by the way, don't miss James Montgomery Flagg's inside tale of The American Magazine office, or his picture of its three glum Editors as they listen to a really tunny contribution of his.

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Will You believe John Burroughs?


EAD this letter from America's greatest living naturalist-one of the many hundreds written by distinguished authors, statesmen, clergymen and scientists who have wished to tell the world what the food-tonic Sanatogen has done for them. These letters have the ring of sincerity because they are the grateful letters of active workers in many professions who after suffering the strain of nervous exhaustion have felt the lifting, nourishing, reconstructive influence of Sanatogen.

practising physicians-conservative scientific men who have prescribed Sanatogen and, watching its effects in rebuilding and strengthening men and women who were "run down," have with this full knowledge praised its power to help.

Should you not believe that this help for which so many of the world's active workers are grateful may be a blessing to you?

Sanatogen is sold by good

druggists everywhere, in Mr. Burroughs writes: three sizes, from $1.00.

"I am sure I have been greatly benefitted by Sanatogen. My sleep is 50 percent. better than it was one year ago, and my mind and strength are much improved."

Even more impressive are the letters from over 19,000 Send for Elbert Hubbard's new book-"Health in the Making." Written in his attractive manner and filled with his shrewd philosophy together with capital advice on Sanatogen, health and contentment. It will be sent free for the asking. THE BAUER CHEMICAL CO., 26-Y Irving Place, New York Sanatogen received the Grand Prize at the International Congress of Medicine, London, 1913



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The French Government has purchased for the Luxembourg Gallery the origi nal canvas of "Jack Spratt and his Wife," which was painted for St. Nicholas by Arthur Rackham and reproduced in full colors in the January number.

"The best in art and literature is none too good for American children."

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