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The Locomobile Limousine

The carefully restricted output of the Locomobile Company is an important aid to quality. A large and experienced organization concentrates its strength on a small output not more than Four Cars a Day. Each Locomobile is personally and intimately supervised.

The Locomobile owner is proud of his car, not merely because of its style, its comfort or its reliability, but because of the knowledge that his car has been watched and worked over with the greatest possible care at all stages of its construction.

Book of LEFT DRIVE Models, Illustrated in Color
Book of RIGHT DRIVE Models, Illustrated in Color

Furthermore, a motor car gains distinction if Quality, not Quantity, is the ideal to be achieved. Thus, through its limited output, the Locomobile has an added preciousness in the mind of the owner.

The Locomobile Company of America

Bridgeport, Conn.

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Before spending a single penny on new clothes, before even planning your Spring wardrobe, consult Vogue's five great Spring Fashion numbers! Beginning with the

Forecast of Spring Fashions

they follow now one right after the other! In the next few months-the very period in which these numbers appear-you will be selecting your entire Spring wardrobe and paying out hundreds of dollars for the things you select.

The gown you buy and never wear is the really expensive gown! Gloves, boots, hats, that just miss being exactly what you want, are the ones that cost more than you can afford!

Why take chances again this year when by simply sending in the card, and at your convenience paying $2-a tiny fraction of the loss on a single ill-chosen hat or gown-you can insure the correctness of your whole Spring and Summer wardrobe?


For $2.00-a tiny fraction of your loss on a single ill-chosen hat or
gown —you may have before you at this important buying season all
five of these special Spring Fashion numbers. Not only that, but all
through the Summer, the other numbers that follow them.

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The very earliest of the fashion numbers-the Spring Dress Materials-is already
on the newsstands. You can, of course, get it and all the others from your
newsdealer. But you will have to act quickly-the demand always clears
the stands in a few days! If no newsdealer is near by, or if you have

in this coupon.

any trouble getting Vogue, make sure of your copies now by sending
All you have to do is to write your name and ad-

dress, tear off the coupon and mail to Vogue. It you wish to
enclose the $2.00 and save us bookkeeping, we will show our
appreciation by sending you at once, with our compliments,
the Spring Materials Number just out, making thirteen
numbers instead of twelve. If more convenient, send
Your subscription will then
[start with the Forecast and continue through the
Bill will be sent you on

coupon without money.

next eleven numbers. March 1st.

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Will send Please send me twelve Please send me thirteen numbers of Vogue, beginning numbers of Vogue, beginning with the Forecast Number. you $2.00, on receipt of bill, March 1st (OR) $2.00 enclosed herewith Spring Dress Materials Number VOGUE, 443 FOURTH AVENUE, NEW YORK,


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No other Grape Fruit equals it in Flavor

"American Medicine" says:

"Realizing the great value of grape fruit, the medical profession have long advocated its daily use, but it has only been within the past few years that the extraordinary curative virtues of this 'king of fruits' have been appreciated. This dates from the introduction of the ATWOOD GRAPE FRUIT, a kind that so far surpasses the ordinary grape fruit that no comparison can be made."

E. E. Keeler, M.D., in the "Good Health Clinic" writes:

"In all cases where there is the 'uric acid diathesis' you will see an immediate improvement following the use of grape fruit."

A well-known physician writes:

"I prescribe grape fruit for all my patients, and tell them to be sure and get ATWOOD GRAPE FRUIT, as other grape fruit to the Atwood is as cider apples to pippins."

If you desire, your grocer or fruit dealer will furnish the ATWOOD Brand in either bright or bronze. It may be procured at first-class hotels, restaurants and clubs. Ask for For home use buy it by the box; it will keep for weeks and improve.


ATWOOD Grape Fruit is always sold in the trade-
mark wrapper of the Atwood Grape Fruit Company

THE ATWOOD GRAPE FRUIT CO., 80 Maiden Lane, New York

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