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double the influence of St. Nicholas★

So rich is the program of ST. NICHOLAS for 1914 that the boy or girl you care for most has got to have it. To mention only three of the important features:

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THE CENTURY CO., Union Square, New York

I am interested in the details of your Plan to Double the ST. NICHOLAS Family before May 31. Tell me about them.


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Orman Pr

C. M.

Four Novels Which No Lover of
Distinctive Fiction Should Miss

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Book News Monthly calls it:

"An amazingly tender and beautiful story, in which smiles and tears get a good deal mixed."


says the Chicago News:

"has the rare faculty of making unusual events seem as plausible as ordinary ones, and of finding in ordinary people something absolutely new and interesting."

Frances Hodgson Burnett's
T. Tembarom

"A modern fairy story without fairies; a romance without
knights and dragons, but with all the delightful qualities
of fairy stories and romances.

"Little Ann, Lady Joan, the Duke, and all the other characters stand out with intense personalities.

"The fascinated reader wishes it longer. No one stops to consider whether it is probable or not; no one cares." -Christian Endeavor World.

Delightful illustrations by Chapman. Price $1.40 net, postage 12 cents

Jack London's

John Barleycorn

His own story of his life. A presentation of the
liquor problem from the human personal side.
"The greatest book that has yet come from the pen of
Jack London."-Book News Monthly.

Price $1.30 net, postage 12 cents

Maria Thompson Daviess'
The Tinder Box

In which the author of "The Melting of Molly" "treats
one aspect of the current feminist movement in a delight-
fully humorous fashion, and incidently shows us a bit of
society in Tennessee, the realism of which shines through
the drapings of romance.'

Pictures to match the story. Price $1.00 net, postage 7 cents

Eleanor Hallowell Abbott's

The White Linen Nurse

The kind of live little book which stirs its readers to hot discussion. As good as "Molly-Make-Believe"? Read it, and decide for yourself.

Pictures by Pfeifer. Price $1.00 net, postage 7 cents

Published by THE CENTURY CO.




"I have read the entire story with keen interest.
Merwin's portrayal of character is convincing
and realistic, and his familiarity with the China
Coast and Japanese atmosphere is unquestion-


"In its essence the book is romantic, in much
the same whimsical vein that Locke's books
are romantic. .

"I derived a keen delight from Mr. Merwin's
buoyant, diverting, delicately ironic pages. The
book . is eminently wholesome, clean,
and sane; and I wish we might have more of
the same order."

Frontispiece in tint and eight insets by Crosby
Price $1.35 net, postage II cents

At your bookseller's. Published by


The New Book by Samuel Merwin

The Works of Dr. S. Weir Mitchell

"He had the freshness of feeling which is the quality of a man of genius.”—The Outlook.

Dr. Mitchell's books are
of that enduring quality
which makes literature-
with a quiet, stately dig
nity reminiscent of Thack-
with a
human appeal altogether
Dr. Mitchell's own.


Dr. Mitchell's last novel, and, in the estimate of many, his greatest.

"A work to be classed with the greatest fiction of the English language, a work that will last for all time as a brilliant picture of American life, manners, and sentiments, at a period of the Civil War that was one of the most important in the development of our country."-Bookseller, Newsdealer and Stationer.

Price $1.40 net, postage 12 cents

Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker

The great novel of the American Revolution, and
one of the most brilliant and powerful novels of
our times.
Illustrations by Howard Pyle. Price $1.50
Continental Edition: With photogravures by Howard Pyle, and many reproductions of con
temporary prints and manuscripts, and views of present scenes. Fine paper, deckle edges,
rich binding.
In two volumes. Price $5.00

The Red City

A historical novel of the second administration of Wash-
ington. "So exquisite is the color and literary workman-
ship that the abundant heart interest of the story is but
an added feature."
Pictures by Keller. Price $1.50

John Sherwood, Ironmaster

The life story of a master of men, told with Dr. Mitchell's vivid reality and masterly skill.

Price $1.20 net, postage 12 cents

Earlier Books by Dr. Mitchell

Constance Trescot-A Diplomatic Adventure-The Guillotine Club-The Youth of Washington-Dr. North and His FriendsCharacteristics-Circumstance-When All the Woods are GreenFar in the Forest-The Adventures of François-The Autobiography of a Quack-Roland Blake-In War Time-A Comedy of Conscience-Little Stories-Hephzibah Guinness-A Madeira Party— Prince Little Boy-The Wager and Other Poems-The Comfort of the Hills-Collected Poems.

These books should be in every American library. Ask to see them at your bookseller's. Published by



"One of the big, vital novels which only come at long

Brooklyn Eagle

"A great many of us will read 'Home' with a deal of
delight. It grips the attention in no uncertain way,
and with its haunting note of greatness, never quite re-
alized, yet always impending, it possesses a quality that
lingers and bewitches like the sweetness of crushed

New York Times

"Not for many years has there been in American litera-
ture such a picture of family life as this, so distinctly
typical of old New England homes."

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