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The April chapter of Professor Edward A. Ross's important series on Immigration is entitled "The Immigrant in America: The Celtic Irish," from which are taken the following paragraphs:

"It is certain that no immigrant is more loyal to wife and child than the Irishman. Out of nearly ten thousand charity cases in which a wife was the head of the family, the greatest frequency of widowhood and the least frequency of desertion or separation is among the Irish. In only eighteen per cent. of the Irish cases is the husband missing; whereas among the Hebrews, Slovaks, Lithuanians, and Magyars he is missing in from forty to fifty per cent. of the cases. But the sons of Irish, with that ready adaptation to surroundings characteristic of the Celt, desert their

wives with just about the same frequency as men of pure American stock; namely, thirtysix per cent., or twice that of their fathers."

"With his Celtic imagination as a magic glass, the Irishman sees into the human heart and learns how to touch its strings. No one can wheedle like an Irish beggar or 'blarney' like an Irish ward boss. Not only do the Irish furnish stirring orators, persuasive stumpspeakers, moving pleaders, and delightful after-dinner speech-makers, but they give us good salesmen and successful traveling-men. Then, too, they know how to manage people. The Irish contractor is a great figure in construction work. The Irish mine 'boss' or section foreman has the knack of getting along with his men. The Irish politician is an adept in 'lining-up' voters of other nationalities. More Germans than Irish enlisted in the Union armies, but more of the Irish rose to be officers."

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Plays by Björnstjerne Björnson

Second Series.


"Love and Geography," "Beyond Human Might," "Laboremus."

Three of the most important of Björnson's plays which have not before been translated into English. $1.50 net; postage extra.

Second Nights

By Arthur Ruhl

AUTHOR OF "THE OTHER AMERICANS," ETC. This is a perfectly charming chronicle of the chief features and phases of the metropolitan theatre within the past few years. As the title indicates, the point of view is wholly unprofessional, and the text, unweighted by the responsibilities of the first-night critic, is intimate and familiar. $1.50 net; postage extra.


The American-Japanese

By Sidney L. Gulick, D.D., M.A., Professor in
Doshisha University, Late Lecturer in the Im-
perial University, Kyoto, Japan. Illustrated.

A clear, impressive, and illuminating account of the situation in regard to the Japanese in California, and a thorough, scientific discussion of the possibilities of the Japanese in this country as immigrants and citizens in general.

$1.50 net; by mail $1.66.


Athletic Training

By Michael C. Murphy

Edited by E. R. Bushnell, with an Introduction by R. Tait Mackenzie, Professor of Physical Education in the University of Pennsylvania.

Michael C. Murphy, who trained the American competitors for the last two Olympic games and had previously had charge of the Yale and University of Pennsylvania track teams, was the most famous and successful trainer of track and field athletes who ever lived. In this book he has preserved the results of his years of study and practical experience. It is the expert advice of the greatest authority on the subject. With 32 illustrations.

$1.00 net; postage extra.

The Ascent of Denali (Mt. McKinley)

By Hudson Stuck, D.D.

This is the story of the climbing of the highest mountain on the North American continent,Mt. McKinley, by the leader of the little expedition that achieved it. The attempt nad been made by many of the leading sportsmen and mountain-climbers of this and other countries, but no attempt was ever successful until this made by Archdeacon Stuck of the Yukon. The ascent took him and his three companions more than a month, and during that time their dangers and adventures were continuous.

$1.75 net; postage extra.

The Fugitive

By John Galsworthy

A new play which strikes deep into the significance of modern society-the story of a woman who flies in the face of the world. Its two principal men characters represent the two poles of the modern masculine viewpoint.

60c. net; postage extra.


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