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N the November CENTURY, in Lighter Vein, there appeared a squib upon what we took to be some recent editorials by Colonel Henry Watterson.

The editorials in question were, it now appears, not from Colonel Watterson's pen, so that a humble, though tardy, apology is certainly in order. We tender it We tender it cheerfully to our old and trusted friend.

One of our baser insinuations was to the effect that Marse Henry's English style tended at times to be a trifle catachrestic. It was this charge, we suspect, that prompted the colonel to write us an outraged but good-natured letter from France, a portion of which we are making bold to print. He says: "Gentlemen:

"What 'catachrestic' may mean or im


ply, I confess myself at a loss to knowperhaps nothing worse than many loose accusations to which a lifetime of conflict, more or less rough-and-tumble, has somewhat hardened my sensibilities."

"I never minded 'horse-thief.' I even in time grew used to the card-playing pictures and the mint-julep jokes. They were the penalties fixed upon the atrocious crime of being a Kentuckian. But, to be charged with the corrupt use of my oracular tongue-with fouling the limpid depths of the well of English undefileddoes stick in my gizzard. I appeal to your sense of justice. Do me the favor to massacre the culprit; give him a first-class funeral, and, after sending the bills to me,bid him rise from the dead and sin no more! "Sincerely, HENRY WATTERSON."

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Protect Yourself

See that this trade-mark is on every package of cocoa and chocolate that you buy.

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The immense popularity enjoyed by BAKER'S COCOA and CHOCOLATE preparations, recognized as the standards for purity and excellence, have tempted unscrupulous dealers and manufacturers to attempt to trade upon the name "Baker" and to substitute goods of inferior quality when ours are called for. Consumers should insist upon getting the genuine goods with the trade-mark of the chocolate girl on the package.

A handsomely illustrated booklet of Choice
Recipes will be sent free upon request.


Established 1780


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T should be distinctly borne in mind that every piece of furniture manufactured by us has our shop mark inlaid in it as a means of identification. If the shop mark cannot be shown, the piece is not our manufacture.


URNITURE dealers having the Berkey & Gay agency usually carry as large an assortment on their floors as their space will permit. This stock is supplemented by our large portfolio of photogravures showing our complete line of nearly five thousand pieces, for the Bedroom, Library and Hall, including several hundred pieces for special uses. We specialize in exact period reproductions and in careful studies of the old masters, being careful to retain in our interpretations the spirit of the past, both in manner of execution and in wood used.

Dealers who have the agency for our furniture in their cities are proud to show it. Others unable to supply it naturally take another course. Insist upon seeing the shop mark. In thousands of homes Berkey & Gay furniture is treasured, for upwards of fifty years it has been the standard of American manufacture.

On account of the size of our line and the consequent inability to properly illustrate it we have no catalog for distribution. Our literature is educational.

Berkey & Gay Furniture

"For Your Children's Heirlooms"


OR fifteen two-cent U. S. stamps we will mail you our de luxe booklet, "Character in Furniture," an informative contribution to the literature of Period furniture. It will help you to know Period furniture, whether or not you wish to purchase any at this time.

Any of the following publications of ours will be sent you free on request:

The Story of Berkey & Gay, (a most interesting bit of history); Entertaining Your Guests, (a booklet on the newest novelty pieces); Things to Remember; Masterpieces in Miniature; Travelogues in Furniture, (authoritative, brief talks on Period pieces); Eugene Field's Famous "In Amsterdam" Poem.

Berkey & Gay Furniture Co.

174 Monroe Ave., Grand Rapids, Michigan

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