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Before spending a single penny on new clothes, before even planning your Spring wardrobe, consult Vogue's five great Spring Fashion numbers ! Beginning with the

Forecast of Spring Fashions

they follow now one right after the other! In the next few months - the very period in which these numbers appear- you will be selecting your entire Spring wardrobe and paying out hundreds of dollars for the things you select.

The gown you buy and never wear is the really expensive gown! Gloves, boots, hats, that just miss being exactly what you want, are the ones that cost more than you can afford !

Why take chances again this year when by simply sending in the card, and at your convenience paying $2—a tiny fraction of the loss on a single ill-chosen hat or gown—you can insure the correctness of your whole Spring and Summer wardrobe ?


For $2.00-a tiny fraction of your loss on a single ill-chosen hat or
gown -you may have before you at this important buying season all
five of these special Spring Fashion numbers. Not only that, but all
through the Summer, the other numbers that follow them.

Here are the twelve numbers of Vogue

you will receive :
Spring Patterns
March 1 Summer Fashions

June 1
Working models for one's whole The final showing of the Summer
Spring and Summer wardrobe.

modes that will be.
Spring Millinery

March 15 European and Travel June 15 The newest models in smart hats, Where to go, how to go, what to veils and coiffures.

wear and how to wear it. Spring Fashions

April 1

Hot Weather Fashions July 1
The last word on Spring gowns,

The correct wardrobe and equip-
waists, lingerie and accessories.

ment for all outdoor sports.
Smart Fashions for
Limited Incomes

April 15

July 15
First aid to her who must dress

The tine art of entertaining, indoors
smartly on a moderate income.

and out,
Interior Decorations of

London and Paris
Summer Homes

May 1

August 1
A journey "thro' pleasures and pal- What is going on in the beau monde
aces," in Newport and elsewhere.

abroad. Brides

May 15 Children's Fashions August 15 Late Spring fashions and special Outfits for the infant and the school bridal interests.

boy or girl.

The very earliest of the fashion numbers--the Spring Dress Materials—is already
on the newsstands. You can, of course, get it and all the others from your
lewsdealer. But you will have to act quickly-ihe demand always clears
he stands in a few days! If no newsdealer is near by, or if you have
my trouble getting Vogue, make sure of your copies now by sending

VOGUE, 443 FOURTH AVENUE, NEW YORK, Please send me twelve

numbers of Vogue, beginning with the Forecast Number: Will send you $2.00, on receipt of bill, March ist (OR) $2.00 enclosed here.

Please send me thirteen numbers of Vogue, beginning with Spring Dress Materials Number.

this coupon.

All you have to do is to write your name and ad. fress, tear off the coupon and mail to Vogue. It you wish to enclose the $2.00 and save us bookkeeping, we will show our ppreciation by sending you at once, with our compliments, he Spring Materials Number just out, making thirteen numbers instead of twelve. If more convenient, send Coupon without money. Your subscription wil the tart with the Forecast and continue through the lext eleven numbers. Bill will be sent you on

March 1st.





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No other Grape Fruit equals it in Flavor American Medicine" says :

“Realizing the great value of grape fruit, the medical profession have long advocated its daily use, but it has only been within the past few years that the extraordinary curative virtues of this ‘king of fruits' have been appreciated. This dates from the introduction of the ATWOOD GRAPE FRUIT, a kind that so far surpasses the ordinary grape fruit that no comparison can be made." E. E. Keeler, M.D., in the "Good Health Clinic" writes :

“In all cases where there is the ‘uric acid diathesis' you will see an immediate improvement following the use of grape fruit." A well-known physician writes :

“I prescribe grape fruit for all my patients, and tell them to be sure and get ATWOOD GRAPE FRUIT, as other grape fruit to the Atwood is as cider apples to pippins."

If you desire, your grocer or fruit dealer will furnish the ATWOOD Brand in either bright or bronze. It may be procured at first-class hotels, restaurants and clubs. Ask for ATWOOD Brand. For home use buy it by the box; it will keep for weeks and improve.



ATWOOD Grape Fruit is always sold in the trade-
mark wrapper of the Atwood Grape Fruit Company




80 Maiden Lane,

New York


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And Cuticura Ointment. Cutting winds of winter cannot injure the complexion or hands of those protected by these pure, delicately fragrant, creamy emollients. In relieving redness, roughness and irritation, as well as for all purposes of the toilet, they are indispensable.

everywhere, Schieffelin & Co.

New York
Sole Agts.

Cuticura Soap and Cuticura Ointment are sold throughout the world. Send post-card to nearest depot for free sample of each, with 32-page book: Newbery, 27, Charterhouse Sq., London: R. Towns & Co., Sydney, N.S. W.; Lennon, Ltd., Cape Town; Muller, Maclean & Co., Calcutta and Bombay: Potter Drug and Chem. Corp., Boston, U. S. A.

or Men who shave and shampoo with Cuticura Soap will find It best for skin and scalp.

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This latest addition to

Heisey's ) Glassware

marks a new and wonderful epoch in the evolution of Ye Old Colonial Candle Stick. It combines the lighting efficiency of the 20th Century with the charming atmosphere of Great Grandmother Days. Makes an admirable addition to desk, table or dresser. Two sizes-19 inches and 21 inches over all. If your dealer cannot supply this ElectroPortable, we will deliver, prepaid, East of the Mississippi River, the smaller size for $3.75, the larger size for $4.75, without shade or bulb; West of the Mississippi River-add 50c. Insist on having this trademark on the glassware you buy-then you have high quality without high price. Our free book contains helpful hints for the Hostess. Write for a copy. A. H. HEISEY & CO.


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