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Recent Fiction of Very Unusual Quality

"THE story of the

year.'' -Boston Transcript.

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THE CENTURY CO., Union Square, New York

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Books Invaluable in Every Home

The House in Good Taste


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These books too should be on every home book shelf:

The Century Cook

By Mary Ronald. Economy, practicability, and the resources of the average kitchen have been constantly in mind in the preparation of this complete and satisfactory book, which covers every culinary point, from preparation of the simplest meal to the planning and serving of a state dinner. Helpfully illustrated. Price $2.00, postage paid.

Luncheons: A Cook's

Picture Book

Another helpful authority, also by Mary Ronald. A rich mine of suggestive hints on dainty and tempting dishes for dainty and tempting meals. Many illustra tions. Price $1.40 net, postage 15 cents.

Home Economics

By Maria Parloa, an authority.
Here is a royal guide to the mak-
ing and managing of an ideal
home, covering, practically and
helpfully, every possible detail
of housekeeping and home-mak-
ing. Helpful illustrations.

A Handbook of
Invalid Cooking

By Mary A. Boland. Based on
the scientific study of an expert;
but the directions may be fol-
lowed by any housekeeper. A
great aid in planning children's
meals; invaluable in case of ill-
ness. Price $2.00.

Box Furniture

By Louise Brigham. It tells jus! how to make, and to have fun in the making, one hundred simple, serviceable, artistic, and fascinating things in the furni ture line. 100 illustrations. showing results actually accomplished. Price $1.60 net, postage

14 cents.

THE CENTURY CO., Union Square, New York

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Recent Fiction of Unusual Quality

"One of the very best books Dr. Mitchell has ever written. It is more real than Hugh Wynne.""-Boston Transcript.



"A work to be classed with the greatest fiction of the English language, a work that will last for all time as a brilliant picture of American life, manners and sentiments at a period that was one of the most important in the development of the country."-Bookseller, Newsdealer and Stationer.

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"Easily the most notable literary adventure of the author-not excepting 'Hugh Wynne,' in which a kindred fine sense of national life and spirit is illustrated and exemplified."-Philadelphia North American.

Price $1.40 net, postage 12 cents

“An extraordinary book that will stand quite apart in the literature ofour day." -Vogue.

John Barleycorn


"John Barleycorn' is one of the best things Jack London has done, a work of imagination, however autobiographical it may be.”—Chicago Post. "Jack London has written many pieces, long and short, of engrossing fiction; but he has penned no imaginative tale more vital and gripping than this.” Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

Pictures by Dunn. Price $1.30 net, postage 12 cents

Murder in Any Degree

Author of "Stover at Yale," etc.

"Nine entertaining stories-about-town; smartly done, occasionally witty, and unvaryingly 'wise.'"-Life.

Price $1.30 net, postage 11 cents

The Thirteenth Juror

Author of "Lincoln the Lawyer," etc.
A realistic novel of modern American
politics, finance and legal difficulties.
Done with force and authority.

Price $1.20 net, postage 10 cents

Come to third edition in England. Second edition in America

My Lady of the Chimney Corner

A Tale of Love and Poverty


Clement Shorter, in the London Sphere, says of it:

"It has the divine spark of genius. . . Never anywhere have I read so impressive a narrative.... I know nothing in any of the books by Irish, Scotch, or English writers of these later days that can for a moment compare in dignified pathos with this wonderful literary achievement. . . . Mr. Alexander Irvine has, if I am not mistaken, produced an undying classic." Price $1.20 net, postage 9 cents

THE CENTURY CO., Union Square, New York

"This is surely one of the great books of American travel writing." -Philadelphia Record.

A Traveler at Forty


"The reader feels as if he were Mr. Dreiser's inseparable companion and friend, as if he were touring Europe under his guidance, and as if, at every stage of the journey, he were communing with him upon life in all its multitudinous aspects, as it confronts a worldly and experienced man who is seeing for the first time a new world and a new people."-Boston Transcript.

"It is a book to take up frequently and read a few chapters, for it will endure many readings. With the single exception of Price Collier's books, it is the best record of recent travel impressions."—San Francisco Chronicle. "A more striking book of this sort has not appeared probably since Hawthorne's travels."-Philadelphia Record.

Pictures by Glackens. Price $1.80 net, postage 14 cents

Zone Policeman 88

A Close-range Study of the Panama Canal and Its Workers


Author of that unique and humorous book, "A Vagabond Journey Around the World" "The next best thing to a visit-if it isn't better. It gets under the surface of life on the Isthmus as no mere visitor can, and shows the work from the inside, not technically but vividly and humanly."

Many illustrations from snap-shots. Price $2.00 net, postage 12 cents

The Trade of the World


In which an authority and a widely traveled student of international economics and politics uses facts and figures to paint a picture of magnitude and appeal. A discussion of the larger commercial interests and tendencies of the great nations, which should be in the hands of every business man.

Price $2.00 net, postage 16 cents

The New Industrial Day


Secretary of Commerce

Here is a plea-by a man who knows-for greater intelligence in the industrial world, for the doing of right things in the right way, for more willingness to spend a dollar in order to gain two dollars. An authoritative and vitally interesting book for every citizen.

Price $1.25 net, postage 12 cents

THE CENTURY CO., Union Square, New York

Publications of the Bureau of Social Hygiene

Prostitution in Europe


The second volume in the series published for the Bureau of Social Hygiene by The Century Co.

Mr. Flexner's book is not only an authoritative presentation of European conditions and experiences touching prostitution-based upon several months' careful investigation in all the large European cities-it is also a philosophical discussion of European life. He deals largely, and without bias, with such phases of the problem as the extent and value of sex education, police regulation, segregation, medical examination, voluntary treatment through dispensaries, etc., clearing up much widespread misapprehension which prevails as to the policies pursued by European cities and their results.

Introduction by John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Chairman of the Bureau of Social Hygiene. Ten graphs and index. Octavo, 455 pages. Price $1.30 net, postage 12 cents

Published May, 1913

Other Volumes in This Series

Commercialized Prostitution
in New York City


Price $1.30 net, postage 12 cents


European Police Systems


Prostitution in the United States


Further information on request. Published for the Bureau of Social Hygiene by THE CENTURY CO.

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