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120 West 32nd Street,

New York.

To the Reader of this Magazine:

SUBSCRIBERS SAY: "A comfortable book to live with." "Impossible to improve on these volumes." **Practically faultless." "A splendid travelling companion." "Delighted with both form and substance.” "A superb example of bookmaking.” **The best investment around this house." "Acme of perfection in bookmaking.” "An unprecedented thing." "A work in a class by itself." "Should grace the shelves of every home,

office, or public library." "Most attractive in every way." "A genuine sense of pleasure." "The price is astonishingly low.” "Equal to our highest expectations.” "All that it is represented.” "Fresh, full, and a thing of beauty." "Ease in handling and economy of space." "The improvement is almost indescribable." "Beauty and lightness of the volumes.” "ladispensable to every active intellect." "An epochal contribution to literature." "Equally English and American." "Astonished to find all promises fulfilled.” "Delightful fireside companions." The books in their new form are perfec

tion." "A great comfort.” "Advantages of lightness and small bulk.” "A daily intellectual delight." "Leaves nothing to be desired." "So complete and yet so concise.” "A tremendous advance.” Now truly international." "Nothing else to compare with it." Stands without a single rival." **Most perfect I have ever seen." "It is simply indispensable." ** Expectations met in every way." "I have ordered two more sets." "Prospectus fails to do justice to it." "Perfection in bookmaking." "Little short of marvellous." Worthy of its high traditions."

A farmer in a one-room shack in South

The Emperors of Russia and Germany.
A newsman in Toronto.
The head of the U. S. Steel Corporation.

These and 50,000 other men and women all over the world, and in every walk of life-rich and poor--have bought the new Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Were you 28 rich as Mr. Rockefeller or 80 poor that $5 a month meant actual saorifices, you could not afford to be without it. On the following pages you will find photographs of subscribers of all classes, from rulers to wage-earners. TO each of them the new Britannica has proved of practical daily value.

Before the sale is closed and the price advanced, we want you to realize what the possession of this incomparable work will mean to you in your business, or in your home. Let us send you, free by mail, a beautifully illustrated prospectus of 250,000 words, which costs us 50 cents a copy to print and mail. It will perhaps give you a new idea as to why the Encyolopaedia Britannica is "the most suocessful book of our time.

Yours faithfully,

The Manager.


THEREVER the English language is read you will find the new edition of

Britannica. It is the one universal source of authoritative information wherever Anglo-Saxon civilization has spread. It is in ternational in its scope, its origin and its sale

For nearly 150 years the Britannica has occupied a unique position among books. It is as valuable and as much used in the palace of the Czar of Russia as it is in the White House.

But the most striking feature of the distribution of the present new edition is not the fact that it has been sold in every civil ized country, but the fact that it has appealed as a necessity to every class. Kings, emperors and millionaires have realized that their elaborate libraries were incomplete with out it. Business and professional men have equally recognized its value to them. And thousands of men and women in the humbler walks of life, to whom the expenditure of $5.00 a month was a serious matter, have be grudged themselves other purchases and coticentrated their book money upon acquiring this work, which is one of the greatest educational forces ever devised. Why Does This Work Mean So Much

to So Many ? (1) It contains material not to be found elsewhere,

such as the new discoveries in all the sciences; new inventions and devices; new wonders of medicine and surgery; new light on ancient peoples; in fact, all that is new, and new views of all that is old.


Photo, Bieber



Photo, W. S. Campbell

Home of the Dalai Lama of Tibet

District Attorney, New York County, at his desk

in his office Subscriber, No. 24,421

The ever-shifting camp of MR. E. A. BAUGHAN,

a construction engineer in Georgia

[blocks in formation]

Owners in Many Lands

(2) It is the most complete work of reference that the

world has ever seen. The index of 500,000 entries enables the reader to secure instantly an answer to any specific question. The 569 maps are also indexed, there being no less than 125,000 gazetteer entries.

(3) The New Britannica is more than an encyclo

paedia; it is equivalent to a library of 440 volumes of 100,000 words each, for its text consists of more than 44,000,000 words. By means of the supplementary volume “Courses of Reading and Study" the owner of Britannica has a choice of 66 different reading courses, so that if he desires he can use the Britannica either for casual reading on such subjects as history, literature, questions of the day, etc., or for systematic study of any of the arts, sciences, or industries.


(4) For 150 years, Britannica has been synonymous

with authority. Swinburne, the great English poet, said when he was invited to contribute to the '9th edition that the greatest compliment that could be paid to a man of letters is to be invited to contribute to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. The fifteen hundred specialists from twenty-one countries who co-operated to produce the present new work number among them the world's greatest authorities, including eight winners of the world's Nobel prize.


(5) The use of India paper (characterized by the

Rev. Dr. Aked as "an inspiration of genius") reduces the weight and bulk by two-thirds. A volume of 1,000 pages, printed on India paper, is only one inch thick, and so light that it may be held easily in one hand. It is no exaggeration to say that where the reader turned once to the bulky volumes of previous editions, he will turn twenty times to the thin handy volumes of the present new edition.

A. E. ALLADADO Standing on the right of group of his fellow miners in the Homestake Mine, South Dakota

THEODORE ROOSEVELT Ex-President of the United States, at his editorial

desk in the office of The Outlook, New York

SACHI PRASANNA MUKHERJEE Bengalee Zemindar, Calcutta. Two volumes of

the Britannica are on the table

Photo, Beach
Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster

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Photo, Langfier

GUGLIELMO MARCONI Inventor of the Marconi system of wireless

telegraphy Subscriber in England, No. 6314

A Few of the 50,000 Owners (continued) (6) Owing to the great demand for a new edition of the Bri

tannica the publishers were enabled to manufacture simultaneously no less than 50,000 sets, or 1,450,000 volumes, thus reducing manufacturing costs to a minimum and making possible the low introductory price. Tens of thousands of people who would not have been able to afford the Britannica if this edition had been published at the price of the last edition, namely, $7.50 a volume, were able to take quick advantage of the present low prices and easy terms of payment.

Closing of the subscription lists. The sale at the present prices was closed in England on December 20, and the prices raised. The demand for the work in this country consequent upon the impending increase in price was such that it was necessary to provide for the printing of another 5,000 copies. These cannot be ready for delivery until the month of May, at which time the sale will be closed, and the price advanced $29 a set. A Wonderful Book Revealed by a Wonderful

Prospectus–Sent Free by Mail
On receipt of your inquiry, we will promptly for-
ward you free, by mail, a beautiful illustrated pros-
pectus containing 250,000 words. This “book about

a book” is 12 inches deep,
9 inches wide, and con-

tains specimens of the Manager, Encyclopaedia

famous India paper, colored Britannica

plates, full page illus120 West 32nd Street

trations, colored maps, New York City

and a complete descripPlease send me free, by mail, a copy of your large illustrated pros- tion of a work which is

the most remarkable book



of the age.



The Manager, Ency-
clopaedia Britannica


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