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$2.16%. In 1885, the duty was increased by $1 (three-fifths of the "fixed duty"), as a guarantee of the paper money issued and by 20 cents more for the caisse d'amortissement. The present administration has added 50 cents as a guarantee of a loan of $1,000,000 made in 1889. Thus, the duty now stands at $3.86% per 100 pounds. During the session of the Corps Législatif in 1892, an effort was made, but failed to increase the duty to $4.10.

The history of the duty on logwood has closely followed that of the duty on coffee, the duty originally fixed having been $1.50 per 1,000 pounds.

It is believed that since 1890 the public debt has been somewhat, but not materially, reduced beyond what the provisions heretofore named require, except in the matter of retiring the paper money from circulation, which has continued so that, according to the statement made on the subject in President Hyppolite's annual message submitted to the National Assembly, June 22, 1892, there was at that date only $4,040,795 of it in circulation, and according to the same document, the national debt then stood at $15,357,365.40. It is also expressly declared in the same connection that the ordonnances left by the Légitime administration are not included in the latter statement. It is noted in another chapter of this book that $943,482 currency was withdrawn from circulation during the fiscal year 1890-'91.

Although the Government pays but 5 per cent annual interest on the "Domingue debt" in France and on the "bons" of caisse d'amortissement, yet from the 3d of July, 1891, to the 18th of November of the same year, it negotiated no less than five loans all intended to be on limited time, among the resident merchants and capitalists, aggregating $958,483.43, on four of which it engaged to pay interest at the rate of 1 per cent per month, and on the other, amounting to $633,180, 1 and one-half of 1 per cent per month, or at the rate of 18 per cent per annum.*

These high rates of interest are customary in the country.

*The Government's arrangements with the National Bank in regard to the rates of interest differ somewhat from those stated herein.

Commercial Directory of Haiti.



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Importers of dry goods and provisions-Cont'd.

Dugué, Périclès.

Hector & Mackenzie.
Jimenes & Co.

Kampmann, Edward.

Laratte fils.

Laroche, T. L.

Latortue, A. Julian.

Lenoir, Isaac.
Leveille, Béris.
Martin, Edouard.

Mary, Volney.
Montreuil, Josias.

Montreuil & Co., Edouard.

Penette & Co., C.

Schomberg & Co., R.

Schütt & Co., Otto.

Trott, Ezekiel.

Westen, Jules.

Importers of French goods.

Albaret, Ve A.

Auguste, Danmer.

[blocks in formation]

Dupuy, M de. M. R.

Fabre, Albert.

Gaspard & Co., A.

Laroche, E. T.

Laroche, Vve Jh.

Laroche, Robert.

Martin, Ed.

Terlonge, A.

Importers of hardware, glass, etc.

Auguste, J. D.

Pierre, F. W.


Banks and bankers.

McGuffle & Co., James M.

National Bank of Haiti.

Osler, J.

Riboul & fils, Ve D.


Coën fils, C., exporter of logwood.
Entwisle, V.

Bull. 62- -8


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PORT AU PRINCE--Continued.

Importers of provisions-Continued.

Chefdrue & Co., E.

Cinéas fils & Co.

Cuths & Co., Oliver.
Demeuran & Co., E.
Etienne fils.

Guercy & Co., Albert.
Guercy & Co., Aug.
Huttinot, L. G.
Jeansème, J. A.
Leroy, L.

Lota & Co., N.
Marcelin & Co., Ed.
Martelly & Co., A.
Menos & Co., G.

Merentie & Co., F.
Mermantin, D.

Miot & Co., M.

Paillière, Painson & Co.

Paillière fils.

Painson & Co.

Péloux & Co., L
Phillips, Thos. A.
Roux & Delinois.
Rigaud, Cand.
Rigaud & Co., E.
St. Macary, Eug.
St. Rome, A.

Sergile & Co., A. J.
Viljoint & Co., A.

Importer of rum, paint, etc.
Barbancourt & Co.

Importer of stationery.
Guyot, A.

Importer of matches, clocks, etc.
Milke & Co.

[blocks in formation]

ST. MARC-Continued.

Importers and exporters-Continued.

Charles & Co., Ch.

Dalencour, A.

Grullon, Adriano, & Co

Herrmann & Co., F.

Miot fils & Co.

ST. MARC-Continued.

Importers and exporters-Continued.

Philippon & Co., A

Pinard & Co., R.

Sterlin, L. N. C.

Thorby, V., & Co.
Woolley & Co., C.

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