Forum on Future Directions in Transportation R & D: Washington, D.C., March 6-7, 1995

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The National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) is conducting a comprehensive review of federal research and development (R & D) activities. To conduct the R & D review in the area of transportation, NSTC has established the Committee on Transportation Research and Development. The committee requested that the Transportation Research Board (TRB) convene a special forum to gather input from a group that broadly represents transportation providers and customers of new transportation technology and concepts. More than 170 representatives from the scientific and engineering community, the private sector, Congress, state and local government, academia, and transportation stakeholders participated in this forum. The objectives of the forum were to (a) obtain input from various segments of the transportation community on their particular federal R & D needs, (b) define an approach for the systematic and objective evaluation of R & D strategies and priorities, and (c) solicit comments and perspectives on a prepublication version of the Strategic Planning Document, prepared by the NSTC committee. This publication contains the proceedings of the forum. It is organized as follows: Executive Summary; Chairman's Remarks; Plenary Sessions; Breakout Sessions; Closing Remarks; and Appendix.

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Federal Strategy for Transportation Research and Development
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