A Historical Geography of the British Colonies, 5 tomas,2 dalis

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Clarendon Press, 1917
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254 psl. - Majesty shall be continued westward along the said forty-ninth parallel of north latitude to the middle of the channel which separates the continent from Vancouver's Island, and thence southerly through the middle of the said channel, and of Fuca's Straits to the Pacific Ocean...
309 psl. - As for myself, my course is clear. A British subject I was born — a British subject I will die. With my utmost effort, with my latest breath, will I oppose the "veiled treason" which attempts by sordid means and mercenary proffers to lure our people from their allegiance.
152 psl. - Without effecting the change so rapidly or so roughly as to shock the feelings and trample on the welfare of the existing generation, it must henceforth be the first and steady purpose of the British Government to establish an English population, with English laws and language, in this Province, and to trust its government to none but a decidedly English Legislature.
152 psl. - The constitution of the form of government, — the regulation of foreign relations, and of trade with the mother country, the other British Colonies, and foreign nations, — and the disposal of the public lands, are the only points on which the mother country requires a control.
280 psl. - The greatest trouble, if not peril, being a constant source of anxiety and disturbance, is from Fenianism, which is excited by the proximity of the British flag in Canada. Therefore the withdrawal of the British flag cannot be abandoned as a condition or preliminary of such a settlement as is now proposed. To make the settlement complete, the withdrawal should be from this hemisphere, including provinces and islands.
282 psl. - ... and also upon the Magdalen islands, for the purpose of drying their nets and curing their fish : Provided, That, in so doing, they do not interfere with the rights of private property, or with British fishermen in the peaceable use of any part of the said coast in their occupancy for the same purpose.
319 psl. - In and for each Province the legislature may exclusively make laws in relation to education, subject and according to the following provisions: 1) Nothing in any such law shall prejudicially affect any right or privilege with respect to denominational schools which any class of persons have by law in the Province at the union...
211 psl. - You must renounce the habit of telling the colonies that the colonial is a provisional existence. You must allow them to believe that, without severing the bonds which unite them to Great Britain, they may attain the degree of perfection, and of social and political development, to which organized communities of free men have a right to aspire.
174 psl. - That the head of the executive Government of the Province being, within the limits of his Government, the representative of the Sovereign is responsible to the Imperial authority alone; but that, nevertheless, the management of our local affairs can only be conducted by him, by and with the assistance, counsel a.nd information, of subordinate officers in the Province.
302 psl. - Chair, but that this House is of the opinion that the welfare of Canada requires the adoption of a National Policy, which, by a judicious readjustment of the Tariff, will benefit and foster the agricultural, the mining, the manufacturing, and other interests of the Dominion...

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