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17. (as)

Ch. xvi. 6. (laboured much) for you ; in Syriac, among you ; instead of, us. 16. Add, all (the assemblies.) 20. Omit, Amen. 22. have written the letter by the Lord, for, salute you in the Lord.

1 CORINTHIANS I. 22. signs, for, a sign. 23. to the Gentiles; in Syriac, to the Syrians; for, to the Greeks.

Ch. ii. 1. the secret, for, the testimony (of God.) 4. Omit, of man's (wisdom.)

13. Omit, Holy Spirit.) Ch. ii. 14. shall remain, for, remains. iv. 2. Add, Here (moreover.) V. 3. Omit, as (absent.). 7. Omit, therefore (purge out.) 12. Omit, also. vi. 2. Add, Or, (know ye not.) 11.

(of the Lord Jesus) add, the Anointed.

Ch. vii. 13. (let her not leave) her husband, for, him. the Lord, for, God (has imparted.) (as) God, for, the Lord (has called.) 29. M. that the time henceforth is shortened; for, the time is shortened, that henceforth. 38. (he who gives in marriage) add, his virgin daughter.

Ch. viü. 11. The verse not a question. (thy weak brother) is perishing, for, shall perish. Ch. ix. 1. Put, free, and apostle, each in the other's place.

10. [should thresh] in hope of partaking; for, in hope, should be partaker of his hope.

Ch. x. 10. Omit, also (some). 17. M. Because, in Syriac, as, there is one loaf, we, who are many, are one body. 28. Omit, for the earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof.

Ch. xi. 22. M. Shall I praise you? In this I praise you not. 32. M. when we are judged by the Lord, for, when we are judged, (we are chastened) by the Lord.

Ch. xii. 12. (of the) omit, one (body.) 13. (been made to drink) one Spirit, for, into one Spirit.

Ch. xiv. 16. (if thou) dost, for, shalt (bless.) 18. I thank God, for, my God. 25. Omit, thus. 40. Add, But (let all things.)

Ch. xv. 6. (but some) omit, also. 31. Add, my brothers.

Ch. xvi. 3. M. I will send with letters ; in Syriac, a letter; for, ye shall approve by letters. 7. For, in room of, But.

2. CORINTHIANS I. 8. concerning, for, on behalf of (our affliction.) 13. Omit, even (to the end.) 14. Add, our (Lord Jesus the Anointed.) Ch, ii. 5. he has not grieved me [only], but, in some degree, all

7. M. onnit, rather. Ch. iii. 14. M. and it is not revealed [to them] that it is done away in the Anointed; for, remains untaken away : which is done away in the Anointed.

17. Omit, there (liberty is.) Ch. iv. 10. Omit, the Lord. V. 5. Omit, also. 12. Omit, For. 14. that one, for, that if one (died.) 18. Omit, Jesus. vi. 14. or, for, and (what in common has light with darkness ?)

Ch. vü. 13. (we have been comforted ;) add, and (in addition to)

of you.


our, for, your (comfort, we have rejoiced the more exceedingly.) 16. Omit, therefore. Ch. viï. 7. M. in our love for you, instead of, in your love for

19. and [to show] our, for, your (readiness.) 21. Add, For, (we provide.) 24. M. (and of our glorying) to them, instead of, (show ye) to them.

Ch. ix. 10. he will, or, may he (give [to you),...and increase your seed, and make great the fruits of your gifts.)

Ch. x. 7. (so also are we) omit, of the Anointed.
Ch. xi. 32. Omit, wishing (to take me.)

Ch. xii. 1. I ought to glory, but it is not of advantage [to me); for, It is not of advantage to me to glory; (for I will come.) 5. on behalf of such a thing; Syriac, this thing; (I will glory.) (except in) omit, my (weaknesses.) 14. Add, this (third time.) 20. Strife, envying, for, strifes, envyings.

Ch. xiii. 4. M. (we are weak) with, for, in (him.) (but we) Syriac, live, for, shall live.

GALATIANS I. 18. Cephas, for, Peter. also in ii. 11, and 14. ii. 14. How is it ? for, Why? 20. M. and no longer do I live; for, nevertheless I live, yet not I. iii. 1. Omit, not to obey the truth. Omit, among you.

12. he, for, the man (who does them.) iv. 15. Where then is, for, what then was.

26. our mother, for, the mother of us all. v. 19. Omit, adultery. 20. strife, for, strifes. vi. 16. For neither is circumcision anything; instead of, For in the Anointed, Jesus, neither circumcision avails anything, (nor uncircumcision.)

EPHESIANS I. 4, 5. M. having beforehand, in his love, designed us ; for, (before him) in love; having beforehand designed us (for himself.) 6. which he has given us, for, with which he bas favoured us. 18. the eyes of your heart; Syriac, hearts, for, of your understanding. ii. 1. (dead in) add, your.

iii. 3. has been, for, he (made known to me.) 7. I have been made, for, was made (a servant.) 9. (what is) the stewardship, for, the fellowship of the secret.) (who has created all things) omit, by means of Jesus the Anointed. iv. 32. M. (has forgiven) us, for, you. v. 9. (the fruit of light, for, of the Spirit. 21. Syriac. in the love of the Anointed, for, in the fear of God.

29. (as) the Anointed, for, the Lord (does the assembly.) vi. 19. boldly make known, for, boldly open my mouth.

PHILIPPIANS i. 14. (to speak the word) add, of God. some from good-will and love, for, from love (proclaim the Anointed, knowing.) 17. But those who proclaim the Anointed in strife, do it, not sincerely, but think to add affliction to my bonds. 28. of your salvation, for, to you of salvation. ii. 5. have this mind, for, let this mind be in you.) 12. Omit, as. 26. M. add, to Bue (you all.) iii. 11. from among, for, of (the dead.)

16. Syriac, COL.—1, 2 THES. –1, 2 TIM.—TITUS,- PHILE., —HEB.


COLOSSIANS i. 2. Omit, and from the Lord Jesus the Anointed. 3. to God the Father, for, to the God and Father. 6. (the world); add, and increases, and bears fruit.) 7. Omit, also. 14, (redemption) omit, by means of his blood. 24. in those sufferings which are, for, in my sufferings. ü. 1. on behalf of, for, cerning you.

13. (having forgiven) us, for, you. 15. M. (having put off) the Syriac adds, his body; he made a show of principalities and powers. 18. The Syriac seems to mean :-Let no one desire, by humiliation of mind, to your condemnation, that ye should subject yourselves to the worship of angels. iii. 15. (Let the peace) of the Anointed, for, of God. 16. (singing) in your hearts to God, for, in your heart to the Lord. 17. to God the Father, for, to God and the Father. 22. (fearing) the Lord, for, God.

1 THESSALONIANS i. 1. Omit, from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus the Anointed. 4. my brothers, beloved by God; for, my beloved brothers, (your being chosen) by God. 7. an example, for, examples. ii. 12. M. has called, for, is calling (you) 19. Omit, the Anointed. iv. 8. to you, for, to us. 11. your hands, for, your own hands. v. 3. Omit, For. 5. Add, For (all ye.)

2 THESSALONIANS ii. 2. (the day) of the Lord, for, of the Anointed. 4. (every) person, for, thing (called God.) 8. the Lord Jesus, for, the Lord. 16. God our Father, for, our God and Father. 17. (and make) them, for you, (firm.]

1 TIMOTHY i. 1. (and of) omit, the Lord. 17. the only God, for, the only wise God. ii. 7. (I speak the truth) omit, in the Anointed. iii. 3. Omit, not greedy of base gain. 16. He was revealed in flesh. The Syriac has not the name of God, but he, cannot mean a human soul, for that would be no mystery ; nor an angel, (Heb. i. 13); and therefore must mean God. iv. 12. Omit, in spirit.

15. (manifest) to all, for, in all things. V. 4. (for this is) omit, good and. vi. 12. Omit, also (thou hast been called.) 19. (may lay hold on) what is really life ; Syriac, true life; for, eternal life.

2 TIMOTHY ii. 12. shall deny, for, deny. 13. Add, for, (he cannot.) 19. (the name) of the Lord, for, of the Anointed. iv. 1. Omit, therefore,

TITUS I, 4. Omit, mercy.

PHILEMON 4. (I thank my God) always, for, always (making mention.) 20. (my bowels) in the Anointed, for, in the Lord.

HEBREWS iï. 16. Two questions. For who were they who provoked him ? Were they not all who . . . by means of Moses ? iv. 7. as it has been before said ; Syriac, as it is above written; for, as it is said. v. 3. Syriac, on behalf of the people; un

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behalf of himself; on account of his sins; for, on account of the people; on account of himself; on behalf of sins. vi. 10. (and the) love, for, labour of love. vii. 4. (to whom) omit, even. viii, 11. fellow-citizen, for, neighbour. 12. Omit, and their lawless deeds, (or iniquities.) ix. 10. which are, for, and in (rules of the flesh.) 11. M. (of the good things which) Greek, are come; Syriac, he effected ; for, were to come. 14. M. our, for, your conscience.) 28. (So) add, also (the anointed.) X. 1. they, for, it can never.) 8. slain-offerings and gift-offerings, for, slain-offering and gift-offering. 11. M. high-priest, for, priest. 12. this (priest], for, he. (sat down) for ever, for, (offered) for ever. 13. Greek, after having said ; Syriac, who has said; for, after having before said. 30. Omit, says the Lord. 34. on those who were prisoners, for, on [me] in my bonds. (knowing) that ye have, for, in yourselves that ye have. xi. 13. Omit, and were persuaded of [them.] 26. (the treasures) of, for, in (Egypt.) xii. 3. (who wore adversaries to) themselves, for, him. 18. (come near to) what, for, to the mountain which (could be touched.) 20. Omit, or thrust through with a dart. 22. M. Greek, tó tens of thousands of angels in general meeting; Syriac, to the multitudes of tens of thousands of angels; for, to tens of thousands of angels; to the general meeting (and assembly of the first-born.) 26. I will shake, for, I shake. 28. (with reverence and) fear, for, godly fear. xiii. 6. I will not fear; what shall man do to me? for, and I will not fear what man shall do to me. 9. (Be not) led away, for, led about (by.) 15. And, for, Therefore (through him.) 21. (working in) us, for, you.

JAMES i. 26. Omit, among you. ii. 5. of the, for, of this (world.) 11. (If thou) dost not, for, shalt not (commit adultery, but) dost, for, shalt (kill.) 18. Greek, without works ; Syriac, which is without works; for, without thy works. 24. Omit, therefore. iii. 9. (we bless) the Lord, for, God. 12. Greek, por (can] salt water yield sweet; Syriac, so also salt water cannot be made

sweet ; for, so no spring can yield salt and sweet water. iv. 12. Greek, (Only] one is the Lawgiver and Judge; Syriac, For there is [but] one who appoints law and judgment; instead of, [Only] one is the Lawgiver. thy neighbour, for, another. 11. Who have patiently endured, for, who patiently endure.

1 PETER i. 22. Omit, by means of the Spirit. 24. (the glory) of it, for, of man. ii

. 2. (ye may grow up) add, Greek, unto salvation; Syriac, to life [-bliss]. 25. (yo were) going astray, for, (like sheep) which go astray. üi. 8. (be) lowly, for, courteous, or friendly. 9. for, instead of, knowing that (to [do] this.) 13. (if ye be) zealous in, for, imitators of (what is good.) 15. the


Lord, the Anointed; for, the Lord God. 18. M. died, for, suffereil. 21. (immersion saves) you, for, us.

iv. 1. (has ceased) M. Greek, from sins ; Syriac, from all sins; for, from sin. 3. Omit, of life. Greek, omits, for us (to have done); the Syriac has, that ye (have done.) 8. (love) covers, for, will cover. 9. (without) murmuring, for, murmurings. 14. Omit, on their part he is ill-spoken of, but on your part he is glorified. 16. in this name, for, on this account. v. 5. (all of you) omit, be subject (one to another.) (All of you) clothe yourselves, tightly girt, with humility one towards another. 14, in the Anointed, for, in the Anointed, Jesus.

1 JOHN i. 3. (we declare to you) add, also. 4. (that) our, for, your (joy.) The Syriac has, that our joy which is in you.

7. (the blood of Jesus) omit, the Anointed. ii. 6. Omit, so.

7. My beloved, for, (My] brothers. (which ye have heard) omit, from the beginning. 13. I have written, for, I write (to you, little children.) 24. The Greek omits, therefore, the Syriac has, And (ye.)

27. Greek, his (anointing); Syriac, the anointing which is from God; for, the same anointing. continue ye, for, ye will continue. 29. (know ye that every one) add, also.

iii. 1. Greek, (that we should be called children of God) add, and (such] we are; Syriac, who has called us sons; [and] has also made us [sons. iii. 16. his (love), for, (the love) of God, 19. (our) heart, for, hearts. v. 2. (when we do, for, keep (his commands.) 7, 8. Omit, in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spiriti and these three are one. And there are three that bear witness on earth. 13. (These things I have written to you) omit, who trust in the name of the Son of God. (that ye have eternal life), ye who trust; Syriac, have trusted ; for, and that ye may trust in the name of the Son of God.) 21. Omit, Amen.

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XV. CONCLUSION. These pages have been written with view to present known facts and testimonies with sufficient fulness to show the true worth of the Peshito-Syriac text of the New Covenant Writings.

It is submitted,-FIRST, that there is ground for belief that this text has been so correctly copied, that it has come down to us WITHOUT MATERIAL CHANGE FROM THE FIRST CENTURY. As Dr. Scrivener says,

“The Syriac was cited by Melito as early as A.D. 170," and history leaves no room to doubt what that version was.” It was the Peshito. Part of it was left in India in the time of the Apostles, and the whole book of the N. C. was received there, and in Coordistan, as well as in Mesopotamia, not very long after the time of the Apostles. The copies in all those places must at that time have been alike, because the copies made from them do still, at this time, as Dr. Scrivener says, exhibit a text in

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