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which) he has made to dwell, for, dwells (in us, is prone to envy ?) 13. a year, for, one year. 14. What is your life? For ye are a vapour; instead of, For what is our life but a vapour ?

Ch. v. 5. Omn. as (in a day.) 16. your sins, for, your faults. 20. M. know ye, for, let him know.

1 PETER i. 12. for you, instead of, for us (they were setting forth those things.) 16. Ye shall be, for, Be ye (holy.) 22. out of the heart, for, out of a pure heart. 23. (by means of the living word of God, which continues) omn. for ever.

Ch. ü. 7. (to those who) do not trust, for, do not obey. 21. (the Anointed suffered on behalf of) you, for, us; (and left) you, for, us (an example.)

Ch. ii. 15. Adn.' but with meekness.) 16. yo are spoken against, for, they speak against you, as against bad men.

Ch. iv. 19. to a faithful Creator, instead of, [to him] as to a faithful Creator.

Ch. v. 2. M. Omn. exercising the oversight. Syriac, take the care of it spiritually. (willingly) adn. according to God. 8. Omn. because (your adversary.) 10. (who has called) you, for,

(by means of) the Anointed, for, Jesus the Anointed. 11. (to him) omn. be glory and. 14. Omn. Amen.

1 JOHN i. 4. (we write) omn. to you.

Ch. ii. 20. M. and ye all know, for, and ye know every man. 25. M. (which he has promised) you, for, us.

28. that if, for, that when he shall be revealed.)

Ch. ii. 2. we know that if, for, but we know that when. 5. (to take) sins, for, our sins. 13. brothers, for, my brothers. 14. that loveth not) omn. his brother. 16. (the love) omn. of God. Syriac, his love for us. 18. Little children, for, my little children. 19. By this we shall know, for, And by this we know.

19, 20. shall assure our heart before him, whereinsoever our heart may condemn us; for, shall assure our heart. And if our heart condemns us, etc. 21. (if) the, for, our (heart.)

Ch. iv. 3. M. who denies, for, who does not confess. Jesus, for, that Jesus the Anointed has come in the flesh. 16. not in Syriac, and God continues in him. 19. (Let us love) omn. him. Syriac, let us love God. 20. cannot love God, for, how can he love God (who is not seen)?

Ch. v. 9. (this is the witness borne by God) because, for, which (he has borne.) 10. (has the witness) in him, for, in himself. 18. (keeps) him, for, himself.

SOME OF THE ABOVE CHANGES, all of which are the result of a selection from the multitude of Greek readings, of those which the Revisors themselves thought most likely to be correct, IMPAIR OR ALTER GOD'S TESTIMONY ON POINTS OF GREAT IMPORTANCE. It may be acceptable to the reader, if a few passages be named which

V. 30.

will be found, on examination, to do this. It will be sufficient to name them, the nature of the change, and whether made in the text, or in the margin, being shown in the above list.

A.-The Angels' song, Luke ii. 14. The appearing of Jesus after his resurrection, Luke xxiv. 36, 40, 42. The ascension of Jesus to heaven, Mark xvi. 19; Lukė xxiv. 51. Atonement; no attempt is made to show that Jesus made the real atonement which was made in shadow by the old sacrifices. See also Luke xxii. 19, 20; John vi. 51; Hebrews i. 3.

B.–Baptism, Matt. xx. 22, 23; Mark vii. 4, 8; xvi. 16. The bloody sweat of the Redeemer, and the visit of the angel in Gethsemane, Luke xxi. 43, 44. C.-Christians, as members of the flesh and bones of Jesus, Eph.

The chosen of God, Matt. xx. 16; Luke xvii. 36; given to Jesus, John xvii. 11, 12, 24 ; from the beginning, 2 Thess. ii. 13. The Covenant, the New, Matt. xxvi. 28; Mark xiv. 24; Luke xxii. 20. The Cross, the first words of Jesus when nailed to it, Luke xxiii. 34. The inscription on it, Luke xxiii. 38.

D.-The Deity of the Redeemer.-Substitution of, a thing, for, One greater than the temple, Matt. xii. 6. Worship paid him, Matt. xxviii. 17; Mark i. 20; Luke xxiv. 52. The Son of God, Mark i. 1. The Word called a begotten God, John i. 18. Who is in heaven, John iii. 13. Is above all, John iii. 31. Stopping 80 arranged as to destroy express testimony, Rom. ix. 5. The Divine Sonship of Jesus as man: passages in which he is called the Son of God, or God is called his Father, altered, John üi. 17; vi. 65, 69; viii. 28, 38; ix. 35; X. 29, 32; xiv. 12, 28; xvi. 10; xvii. 1 ; xx. 17. Destroy; Christ came not to destroy men, Luke ix. 54–56. Divorce, Matt. xix. 9.

F.–Fasting, Matt. xvii. 21 ; Mark ix. 29; Acts x. 30; 1 Cor. vii. 5. Forgiveness, Mark xi. 26. Fore-knowledge of God, Acts

Future state of those who perish, Matt. xxi. 44; Mark iii. 29; ix. 44, 46.

G.-Gift of God's chosen to Christ, John xvü. 11, 12, 24. H.-House on rock, said to be well built instead, Luke vi. 48. Hypocrisy, Matt. xxiii. 14; Luke xi. 44. J.-Justification. Being declared just, let us have peace, Rom.

Rom. xi, 6; Heb. x. 38. L.-The Lord's prayer, in Matt. vi. 13; in Luke xi. 2, 4. The Lord's Supper, Luke xxii. 19, 20; 1 Cor. xi. 24—29.

M.-Man's state of ruin, Matt. xviii. 11. Mark, the last 12 verses treated as doubtful. Mary, the mother of Jesus, blest, Luke i. 28.

P.-Pierced with a spear, the body of Jesus said to have been while he was still living, Matt. xxvii. 49.

R.-Resurrection of Christ, evidence of it in Mark questioned, Mark xyi. 9-14. Omissions in Luke xxiv. 6, 9, 12, The

xv. 18.

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resurrection of Christians, 1 Cor. xv. 51, 55. Riches, those who trust in them, Mark x. 24.

S.—The sun said to have been eclipsed when Christ was crucified, though the moon was full, and an eclipse impossible, Luke xxüi. 45. Separation from men of corrupt mind, 1 Tim. 6. 5.


X. 3.

12. corpse,


MATTHEW i. 6. (And David) omit, the king. ii. 18. Omit, lamentation and. iii. 6. Add, the river (Jordan.) V. 27. Omit, to those of old time. vi. 12. (as we also have forgiven, for, forgive. 18. Omit, openly. 34. Omit, the things (of itself.) vü. 2. Omit, again. 14. M. How, instead of, For (narrow.) 24. shall be compared, for, I will compare him. 29. their, for, the scribes. viii. 8. (say) by a word. 28. Gadarenes, for, Gergesenes. 32. into the swine, and all the herd.

ix. 4. knowing, for, seeing their thoughts.) 8. feared, for, marvelled. 13. Omit, to repentance. 35. Omit, among the people. (Simon) the Zealous, for, the Canaanite. 10. staff, for, staves. xi. 2. by means of, for, two. 19. (by her) works, for, children. xü. 8. Omit, even (of the Sabbath.) 35. Omit, of the heart.

Ch. xiv. 6. (Herod’s birthday) came, for, was kept. for, body. 24. M. (was) many furlongs away from the land, instead of, in the midst of the sea. 25. (Jesus) came, for, went. 32. (had) gone up into, for, entered (the ship.)

Ch. xv. 4. Omit, commanded and. 6. the word, for, the command (of God.) 8. Omit, draw near to me with their mouth, and. 17. (Do ye) not, for, not yet (understand) ? 22. (called out) omit, to him. 36. (to the multitudes, for, multitude. 39. Magadan, Syriac, Magodu, for, Magdala.

Ch. xvi. 26. will be, for, is (a man profited ?). xviii. 8. (cut) it, for, them (off.) xix. 3. (saying) omit, to him. 25. the, for, his disciples.

Ch. xxi. 7. he sat, for, they set him. 9. (went before) add, him. 28, (in) the, for, my (vineyard.)

Ch. xxii. 13. Omit, take him away, and. 23. (Sadducees), and said, for, who say. 32. He, for, God (is not God of the dead.) 35. Omit, and saying. 44. under, instead of, for the footstool of (thy feet.) Ch. xxii. 4. M. Omit, grievous to be borne. 7. Omit, Rabbi,

8. (One is your) Chief. Omit, the Anointed. Ch. xxiv. 18. garment, for, garments. 27. Omit, also. 31.

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M. a great trumpet, for, a great sound of a trumpet. 36. the, for, my (Father.) 37. Omit, also. 39. Omit, also. 49. shall eat and drink, for, (shall begin) to.

Ch. xxv. 13. Omit, in which the Son of man comes. 17. Omit, be also. 44. (answer) omit, him.

Ch. xxvi. 9. this, for, this ointment. 20. (with his twelve) add, disciples. 36. (said to) his disciples.) 42. Omit, from me. 53. Put, now, after, give me. 60. Omit the second, they found it not. (came two) omit, false witnesses.

Ch. xxvii. 2. Omit, Pontius. 10. I gave, as in M., for, they gave (them.)

22. Omit, to him. 35. Omit, that what was spoken by the prophet might be fulfilled, -They parted my garments among them, and upon my vesture they cast lots.

Ch. xxviii. 8. (they went) away from, for, out of. 9. Omit, And as they went to tell his disciples.

MARK i. 2. in the prophet Isaiah, for, in the prophets. Omit, before thee. 5. all they of Jerusalem, and were immersed ; for, they of Jerusalem, and were all (immersed.) 11. in thee, for, in whom (I am well pleased.) 19. Omit, thence. 24. Omit, Let us alone. 27. among themselves, for, them. 42. Omit, when he had spoken.

Ch. ii. 2. Omit, immediately. 3. bringing to him, for, bringing. 17. Omit, to repentance. 20. in that day, for, in those days. 22. else the wine, instead of, the new wine. 26. under Abiathar, a chief priest; Syriac, a chief of the priests.

Ch. iii. 5. Omit, whole as the other. 18. (Simon) the Zealous, for, the Canaanite. 34. Syriac, he looked on those who were sitting with him; instead of, he looked round on those who sat round about him.

Ch. iv. 4. Omit, of heaven. 9. (he said) omit, to them. 18. (those who) have heard, for, who hear (the word.) 20. Omit, some, three times. Ch. v. 9. he said to him, for, he answered and said.

11. on the mountain, for, on the mountains. 13. Omit, Jesus immediately. Omit, they were. 14. (those who fed) them, for, the swine. 19. Omit, Jesus. 22. Omit, behold. 36. Omit, immediately. 38. they come, for, he comes. Ch. vi. 12. made, for, were making (proclamation.)

15. (a prophet) as, for, or as (one of the prophets.). 26. (those reclining) omit, with him. 27. to bring (the head), instead of, (the head) to be brought. 33. (and knew) them, for, him. Omit, and came together to him. 44. were, for, were about (five thousand.) 51. Omit, beyond measure. 55. (that region) omit, round about.

Ch. vii. 5. And, for, Then. 6. Omit, he answered, and. 8. Omit, ye do. 24. a house, for, the house. 25. (For), add, immediately 28. Omit, for (even.)

Ch. viii. 1. Omit, Jesus. 7. (gave thanks) for them. 13.

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Syriac, omits, again. 14. they, for, the disciples.

21. not yet, for, not. 23. (saw) all things, for, all persons. 28. (they) said, for, answered. 36. profit a man, for, shall it profit (him.)

Ch. ix. 12. Omit, answered and. 24. Omit, Lord. for, he came.) 38. (John) said, for, answered, saying. Omit, who does not (follow us.) Substitute (because he) did not, for, does not (follow us.) 41. naming that ye are, for, in my name, because ye are (of the Anointed.) 42. a millstone, add, of an

45. Omit, into the unquenchable fire. Ch. x. 1. to, for, by (beyond Jordan.) 35. (saying) to him, 52. him, for, Jesus.

Ch. xi. 10. Omit, in the name of the Lord. 14. Omit, Jesus. 19. M. They, for, he (went out.) 29. Omit, answered.

33. Jesus said, for, answered and said.

Ch. xii. 2. (of the) fruits, for, fruit. 17. Jesus said, for, And Jesus answered, and said. 23. Omit, when they shall rise. 24. Jesus said, for, And Jesus answered and said.

27. (but) omit, God (of the living.) 32. He, for, God (is one.) 43. who are casting, for, have cast (into the treasury.)

Ch. xiii. 2. Omit, answered and. (left) add, here. 5. Omit, answered and. 8. the beginning, for, the beginnings. 9. shall stand, for, be brought (before rulers.) 15. go down) omit, into the house.

Ch. xiv. 19. Omit, and another, Is it I? 20. Omit, answered and. 22. Omit, eat ye. 24. (which is shed) on behalf of, for, concerning (many.) 31. Omit, the more. 51. Omit, the young men. 52. (naked) omit, from them. 72. (And) add, immediately.

Ch. xv. 3. Omit, but he made no answer. 8. Omit, always. 41. (who) omit, also. 44. M. were already, for, had been long (dead.)

Ch. xvi. 8. Omit, quickly. 19. (the Lord), add, Jesus. LUKE i. 26. (was sent) from, for, by (God.) 75. all our days, for, all the days of our life. 78. shall visit, for, has visited (us.)

Ch. ii. 2. This enrolment was the first; for, this, the first enrolment, took place (under the government.) 5. (Mary) his betrothed, omit, wife. 15. (that the shepherds) omit, the men. 22. of their, for, of her (purification.) 38. deliverance of, iustead of, in (Jerusalem.) 42. Omit, to Jerusalem.

Ch. iv. 1, 2. Join, for forty days, with, led; instead of with, to be tempted.

8. Omit, Get thee behind me, Satan, for. Ch. v. 15. (to be healed) omit, by him. 36. (no one) add, cuts off, and (puts it on.)

Ch. vi. 1. Omit, the second-first. 5. Omit, also (of the sabbath.) 9. (on the) sabbath, for, sabbaths. 10. (said) to him, for, to the man. Omit, whole. 17. add, a great (multitude of his disciples.) 38. with that, for, with the same (measure.)

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