Making American Tradition: Visions and Revisions from Ben Franklin to Alice Walker

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Rutgers University Press, 1990 - 252 psl.
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Strout shows how an American tradition has developed through the responses of writers to the works of previous writers. He begins with the influence of Tocqueville on American literature, and how his vision brought minimal attention to time and place, and fostered the neglect of southern, black and female writers. Strout demonstrates how writers shed new light on many American themes as they responded to the predecessors. His comparisons cover Hawthorne and Updike; Emerson, Whitman, and William James; Twain and Doctorow; Twain and Faulkner; Lincoln and Jefferson; and Alice Walker and Ralph Ellison. ISBN 0-8135-1516-5 (pbk.) : $13.00.

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