The Canterbury Tales

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G. Routledge, 1854 - 586 psl.
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4 psl. - Ful worthy was he in his lordes werre, And therto hadde he riden, no man ferre, As wel in cristendom as in hethenesse, And evere honoured for his worthynesse. At Alisaundre he was whan it was wonne. Ful ofte tyme he hadde the bord bigonne Aboven alle nacions in Pruce; In Lettow hadde he reysed and in Ruce, No Cristen man so ofte of his degree.
78 psl. - Fredom, and all that longeth to that art, So Jupiter have of my soule part, As in this world right now ne know I non, So worthy to be loved as Palamon, That serveth you, and wol don all his lif.
22 psl. - Than wolde he speke no word but Latyn. A fewe termes hadde he, two or three, That he had lerned out of som decree ; No wonder is, he herde it al the day ; And eek ye knowen wel, how that a jay Can clepen ' Watte,
216 psl. - I wol yow telle a tale which that I Lerned at Padowe of a worthy clerk, As preved by his wordes and his werk. He is now deed and nayled in his cheste, I prey to God so yeve his soule reste!
24 psl. - Who so shall telle a tale after a man, He moste reherse, as neighe as ever he can, Everich word, if it be in his charge, All speke he never so rudely and so large ; Or elles he moste tellen his tale untrewe, Or feinen thinges, or finden wordes newe.
21 psl. - To yeve and lene him of his owne good, And have a thank, and yet a cote and hood. In youthe he lerned hadde a good mister; He was a wel good wrighte, a carpenter. This reve sat up-on a ful good stot, That was al pomely grey, and highte Scot.
18 psl. - But it were any persone obstinat, What so he were of highe, or low estat, Him wolde he snibben sharply for the nones.
12 psl. - For his science, and for his high renoun, Of fees and robes had he many on.
20 psl. - Of maisters had he mo than thries ten, That were of lawe expert and curious: Of which ther was a dosein in that hous, Worthy to ben stewardes of rent and lond Of any lord that is in Englelond, To maken him live by his propre good, In honour detteles...
43 psl. - Of a clarre, made of a certain wine, With Narcotikes and Opie of Thebes fine, That all the night though that men wold him shake, The gailer slept, he mighte not awake. And thus he fleeth as faste as ever he may. The night was short, and faste by the day, That nedes cost he moste himselven hide.

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