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cated Public, particularly Parents. 2d edition, with an additional chapter By A. P. W. Philip, M.D. F.R.S.L. on the Manufacture of Sugar from and E., Fellow of the Royal Colleges Beet Root. 8vo. pp. 256, 9 illustraof Physicians of London and Edin- tions, cloth, 12s.

[334 burgh, &c. 8vo. cloth, 10s. 6d. [3+3 PORTER.-- The Unity of the Church PHILLIPPS.--A Treatise on the Law of God: a Sermon. By T. H. Porof Evidence. 9th edition, with con

ter, D.D. 8vo. Pp. 22, sewed, ls. sideralle alterations and additions.

[355 By S. M. Phillipps, Esq. 2 vols. royal POSTANS.-Hints to Cadets ; with a 8vo. pp. 1348, boards, £2 10s. (314 few Observations on the Military SerPHILLIPPS.--Progressive Questioning vice of the Honourable East India

Book ; comprising Steps 1, 2, and 3, Company. By Lieut. T. Postans, or Questions on St Mark, St Ma. Bombay Army. Post Svo. pp. 100, thew, St Luke, and the Acts of the cloth, 3s. 6d.

[356 Apostles : intended for the use of PRACTICAL ANGLER (THE). By Teachers in Sunday and other Schools. Piscator. 8vo. pp. 298, 6 plates, By the Rev. E T. M. Phillipps, M.A. cloth, 12s. 6d.

[357 12mo. pp. 480, b. uad, ts. [345 PRATT.-A Collection of the Public PHILOMURUS.-- A brief examination General Statutes, passed in the last

of the Latin Poems of Sir Thomas Session (5 and 6 Vict.), as far as reMore. 18mo. Pp. 78, cloth, 3s. Od. lates to the Office of a Justice of the


Peace, and to Parochial Matters, in PHINEAS QUIDDY; or, Sheer Indus- England and Wales; with Notes, Rę.

try. By John Poole, Esq. Author of ferences, and an Index. By J. T. • Paul Pry.' 3 vols. post 8vo. PP. Pratt, Esq. Svo. pp. 272, cloth, 7s.6d. 870, boards, L.), lls. 6d. [347


to · The Tracts for the Times. Vol. comprising all the Medicines in the

4, 8vo. pp. 323, cloth, 6s. Gd. [348 London Pharmacopæia. By a PracPICKERING.—Sir Michael Paulet; a tising Physician. 2d edition, cor

Novel. By Miss Ellen Pickering, rected and enlarged, 32mo. Pp. 162, Author of ‘Nan Darrell,' &c. 3 vols. cloth, 2s. 6d.

[359 post 8vo. pp. 778, bds., 31s. 6d. [349 PRICILARD).—The Natural History of PICTORIAL Bible History for the Man ; comprising Inquiries into the

Young. 2 vols. fep. 8vo. pp. 106, Modifying Influence of Physical and with 288 engravings (price reduced Moral Agencies on the different Tribes to), cloth, each 3s. Od. [350 of the Human Family.

By J. C. PIERS PLOUGHMAN._ The Vision Prichard, M.D.F.R.S., &c. &c. Royal

and the Creed of Piors Ploughman. 8vo. p. 572, with 36 coloured and 4 Newly imprinted; with an Introduc- plain illustrations, engraved on steel, tion and Glossary. 2 vols. fep. 8vo. and 90 engravings on wood, cloth, pp. 678, cloth, 21s. [351 30s.

[360 PLUMTRE.-History of Samuel: a con- PRIDEAUX.--The Law of Judgments

tinuation of Scripture Stories. By as they affect Real Property. By Helen Plumtre. 18mo. pp. 324, cloth, Frederick Prideaux, Barrister-at3s.

[352 Law. 2d edition, 12mo. Pp. 178, POETRY for the MILLION: Poems

bls, 5s.

(361 by a Member of Parliament. Edited PRIDHAM.- The Church of England, by Peter Priggins. 12mo. pp. 68, as to her Excellences and Defects; cloth, 5s.

[*352 with a Plan of Ecclesiastical Reform POLYLOGY: a

Dual-line version of in her Spiritualities and Temporalities, some of his Paraphrases of Wisdom to adapt her more perfectly to the and Learning. 2 vols. post 8vo. PP. wants and exigencies of the Times. 288, cloth, 125.

[333 By the Rev. J. Pridham, M.A. 8vo. PORTER.---The Nature and Properties pp. 710, cloth, 14s.

[362 of the Sugar-Cane : with Practical PRIDHAM.-- Family Lectures, in Three Directions for the Improvement of its Parts, on the Principles and Practice Culture, and the Manufacture of its of the Christian Religion ; for the Products. By G. R. Porter, F.R.S. use of families, and for general Inticles of Manufacture. By A. Pritch- Powers of Man; to which is annexed , ard, M.R.I. 12mo. pp. 98, sewed, an Analysis of Aristotle's Logic. By 2s. 6d.


struction : with an Address to Serious Translated from the last edition of Enquirers, .on the means of obtaining the German, by W. B. Kelly, Esq. that knowledge of Divine Truth which B.A. Trin. Coll. Dublin.

Part 2, learls to Salvation. By the Rev. J. royal 8vo. double columns, pp. 16+, Pridham, A.M. 4th edition, 2 vols. sewed, 4s.

[372 12mo. pp. 83+, cloth, 12s. [363 RAPER.- The Practice of Navigation PRINCE.--Parallel History: being an and Nautical Astronomy. By H.

Outline of the History and Biography Raper, Lieut. R.N. 2d edition, 8vo. of the World, contemporaneously ar- pp. 760, boards, 18s.

[373 ranged. By P. A. Prince, Esq. 2d READWIN.- The Elements of Geoedition (3 vols.) Vol. 2, containing graphy, progressively arranged. By Modern History, to the outbreak of T. A. Readwin, Wokingham. 12mə. the French Revolution, 8vo. pp. 770, pp. 22, sewed, 6d.

(37+ cloth, 21s.

[364 RECREATION (The) for 1843: a GiftPRITCHARD.- English Patents: be- Book for Young Readers, embracing

ing a Register of all those granted for such subjects as are particularly fitted Inventions in the Arts, Manufactures, to interest and improve the Youthful Chemistry, Agriculture, &c. in 1811 ; Mind. Fep. 8vo. (Edinburgh,) pp. with a copious Index. To which is 322, embellished with engravings, appended, an Account of the Regis- cloth, gilt edges, 5s.

[375 tration of Designs New Act for Ar- REID.- Essays the Intellectual

(365 T. Reid, D.D. With Notes, QuesPROMPT REMEDIES to be used in tions for Examination, &c. By the

cases of Emergency, Accidents, Sud- Rev. G. N. Wright, M.A. 8vo. pp. den Illness, and other casualties of 632, cloth, 12s.

[376 most frequent occurrence in every- REMEMBRANCE (The) for 1843— day Life. Square 32mo. pp. 61, New Series : Select Poetry and Prose. cloth, ls.

[366 Royal 32mo. pp. 160, with frontis. PUBLIC (The) General Acts of 5 and piece, cloth, gilt edges, 2s. 6d. [377

6 Victoria, 1842; intended as a Sup- RICAUTI.—Sketches for Rustic Work; plement to the Commercial and Ge- including Bridges, Park and Garden neral Lawyer.' 8vo. pp. 272, sewed, Buildings, Seats and Furniture; with 5s.

[367 Descriptions and Estimates of the PYCROFT.--On School Education, de- Buildings; the Scenic Views in the

signed to assist Parents in Choosing Tinted Style of_Zincography, in 18 and in Co-operating with Instructors Plates. By T. J. Ricauti, Esq. Arfor their Sons. By the Rev. J. Py- chitect. Royal 4to. half-morocco, 16s. croft, B.A. 12mo. (Oxford,) pp. 212,

[378 boards, 5s.

[368 ROBERTS.-A Comprehensive View

of the Culture of the Vine under RAMSAY.-An Enquiry into the Prin- Glass. By James Roberts, Gardener

ciples of Human Happiness and Hu- to M. Wilson, Esq. Eshton Hall, Yorkman Duty: in two books. By G. shire, 12mo. pp. 9+, cloth, 5s. 6d. Ramsay, B.M. 8vo. pp. 562, cloth,

[379 145.

[369 ROBERTSON.-A Practical Treatise RAMSAY.-A View of the Election on the Human Teeth ; showing the

of Grace,' Doctrinal and Practical. Causes of their Destruction, and the By the Rev. Alexander Ramsay, M.A. Means of their Preservation. By W.

18mo. pp. 304, cloth, 4s. 6d. [370 Robertson. 3d edition, 8vo. pp. 240, RAMSBOTHAM.- Practical Observa- 6 plates, cloth, 10s.

[380 tions on Midwifery; with Cases in ROBINSON.- The Christian's PriviIllustration. By J. Ramsbotham, lege; or, Words of Comfort for his M.D. 2d edition, revised, 1 vol. 8vo. Hours of Sorrow. By the Rev. pp. 512, cloth, 12s.

(371 Disney Robinson, M.A., Perpetual RANKE.-Ranke's History of the Popes, Curate of Woolley, in the Diocese of

their Church and State in the Six- York. 2d edition, pp. 182, cloth, teenth and Seventeenth Centuries. 38. 6d.


ROE.--Memoir of the Life of the late Sand. Translated from the French.

Rev. Peter Roe, A.M., Rector of Fcp. 8vo. pp. 320, cloth, 5s. (390 Odogh, and Minister of St Mary's, SANDBACH.-Giuliano de Medici : a Kilkenny : with copious Extracts Drama, in Five Acts; with other from his Correspondence, Diaries, Poems. By Mrs H. R. Sandbach. and other Remains. By the Rev. S. Post 8vo. pp. 220, cloth, Is. [391 Madden, A.M. 8vo. pp. 638, with SARGANT.-The Christian's Sunday plat s, cloth, 14s.

[382 Companion : being Recollections, in ROGERS.-Italy: a Poem. By Sa- Prose and Verse, on the Collect,

muel Rogers. New edition, square Epistle and Gospel, and Proper Lescrown 8vo. pp. 328, with 56 vig- sons, for each Sunday; with a view nettes, from designs by Turner and to their immediate connexion. By

Stothard, boards, 16s. [383 Mrs J. A. Sargant. Post 8vo. pp. ROSCOE.-Summer Tour to the Isle of Wight; including Portsmouth, SARJENT._Principles of the laws of Southampton, Winchester, the South- England in the various Departments; Western Railway, &c. By T. Ros- and also the Practice of the Superior coe, Esq. 8vo, pp. 162, with 52 Courts : in the form of Question and plates and a map, cloth, 12s.


Answer, for the Assistance of Articled RUSE.-A New General Biographical Clerks in preparing for Examination,

Dictionary. Projected and partly and incidentally for the use of Pracarranged by the late Rev. H. J. Rose, titioners. By R. Sarjent, Solicitor. B.D. Vol. 4, 8vo, pp. 5+2, cloth, 2d edition, revised. Part 2. 8vo. 18s.

383 16s. bds. Complete in 1 vol. 8vo. ROWE.- On Nervous Diseases, origi. pp. 987, boards, 30s.

[393 nating from Morbid Derangement of SCHARLING.-On the Chemical Disthe Liver, Stomach, &c., occasioning crimination of Vesical Calculi. By Low Spirits, Indigestion, and Gout; E. A. Scharling, A.A. Translated also, on Disorders produced by Tro- from the Latin, with an Appendix, pical Climates upon European Con- by S. E. Hoskins, M.D. Post 8vo. stitutions : addressed equally to the pp. 200,' 2+ coloured plates, cloth, Invalid, the Public, and the Profes- 7s. 6d.

39+ sion. By G. R. Rowe, M.D., F.S.A. SCHWABE.-The Englishman's First 5th edition, revised and enlarged, German Book; containing a Guide to

8vo. pp. 172, boards, 5s. 6d. [386 Spelling and Pronunciation ; a Pro. RUSSELL.--Polynesia ; or, an Histo- gressive Reader; and a Concise

rical Account of the Principal Is- Grammar: arranged on an entirely lands in the South Sea, including New new plan, calculated to facilitate the Zealand; the Introduction of Chris- progress of the Student. By Ludwig tianity; and the actual Condition of Schwabe, Professor of the German the inhabitants in regard to Civiliza- Language. 12mo. pp. 262, cloth, tion, Commerce, and the Arts of 6s. 6d.

[395 Social Life. By the Right Rev. M. SCHWABE.-A Concise Grammar of Russell, LL.D. and D.C.L., &c. Be- the German Language, intended as ing Vol. 33 of the Edinburgh Cabinet an Introduction to Ollendorff's New Library. 18mo. (Edinburgh,) pp. Method of Learning to Read, Write, 410, with map and vignette, cloth, and Speak German in Six Months. 5s.

[387 By Ludwig Schwabe, Professor of the

German Language. 12mo. pp. 108, ST JOHN.- The History of the Man- cloth, 3s. 6d.

(396 ners and Customs of Ancient Greece. SCHWABE.—A Progressive German By J. A. St John. 3 vols. 8vo. pp. Reader; containing a selection of 1370, cloth, L.1, lls. 6d.

Amusing and Instructive Pieces in ST PAUL'S EPISTLE to the EPHE. Prose and Verse, from the best Ger

SIANS, PHILIPPIANS, and CO. man Authors. By Ludwig Schwabe. LOSSIANS, Explained in Simple and 1-2 mo. pp. 88, cloth, 2s. 6d. (397 Familiar Language. By G. B. 12mo. SCHWABE. A Guide to German pp. 238, cloth, 3s.

[389 Spelling and Pronunciation. By Ludwig SAND.-Spiridion : a Tale. By George Schwabe. 12mo. pp. 68, cloth, 2s. [398


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SCRIPTURE TRACTS for the Fasts to the use of Families, for every Day

and Festivals. By a Layman. Vol.. throughout the Year. By the Rer.

1, 12mo. pp. 30+, cloth, ts. [399 John W. Smyth, D.D., Rector of SEA PIE (The); illustrated by A. Woolfardisworthy, Devonshire. 3

Crowquill: an Omnium Gatherum of vols. 8vo. pp. 1532, cloth, 31s. 60.
Literature and Art, with Scraps to

[109 suit all Hands. Royal 8vo. pp. 318, SMYTH.-Lectures on History. (Secloth, 7s. 6d.


cond and concluding Series.) On SELBY.-A History of British Forest the French Revolution. By W.

Trees, Indigenous and Introduced. Smyth, Professor of Modern History By Prideaux John Selby, F.L.S. in the University of Cambridye. 2d M.W.S., &c. 8vo. pp. 560, illus- edition, 3 vols. 8vo. pp. 125+, bds. trated with nearly 200 engravings on 31s. 60.

[+10 wood, cloth, (large paper, L.2, 16s., SPACKMAN.–Statistical Tables of the cloth,) 283.


Agriculture, Shipping, Colonies, MaSELF-DEVOTION; or, the History of nufactures, Commerce, and Popula

Catherine Randolph. By the Author tion of the United Kingdom of Great of • The Only Daughter.' Edited Britain and its Dependencies; brought by the Author of · The Subaltern,' down to 18+2. Compiled from Offi&c. 3 vols. post 8vo. pp. 770, boards, cial Sources. By W. F. Spackman. 31s. 6d. [ +02


Fep. 8vo. pp. 126, cloth, 5s. SEQUEL to MAMİA'S BIBLE STO- SPENSER: The Poetical Works of

RIES for her Little Boys and Girls ; Edmund Spenser. In 5 vols. New chietly in Words not exceeding Two edit. with Introductory Observations Syllables. With 12 engravings, on the Faerie Queene, and Explanasquare, pp. 270, cloth, 3s. 6u. [103 tory and Glossarial Notes; to which SEWELL - Popular Evidences


is pretised, the Account of the AuChristianity. By W. Sewell, B.D. thor's Life, and Criticism of his Professor of Moral Philosophy in the Works, by J. Aitkin, M.D. 5 rols. University of Oxford. Fcp. 8vo. pp. post 8vo. pp. 2138, cloth, L.2. [+12 428, cloth, 7s. 60.


SPILLAN. — Thesaurus Medicaminum; SHAW.—The Encyclopædia of Örna- or, the Medical Prescriber's Vadement. By H. Shaw, F.S.A.

59 Mecum: with a Table of Incompatiplates, 4to. cloth, 30s. ; imperial 4to. ble Substances. By D. Spillan, M.D. L.3.

[105 18mo. pp. 162, cloth, 3s. [+13 SIMPSON.-A Private Journal, kept SPOONER.–Retrospect of the Pro

during the Niger Expedition, from gress of Medicine and Surgery for the commencement in May 1811, un- the Year 1811-2. By E. O. Spooner til the recall of the Expedition in June and W. Smart. Read June 30, 1812, 1812. By William Simpson. 8vo. before the Annual Meeting of the pp. 152, cloth, 5s.

[106 Southern Branch of the Provincial SINCLAIR.—Modern Flirtations; or, Medical Association. 8vo. pp. 88, a Month at Harrowgate. By Cathe- sewed, 3s.

[+11 rine Sinclair. 2d edition, 3 vols. post STATUTES (The) of the United King

8vo. pp. 1112, cloth, 21s. [407 dom of Great Britain and Ireland, 5 SMITH.— The Discovery of America and 6 Victoria, 1812. Vol. 16, Part

by the Northmen in the Tenth Cen- 1, 4to. pp. 602, boards, 31s. 6d. [115 tury; comprising Translations of all STATUTES.-A Collection of the the most important Original Narra- Public General Statutes passed in the tives of the Event ; together with a Fifth and Sixth Year of Her Majesty Critical Examination of their Authen- Queen Victoria, 1842. Royal Svo. ticity ; to which are added, an Exa- pp. 1288, boards, 15s.

[+16 mination of the Comparative Merits STATUTES (The) of the United Kingof the Northmen and Columbus. By dom of Great Britain and Ireland, 5 J. T. Smith. With maps and plates, and 6 Victoria, 1812. 8vo. Pp. 1114, 2d edition, post 8vo. pp. 360, cloth, boards, 28s.

1417 6s.

[408 STEBBING.- History of the Church SMYTH.-An Exposition of various Christ, from the Diet of Augsburg

Passages of Holy Scripture, adapted 1530, to the Eighteenth Century

Originally designed as a Continuation Now first published. With an Introof Milner's History, by H. Stebbing, duction by Agnes Strickland, Author D.D. (3 vols.) Vol. 3, Svo. pp. 508, of · The Lives of the Queens of Engboards, 12s.

[418 land.' 2 vols. post 8vo. pp. 728, with STEILL'S Pictorial Spelling-Book; or, portrait, cloth, 21s.

[429 a Series of Progressive Lessons on STRICKLAND.—Edward Evelyn; a Facts and Objects. 12mo. pp. 126, Tale of the Rebellion of Prince Charles with 130 woodcuts, bound, Is. 6d. Edward. By Miss Jane Strickland,

[419 Fcp. 8vo. pp. 96, sewed, 2s. [ 130 STEPHENS.— The Law of Nisi Prius, STRUTT - A Pedestrian Tour in Ca

Evidences in Civil Actions, and Arbi- labria and Sicily. By A. J. Strutt. tration and Awards : with an Appen- Post 8vo. pp. 368, cloth, 10s. 6d. [131 dix of the New Rules, the Statutes of STRUTT. – Domestic Residence in Set-off, Interpleader, and Limitation, Switzerland. By Elizabeth Strutt, and the Decisions thereon. By A. Author of · Six Weeks on the Loire,' J. Stephens, Barrister-at-Law. 3 vols. &c. 2 vols. post 8vo. pp. 570, with royal 8vo. pp. 3328, cloth, L.5, 5s. 4 coloured plates, cloth, 21s. [ +32

[+20 STURGEON.–Lectures on Electricity, STEVENSON.--Translation of the San- delivered in the Royal Victoria Gal

hita of the Sama Veda. By the Rev. lery, Manchester, during the Session J. Stevenson, D.D. 8vo. pp. 298, of 18+1-42. By Wm. Sturgeon, boards, 7s.

[421 Superintendent and Lecturer of the STEWART.-Suggestions as to Re- Royal Victoria Gallery of Practical

form in some Branches of the Law. Science, Manchester. 12mo. pp. 252, By J. Stewart, Barrister-at-Law. with above 100 Woodcuts, cloth, 5s. 8vo. pp. 148, cloth, 6s. [+22

[ +33 STONE.-The Justices' Pocket Man- STURGEON.—The Acts for the Relief

ual; or, Guide to the Ordinary Duties of Insolvent Debtors, 1 and 2 Vict. of a Justice of the Peace : with an c. 110, and 5 and 6 Vict. c. 116; with Appendix of Forms. 2d edition, cor- Practical Notes, the Orders and Forms rected and enlarged, by Samuel Stone, of the Insolvent Court, and the Rules Solicitor, Clerk to the Justices for the and Forms in Bankruptcy for obtainBorough of Leicester.

ing a Protecting Order. By C. Stur292, boards, 8s.

[423 geon, Esq.' 12mo. pp. 298, boards, STONE.- The Justices' Hand-Book ; 6s. or, Informations under Summary Con SUSAN TIOPLEY; or, the Adventures victions. By S. Stone, Solicitor, of a Maid-Servant. 8vo. (Edinburgh,) Clerk to the Justices of the Borough pp. 280, double columns, cloth, 3s. of Leicester. 12mo. pp. 172, boards,

[435 5s.

[42+ SYDENHAM.-- Baal Durotrigensis; a STONE.—William Langshawe, the Cot- Dissertation on the Ancient Collosal

ton Lord: a Tale. By Mrs Stone, Figure at Cerne, Dorsetshire; and an Authoress of “The Art of Needle- Attempt to illustrate the Distinction work, 2 vols. post 8vo. pp. 640, between the Primal Celta and the bds. 21s.

[ +25 Celto-Belge of Britain ; with ObserSTORIES, translated from the Ger- vations on the Worship of the Serpent

man ; (with Preface by G. F. Gross- and that of the Sun. By J. Syden. thwaite.) Fcp. pp. 227, bound, 5s. ham. Svo. pp. 72, cloth, 5s. [ 436

[426 STOWS SURVEY of LONDON. TAYLER.-Dora Melder; a Story of

Ediied by J. W. Thoms, Esq. F.S.A. Alsace. By Meta Sander. A TransSecretary of the Camden Society. lation, edited by the Rev. C.B. Tayler, • Forming a Part of the Popular Li- Author of Records of a Good Man's brary of Modern Authors—Copyright Life,' &c. F«p. Svo. pp. 284, with 2 Editions. Royal 8vo. double columns, illustrations, cloth, 7s.

[437 pp. 240, sewed, 5s. 6d. [*428 TAYLOR.-Notes of a Tour in the MaSTRICKLANI'. - Letters of Mary nufacturing Districts of Lancashire;

Queen of Scots, and Documents con- in a series of Letters to his Grace the nected with her personal History. Archbishop of Dublin. By W. C.

12mo. PP.

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