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G-i Aran Aplication of Pro- form,) with 5 coloured plates, 31s. 6d. L * Prelogy to the cloth.

[256 PERE

i care of those Dis. KXOX.--Giotto and Francesca; and I H. B. 32 \ 1. Licen- other Poems. By Andrew A. Knox. Ce of Physicians, 8vo. pp. 1+2, boards, 10s. 6d. [257

2+7 KNOX.-Day Dreams. By Charles Sissi er. Lares from Knox, Author of • Hardness,' &c. - L:-17 Man Br the &c. With engraved Illustrations by

52. Rations Mason, from Drawings on Wood by -uri 316 . I. Warren, 8vo, pp. 233, boards, 「243 15s.

[258 4. Gidemia.' KOHL.-Russia and the Russians in * 4 249 1842. By J. G. Kohl, Esq.

Vol. 2, ན ཁ – Jཔསྶ དྷ

past &ro, pp. 316, frontispiece and Er (de Es map, cloth, 10s. 6d.

[259 SIN *34, el ch, KOHL.- Russia, St Petersburg, Mos

cow, Kharkott, Riga, Odessa, the

German Provinces on the Baltic, the NE CUPANOs Thei to


Steppes, the Crimea, and the Interior of the Empire. By J. G. Khol. 1 vol.

8vo. pp. 33+, a map, cloth, 11s. [260

in Etted KINI

:RM4n. With LADIES' Hand-Book of Plain Needlering by the

work: containing clear and ample Rural Sro, Instructions whereby to attain proBia proof plates

ticieney in every department of this RTV; bauni in silk.

most useful Employment. 18mo, pp. 123? 172. sewed, Is.

[261 Froning Readings. LAWSON.--History of the Scottish

Episcopal Church, from the Revolu- bries Londen.

tion to the Present Time. By J. P. Lawson, J.A. 8vo, (Edinburgh,) pp. 6:3, cloth, lis.

- Dark berween LEE- Clinical Midwifery: with the

Histories of Four Hundred Cases of
Ditheult Labour. By R. Lee, M.D.
F.R.S., Physician to the British Lying-

in Hospital. &e. Fep. 8vo. pp. 232, “ * 1. R.

cloth, ts. 6d.

(263 Sri LE KEUX.-Memorials of Cambridge: + a series of Views of the Colleges,

Halls, and Public Buildings, engraved br J. Le Keux; with Historical and Descriptive Accounts, by T. Wright,

FY. NA F.S.A., and the Rev. H. latrine

La Jones MA, F.S.A. 2 vols. 8vo.
Pp ons, with 76 engravings and nu-

mer.vus woodcuts (2 vols. Ito. L.4, 4s.) Hadi LETTERS to a

[26+ the Advantages of Early Piety. 18mo. BV

ps, cluth, Is. 6d. IS LIFE'S LESSONS: a Domestic Tale.

[265 lir the Author of Tales that might bei True' Ver edition, fep. 8vo. pp.

S cloth, is .
LINTO, - The Conciliator of R. Manas-

e Ben Israel: a Reconcilement of
rare the apparent Contradictions in Holy

Nos r. Vinister of

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Scripture; to which are added, Ex- usually grown in Gardens and Shrub. planatory Notes, and Biographical beries; with full Directions for their Notices of the quoted Authorities. By Culture. By Mrs Loudon. 2d ediE. H. Lindo, Author of “The Jewish tion, fep. pp. 350, cloth, 6s. 6d. [274 Calendar and Chronology.' 2 vols. LOVE-GIFT (A), for 1843: a Selec8vo. pp. 680, with portrait from an tion of Poetry. 32mo. pp. 156, (silk, etching by Rembrandt, dated 1656, 3s.) cloth, 2s. 60.

[275 cloth, 23s.

[267 LOVE.—Records of Wesleyan "Life. LINDSAY. - English Grammar, for the By B. Lore. 2d edition, 12mo. pp. use of National and other Elementary 432, cloth, 5s. 6d.

[276 Schools. By the Rev. John Lindsay, LOVER.-.Handy Andy: a Tale of Irish M.A. F.A.S., late Fellow of Dulwich Life. By Samuel Lover, Esq. With College. 18mo. pp. 88, cloth, ls. 24 illustrations by the Author. 8vo.

pp. 386, cloth, 13s.


the Author of The New Tale of a MACAULAY.—Lays of Ancient Rome. Tub.' With illustrations, square By the Rt. Hon. T. Babington Macau12ino. boards, 2s. 6d.

(269 lay. 2d edition, square crown 8vo. LOCKHART.-Attica and Athens : an pp. 192, cloth, 10s. Od. [278

Inquiry into the Civil, Moral, and MACCALL. The Agents of CivilizaReligious Institutions of the Inhabi- tion: a Series of Lectures. By Wm. tants, the Rise and Decline of the Maccall. 12mo. pp. 126, cloth, 3s. 6d. Athenian power, and the Topography

[279 and Chronology of Ancient Attica M CULLOCH.—A Dictionary, Practiand Athens. Translated from the cal, Theoretical, and Historical, of German of K. 0. Muller, Grotefend, Commerce and Commercial Navigaand others, by John Ingram Lock- tion. Ilustrated with maps and plans. hart, F.R.A.S. 8vo. pp. 202, with a By J. R. M'Culloch, Esq. A new

map and plan, cloth, 9s. [270 edition, with a new and enlarged SupLODGE.—The Peerage of the British plement, containing the New Tariff,

Empire, as at present existing, ar- the New Corn aw, (with an Article ranged and printed from personal com- on the latter,) and bringing down the munication from the nobility. By information in the work to September Edmund Lodge, Esq. Norroy King of 182. 1 closely and beautifully-printed Arms, &c. To which is added, the volume, 8vo. of more than 1450 pages, Baronetage. 12th edition, with the boards, L.2, 10s.

[ 280 Arms of the Peers. 8vo. pp. 68+, MACKENZIE. Crosby Place, de. cloth, 21s.

[271 scribed in a Lecture on its AntiquiLONDON MEDICAL GAZETTE

ties and Reminiscences, delivered in (The); being a Weekly Journal of the Great Hall, on the evening of Fri. Medicine and the Collateral Sciences.

day, August 5, 1812. By Rev. C. New Series, Vols. 1 and 2 for the Mackenzie, A.M. 8vo. pp. 60, cloth, Session 18+1-42, 8vo. pp. 2014, with 2s. 6d.

[281 numerous woodcuts, cloth, L.2, 4s. MACNAMARA.-A Practical Trea

[272 tise on Nullities and Irregularities in LOUDON.- The Suburban Horticultu- Law; their Character, Distinctions,

rist; or, an Attempt to Teach the and Consequences. By II. MacnaScience and Practice of the Culture mara, Esq. Special Pleader. 12mo. and Management of the Kitchen, pp. 252, boards, 6s.

[282 Fruit, and Forcing Garden, to those MPHERSON.-Two Years in China : who had no previous knowledge or Narrative of the Chinese Expedition, practice in these departments of Gar- from its Formation in April 1840 till dening. By J. C. Loudon, F.L.S. April 1812 ; with an Appendix, conH.S. &c. 1 vol. 8vo. pp. 764, with taining General Orders and Denumerous wood engravings, cloth, spatches. By D. M·Pherson, M.D., 16s.

(273 Madras Army. 8vo. pp. 404, cloth, LOUDon.-The Ladies' Companion to 1ts.

[ 283 the Flower Garden : being an Alpha- JACRAE.--Occasional Addresses to betical Arrangement of all the Plants Sunday School Children, including

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Addresses on the Inspiration, Authen-! Vol. 7, 8vo. pp. 334, with 7 plates, ticity, Genuineness, and Divine Au- boards, 1 ts.

(295 thority of the Holy Scriptures. By MEDITATIONS on the Second Advent D. C. Macrae. 12mo. pp. 226, cloth, of Our Lord Jesus Christ to Judg4s. 60.

[28+ ment, the end of all Human Systems. MAIN.—Hints on Landscape Garden- F«p. pp. 76, cloth, 2s. [296

ing. By James Main, A.L.S., Author MEDWIN.-Lady Singleton ; or, the of Popular Botany,' &c. &c. 18mo. World as it is. By T. Jedwin, Esq. pp. 100, with 6 woodcuts, cloth, 2s. Author of "Conversations of Lord


[285 Byron.' 3 vols. post 8vo. Pp. 814, MAMMO-MANIA: the Apostacy of boards, L.1, lls. 61.

(297 the Age Unveiled. By Anti-Nam- MEE.-A Manual of Knitting, Netting,

2d edition, 8vo. pp. 231, cloth, and Crochet Work. By Cornelia 3s. 6d.

[286 Mee. Oblong 12mo. pp. 283, with MANNERING. – Christian Happiness many illustrations, cloth, 5s.6d. [298

considered in its relation to Man, MELVILLE.-Lectiones Selecte; or, Families, and Churches. By E. Man- Select Latin Exercises for the use of nering, Holywell Mount Chapel. 18mo. Beginners, superseding the use of the pp. 176, cloth, 2s.

[287 common Elementary Authors, with a MARBLES.-Description of the Col- Vocabulary. By Č. Melville. 4th

lection of Ancient Marbles in the edition, 18mo. (Edinburgh,) pp. 138, British Museum; with engravings. bound, Is. 6d.

(299 4to. Part 9, pp. 196, with 13 Plates MIDSUMMER EVE: a Tale. 3 vols. (large paper, royal fto. L.3, 3s. post 8vo. pp. 850, boards, 31s. 6d. boards,) boards, L.2, 2s. [288

[300 MARRYAT.-Masterman Ready; or, MILES.- The History of Hydur Naik,

the Wreck of the Pacitic: written for otherwise styled Sumsul Moolk, Young People. By Captain Marryat. Ameer ud Dowla, Nawaub Hydur Vol. 3, foolscap 8vo. pp. 226, wood- Ali Khan Bahadoor, Hydur Jung; cuts, cloth, 7s. 61.

[289 Nawaub of the Karnatic Balaghaut : MARSTON.-Gerald: a Dramatic Written by Meer Hussein Ali Khan Poem ; and other Poems. By J.

Kirmani. Translated from an origiWestland Marston, Author of · The nal Persian M.S. in the Library of Patrician's Daughter,' a Tragedy. Her Most Gracious Majesty, by Col.

12.no. pp. 150, cloth, 5s. 6d. | 290 W. Miles, of the Honourable East MARTINEAU.-- The Rioters : a Tale. India Company's Service. 8vo. pp. By Harriet Martineau.

5++, with map, boards, 16s. (301 104, with frontispiece, cloth, ls. [291 MILLER.- The Voice of Christ to the MASKEW.-Annotations on the Acts Churches, considered in a Course of

of the Apostles, original and selected, Lectures, Expository and Practical, designed principally for the use of on the 2d and 3d chapters of the Candidates for the ordinary B. A. Book of the Revelation. By E. MilDegree, Students for Holy Orders, ler, M.A. 8vo. pp. 424 cloth, 7s. 6d. &c.; with College and Senate-House

[302 Examination Papers. By T. R. Mas- MILLER.–Select Portions of the New kew, B. A. 12mo. pp. 214, boards, Version of Psalms, for every Sunday 4s. 6d.

[292 throughout the Year; with the prinMAURICE.- Christmas Day, and other cipal Festivals and Fasts: for the use

Sermons. By Frederick D. Maurice, of Parish Churches. By the Rev. Chaplain to Guy's Hospital. 8vo. pp. George Hay Drummond ; adapted to 436, cloth, 10s. 6d.

[293 Music, selected and composed by Ed. M. D.'S DAUGHTER: a Novel of the ward Miller, Mus. D. 26th edition, Nineteenth Century.

with a selection of Hymns for Parti8vo. pp. 966, boards, L.1, lls. 6d. cular Occasions, 18mo. pp. 141, cloth, [29+ 2s. 6d.

[303 MEDICO-CHIRURGICAL TRANS. MILLES.- The Life of the Rev. Isaac

ACTIONS, published by the Royal Milles, once Rector of Highclerc.
Medical and Chirurgical Society of 18mo. pp. 144, cloth, 2s. 6d. (304
London, Vol. 25, or, Second Series, MILNER.–The Life of Isaac Milner,

18mo. pp.

3 vols. post

8vo. pp.

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D.D., F.R.S., Dean of Carlisle, Presi. wards of 100 engravings on wood, dent of Queen's College, and Profes- from original designs by W. L. Leitch sor of Mathematics in the University and others. Royal 8vo. pp. 368, with of Cambridge; comprising a portion

map, cloth, 17s.

[313 of his Correspondence, and other Writings hitherto unpublished. By NABOB AT HOME (The); or, the Rehis Niece, Mary Milner, Author of turn to England. By the Author of · The Christian Mother.'

Life in India.' 3 vols. post 8vo. 7+2, with portrait, cloth, 18s. [305 pp. 906, boards, 31s. 6d. .

[314 MINASI.–Philosophical Diagrams, il- NARRATIVE of a Mission of Inquiry

lustrating the various Branches of to the Jews from the Church of Scot. Natural Philosophy. By Frederic J. land in 1839. 2d edition, 2 vols. post Minasi, Lecturer on Natural Philoso- 8vo. pp. 756, with 2 maps, cloth, phy, &c. 1st Series--Mechanics (15 9s. 6d.

(315 sheets of Diagrams), 15s. [306 NEALE.—Herbert Tresham: a Tale of MONTGOMERY'S SACRED GIFT. the Great Rebellion. By the Rev.

-A Series of Meditations upon Scrip- J. M. Neale, B.A. Fcp. 8vo. pp. 158, ture Subjects: with 20 engravings, cloth, 3s. 6d.

(316 after paintings by the Great Masters. NEANDER.-- The Life and Times of By the Author of · The Omnipre- St Bernard. By Dr A. Neander, sence of the Deity,' &c. &c. Impe- Professor of Theology in the Royal

rial 8vo. pp. 204, cloth, 21s. [307 University of Berlin. Translated MORRIS.- Nature a Parable : a Poem, from the German, by Matilda Wrench.

in Seven Books. By the Rev. John Fcp. 8vo. Pp. 380, cloth, 7s. 6d. Brande Morris, M.A., Fellow of Exe

[317 ter College, Oxford. Fcp. 8vo. pp. NEW Rules and Orders made under 384, cloth, 7s. 6d.

(308 the Act 5 & 6 Vict. c. 122, for the MOSELEY.-The Mechanical Princi- Amendment of the Law of Bank

ples of Engineering and Architecture. ruptcy, and under the Act 5 & 6 By the Rev. H. Moseley, M.A. F.R.S., Vict. c. 116, for the Relief of InsolProfessor of Natural Philosophy and vent Debtors; with the several Forms Astronomy in King's College, Lon- of Schedules, as approved by the Lord don. 8vo. pp. 650, with numerous Chancellor. 8vo. pp. 128, boards, illustrations on wood, cloth, 24s. 4s. 6d.

(318 [309 NEWNHAM.—A Tribute of Sympathy, MOSELEY.- The Origin of the First addressed to Mourners. By W. Newn

Protestant Mission to China, and ham, Esq. 9th edition, fep. 8vo. pp. History of the Events which induced 272, cloth, 5s.

[319 the attempt, and succeeded in the NEWTON.–The Gems of Stuart Newaccomplishment of, a Translation of ton, R.A.; with a brief Memoir and the Holy Scriptures into the Chinese Descriptive Notices. By Henry MurLanguage. By the Rev. W. W. Mose

ray. 4to. 11 plates, bound, 31s. 6d. ley, M.A. LL.D. ; with his Corre

[320 spondence 8vo. pp. 116, cloth, 5s. NICHOLLS.— The Practice of Insol

[310 vency under 5 & 6 Vict. c. 116, in MOULTON.— The Sepulchre of Laza- the Court of Bankruptcy. By J.

rus, Recollections of Scotland, and Nicholls, Gent. 12mo. pp. 98, cloth, other Poems. By Sarah H. Moulton. 4s.

[321 Post 8vo. pp. 144, cloth, 5s. [311 NIEBUHR.– The History of Rome. MUDGE.- Missions : an Essay on the By B. G. Niebuhr. Translated by

Present Bearings and Probable Re- William Smith, Ph. D. ; and L. sults of Missionary Enterprize. By Schmitz, Ph. D. Vol. 3, 8vo. pp. the Rev. William Mudge, B.A. 12mo. 374, boards, 18s. 60.

13:22 pp. 80, cloth, Is. 6d.

[312 NIGER EXPEDITION : Journals of MURRAY,-Environs of London - the Rev. J. F. Schon and Mr S.

Western Division : containing Chel- Crowther, who, with the sanction of sea, Richmond, Twickenham, Hamp- Her Majesty's Government, accomton Court, Windsor, &c. By John panied the Expedition up the Niger, Fisher Murray. Illustrated with up. in 1841, in behalf of the Church

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8vo. PP.

Missionary Society. Post 8vo. pp. ! Illustrated by figures, drawn and en120, with Appendices and map, cloth, graved by the Author. Royal 8vo. 6s.


(Edinburgh), pp. 174, with 66 plates, NIGHT and DÂY THOUG'ITS, cloth, 20s.

(334 (Poems.) Fcp. 8vo. cloih, os. 64. PATTERSON.-A Brief Commentary

[32+ on the First Epistle of St John. By

Alexander S. Patterson, minister of ORTON.- The Practical Works of the Hutchesontown Church, Glasgow.

Rev. Job Orton, S.T.P. now first col- 18mo. (Edinburgh,) pp. 151, cloth, lected, consisting of Discourses, Sa- Is. 60.

[335 cramental Meditations, and Letters; PAULI. - Analecta Hebraica ; 'with with copious indexes. To which is Critical Notes, and Tables of Paraprefixed, a Memoir of the Author. digms of the Conjunctions of the 2. vols. 8vo. pp. 1318, cloth, 24s. Regular and Irregular Verbs: For

[325 the use of Students in schools and OSCAR.-On Punishment and Prisons. universities. By C. W. II. Pauli. 2d

By His Royal Highness Oscar, Crown edition, with a Key. 8vo. (Oxford,) Prince of Sweden and Norway. pp. 428, cloth, 12s. Published in Translated from the second Swedish 1838 and 1839, separately; now in 1 edition, by A. May. Post Svo. pp. vol. reduced in price.

1336 170, 3 plates, cloth, 5s. [3:26 PAYNE.—Elements of Langua o and O'SHAUGHNESSY.-The Bengal Dis- General Grammar. By G. l'ayne,

pensatory and Companion to the LL.D. 12mo. pp. 250, cloth, 4s. 6d. Pharmacopæia. By W. B. O'Shaugh

[337 nessy, M.D). Assistant-Surgeon, Ben- PAXTON.- Illustrations of Scripture, gal Army. (Published by order of from the Geography, Natural Histhe Bengal Government.)

tory, and Manners and Customs of 818, with 9 plates, cloth, 21s. [327 the East. By the late G. Paxton, OUR MESS, - Edited by C. Lever D. D. 2d edition, enlarged, by the

(Harry Lorrequer.) Vol. 1, Jack Rev. R. Jamieson, fep. pp. 558, cloth, Hinton, the Guardsman. 8vo. (Dub- 6s.

[338 lin,) pp. 408, numerous illustrations, PEACOCK-A Treatise on Algebra. cloth, 14s.

(328 Vol. 1, Arithmetic and Algebra. By OUTLINE of the Laws of Thought. G. Peacock, D.D. F.R.S. &c. 8vo.

Fcp. 8vo. pp. 142, cloth, 5s. (329 (Cambridge), pp. 316, boards, 15s. OXFORD: its Colleges, Chapels, and

[339 Gardens. Drawn by W. Delamotte; PEARSON.-Sunday Readings for the lithographed by W. Gauci. 26 views. Family and the Closet. By the Rer. Imp. fol. L.4, 4s. ; coloured, L.10, 10s. J. N. Pearson, M.A., Incumbent of the

[330 District Church of Tunbridge Wells.

12ino. pp. 482, cloth, 7s. (310 PAGET.-Milford Malvoisin, or Pows PETER PARLEY'S Tales about China

and Pewholders. By the Rev. F. E. and the Chinese. Square 16mo. pp.
Paget, M.A. Rector of Elford, and 256, with plates and woodcuts, cloth,
Chaplain to the Bishop of Oxford. 4s.
2d edition, fep. 8vo. pp. 238, with PETER PARLEY'S ANNUAL

woodcuts, cloth, 4s. 6d. [331 Christmas and New-Year's Present PALMER.-A Treatise on the Church for Young People. Square 18mo.

of Christ. Designed chiefly for the pp. 384, numerous woodcuts, cloth, use of Students in Theology. By the

[342 Rev. William Palmer, M.A. 31 edi- PHILIP.-Å Treatise on Protracted tion, revised and enlarged. 2 vols. Indigestion and its Consequences; be

8vo. pp. 916, boards, 21s. (332 ing the application to the Practical PARK.— The Royal Visit. By Andrew Department of Medicine of the Results

Park. Fcp. 8vo. (Glasgow,) pp. 148, of an Inquiry into the Laws of the Vital cloth, 2s. 60.

*** A poem on the Functions : addressed by the Author, Queen's late visit to Scotland. [333 on his reti ment from the Medical PARNELL.--The Grasses of Scotland. Profession, both to the Members of

By R. Parnell, M.D. F.R.S.E. &c. that Profession and to the well-edu



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