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BORROW.– The Bible in Spain; or, to the Present Time. By A. G.

the Journeys, Adventures, and Im- Findlay. 8vo. pp. 792, maps, cloth, prisonments of an Englishman in an 12s.

[61 Attempt to Circulate the Scriptures BROWNING.–England's Exiles; or, in the Peninsula. 3 vols. post 8vo. a View of a System of Instruction

pp. 1200, cloth, L.1, 7s. [54 and Discipline, as carried into effect BOURNEMOUTH. -- The Visitor's during the Voyage to the Penal

Guide to Bournemouth and its Colonies of Australia. By C. A. Neighbourhood; including Notices Browning, M.D., Surgeon, Royal of the chief Objects of Interest Navy. 12mo. pp. 250, cloth, 5s. [62 within a distance of nine miles. By BUCKINGHAM.– The Eastern and T. J. Aitkin, M.D. 2d edition, with Western States of America. By J. an Appendix, post 8vo. pp. 152, S. Buckingham, Esq. 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 4s.

[55 pp. 1636, 15 plates, cloth, L.2, 2s. [63 BOWRING. – The Church of the BULWER.- Bianca Capello ; an His

Saviour; or, the Early History of torical Romance. By Lady Lytton Christianity. By Thomas Bowring. Bulwer. 3 vols. post 8vo. pp. 814, 18mo pp. 226, cloth, 2s. 6d. [56 boards, L.1, lls. 6d.

164 BRAITHWAITE. - The Retrospect BURDON.— The Pope and the Actor:

of Practical Medicine and Surgery, an Historical Novel. By Madame being a half-yearly Journal, contain- Walfensberger, (late Miss Burdon,) ing a retrospective view of every Author of Seymour of Sudley,' discovery and practical improvement • The Friends of Fontainbleau,' &c. in the Medical Sciences. Edited by &c. 3 vols. post 8vo. pp. 910, W. Braithwaite. Vol. 6, July-De- boards, 31s. 60.

[65 cember, 1812. 12mo. pp. 321, cloth, BURGESS.- Manual of Diseases of 5s. 60.

57 the Skin. From the French of MM. BREAY.-Memoir of the Rev. John Cazenave and schedel, with Notes

George Breay, B.A., Minister of and Additions. By T. H. Burgess, Christ Church, Birmingham, and M.D. 12mo. pp. 328, cloth, 7s. [66 Prebendary of Lichtield; with a BURKE.- A Treatise on the Law of Selection from his Correspondence Copyright in Literature, the Drama, by a Member of his Congregation. Music, Engraving, and Sculpture, 4th edition ; to which is appended, a and also in Designs for Ornamental Sermon, preached at the Visitation at Articles of Manufacture.

By P. Coleshill, in 1838. 12mo. pp. 526,


Esq., Barrister -at - Law. with portrait, cloth, 7s. [58 12mo. pp. 140, boards, 5s. [67 BREWER. School Recitations, se- BURKE.-Days in the East; a Poem.

lected from various Authors, and By J. H. Burke, Esq., Lieutenant disposed under proper Heads. Bombay Engineers. 8vo. pp. 120, the Rev. E. Č. Brewer, LL.B. cloth, 6s.


[68 Trinity Hall, Cambridge. 12mo. BURN.-Naval and Military Technical pp. 360, bound, 3s. 60.

Dictionary of the French Language: BRITISH CONTINENTAL with Explanations of the various Terms

TITLES of HONOUR; being an in English. By Captain Burn, Royal Explanation of their relative Rank, Artillery: 12mo. (Woolwich,), pp. and of some popular Errors that 178, cloth, 5s.6d.

[69 exist regarding them, both at home BURNS. Sermons, chiefly designed and abroad; with Memoranda from a for Family Reading and Village WorNote-Book, during a Residence at a ship. By J. Burns, Minister of Ænon Foreign Court. By a Traveller. Chapel, St Marylebone. Post 8vo. pp. New edition, post 8vo. pp. 126, 358, cloth, 5s, 6d.

170 cloth, 3s. 6d.

[60 BUSH.—Memoirs of the Queens of BROOKES' GENERAL GAZET.

France; with Notices of the Royal TEER; or, Compendious Geogra- Favourites. By Mrs F. Bush. 2 phical Dictionary; containing De- vols. post 8vo. pp. 740, 2 portraits, scriptions of every Country in the cloth, 21s.

[71 known World, with their Towns, BYLES.- A Practical Treatise of the &c.; the whole revised and corrected Law of Bills of Exchange, Promissory


Notes, Bank Notes, &c.: with an CATENA AUREA.-Commentary on Appendix of Statutes and Forms of the Four Gospels, collected out of the Pleading. By J. B. Byles, Esq., Bar- Works of the Fathers. By S. Thomas rister-at-Law. 4th edition, enlarged, Aquinas. Vol. 2, St. Mark, 8vo. 12mo. pp. 604, boards, 16s. 72 (Oxford,) pp. 356, cloth, 10s.6d. [81

CATLIN.- Letters and Notes on the CAISTER CASTLE.-- Sketch of the Manners, Customs, and Condition of

History of Caister Castle, near Yar- the North American Indians. By mouth; including Biographical No- George Catlin. 3d edition, 2 vols. tices of Sir John Fastolte, and of royal 8vo. pp. 546, with 400 illustradifferent Individuals of Paston Family. tions, cloth, 30s.

[82 Edited by Dawson Turner, Esq. 8vo. CATLOW.-Popular Conchology; or pp. 144, with 12 plates, cloth, 10s. the Shell Cabinet arranged: being

(73 an Introduction to the Modern Sys. CAL ABRELLA.- The Prism of tem of Conchology; with a Sketch

Thought for 1843. By the Baroness of the Natural History of the Anide Calabrella. Fcp. 4to. bound in Or- mals, an account of the Formation of

namental cloth, gilt edges, 12s. [74 the Shells, and a complete Descriptive This work is printed in the most List of the Families and Genera. By

unique and tasteful manner; each page Agnes Catlow, Foolscap 8vo. pp. is surrounded with an ornamental bor. 300, with 312 woodcuts, cloth, 10s. 6d. der, engraved on wood from original designs, and printed in colours and CHALMERS.- Lectures on the Epistle gold.

of Paul the Apostle to the Romans. CALLCOTT.--A Scripture Herbal. By By T. Chalmers, D.D. and LL.D.,

Maria Callcott. Square crown 8vo. Professor of Theology in the Unipp. 568, with above 120 wood en- versity of Edinburgh. Vol. 4, 8vo. gravings, cloth, 25s.

[75 (Glasgow,) pp. 480, cloth, 10s. 6d. CAMPBELL.- Frederick the Great,

[84 His court and times. Edited, with CHAMBERS' INFORMATION FOR an Introduction, by Thomas Camp- THE PEOPLE. New and improved bell, Esq., author of · The Pleasures edition. Edited by W. and R. Chamof Hope.'

Vols. 3 and 4, 8vo. pp. bers. Vol. 2, imp. 8vo. (Edinburgh,) 894, cloth, 28s. [76 pp. 806, cloth, 8s.


Christian Baptism, between the Rev. COURSE.- English Grammar and W. L. Maccalla, a Presbyterian Composition. Part 2--Syntax and Teacher, and Alexander Campbell ; Prosody. By Alexander J. D. D’Orto which is added, an Essay on the

sey. i2mo. (Edinburgh,) pp. 142, Christian Religion. By A. Campbell. cloth, ls. 6d.

[86 12mo. pp. 362, cloth, 4s. [77 CHARLES HARCOURT; CANDLISH.-Contributions towards Adventures of a Legatee. By Geor

the Exposition of the Book of Gene- gina C. Monro. 3 vols. post 8vo. Pp. sis. By R. S. Candlish, D.D., Minis- 890, boards, L.1, lls. 6d. 187 ter of St George's, Edinburgh. Fcp. CHARLESWORTH.—On Afiction

8vo. pp. 444, cloth, 6s. [78 and Spiritual Distress : chiefly exCARPENTER.–Family Prayers, with tracted from Scott, Henry, Bishop

occasional Prayers and Select Re- Horne, &c. &c. By J. Charlesworth, ferences to the Holy Scriptures. By B.D., Rector of Flowton, Suffolk. Benjamin Carpenter. 3d Edition, 18mo. pp. 208, cloth, 2s. [88 with additions, 12mo. pp. 158, cloth, CHARNWOOD FOREST.– The His2s.6d.

[79 tory and Antiquities of Charnwood CASTLEACRE.-Notices, Historical Forest. By T. R. Potter. With an

and Antiquarian, of the Castle and Appendix on the Geology, Botany, Priory at Castleacre, in the County and Ornithology of the District : the of Norfolk. By the Rev. J. H. Bloom, Geology by J. B. Jukes, Esq., M.A.; B.A., Vicar of Castleacre. With 23 the Botany by the Rev. A. Bloxam, illustrations, royal 8vo. pp. 328. cloth, M.A. and c. Babington, Esq.; and 25s.

[80 the Ornithology by C. Babington,

or, the


Esq. 4to. pp. 224, 22 plates, cloth, COLLINS.—The Teachers' Com21s.

(89 panion : designed to exhibit the Prin. CHESS EXEMPLIFIED in a Con

ciples of Sunday School Instruction cise and Easy Notation, greatly fa. and Discipline. By R. N. Collins. cilitating Practice; being an Intro- With an Introductory Essay, by the duction to the Game, on a system of Rev. Daniel Moore, B.A. Fcp. 8vo. Progressive Instruction and Exam-i Pp. 358, cloth. 4s.

[99 ples. By the late President of a COMBE.— The Physiology of DigesSelect Chess Club. Part 1, 12mo. tion considered with relation to the pp. 144, with a Chess-board on the Principles of Dietetics. By A. Combe, new system, printed on paper, cloth, M.D. 4th edition, revised and en5s.

larged, post 8vo. (Edinburgh,) pp. CHIESS-PLAYERS CHRONICLE.

406, with 12 woodcuts, boards, 7s. 6d. Vol. 3, 8vo. pp. 416, cloth, 153. (91


an Illustrated Present for Young every Table. 4to. numerous woodPeople. Fcp. pp. 302, with numer- cuts, bound, 12s.

(101 ous woodcuts, cloth, 4s. 6d. 192 COMIC NURSERY TALES: SleepCHODZK0.-Specimens of the Popu- ing Beauty of the Wood.

With 25 lar Poetry of Persia, as found in the illustrations, square 16mo. boards, Adventures and Improvisations of 2s.6d.

(102 Kurroglou, the Bandit Minstrel of COMIC LATIN GRAMMAR: à New Northern Persia ; and in the Songs and Facetious Introduction to the of the People inbabiting the Shores Latin Tongue. 2d edition, post 8vo. of the Caspian Sea. Orally collected pp. 164, cloth, 8s.

[103 and translated, with Philological and COMMISSIONER (THE); or, De Historical Notes, by A. Chodzko, Lunatico Inquirendo. With 28 illusEsq., For. Mem. R.A.S. 8vo. pp. trations by Phiz, 8vo. (Dublin,) pp. 602, boards, 15s. [893 456, cloth, 15s.

1104 CHRISTOPHER NORTH. - The Re. Cook.- A Practical Treatise on Pul

creations of Christopher North (Pro- monary Consumption : with Remarks fessor Wilson.) 3 vols. Vol. 3, post on Climate, the use of the Stetho

8vo. pp. 416, cloth, 10s. 6d. (94 scope, and a Table of the Physical CLATER.-Every Man his own Cattle Signs. By F. Cook, M.D., M.R.C.S.E.

Doctor; containing the Causes, Symp- 8vo. pp. 136, cloth, 58. [105 toms, and Treatment of all the Dis- COOK. — The Voyages of Captain eases incident to Oxen, Sheep, Swine, James Cook; with an Appendix, Poultry, and Rabbits. By F. Clater. giving an Account of the present 9th edition, 12mo. pp. 401, cloth, 6s. Condition of the South Sea Islands,

195 &c. 2 vols. imperial 8vo. pp. 1246, CLEVELAND.--A Narrative of Voy- with maps and numerous engravings ages and Commercial Enterprizes. on wood, cloth, 36s.

[106 By R. J. Cleveland. Roval 8vo. COOKESLEY.-Sermons. By the double columns, pp. 136, sewed, 3s.6d. Rev. William Gifford Cookesley, M.A.

Reprint of an American Work. (96 Assistant Master of Eton College. CLOSE.-Twelve Discourses on some 12mo. pp. 3+2, clotlı, 5s. [107

of the Parables of Our Blessed Lord, COOPER.- History of England, from preached in the Parish Church, Chel- the Earliest Period to the Present tenham. By the Rev. F. Close, A.M., Time, on a Plan recommended by Perpetual Curate. 2d edition, 12mo, the Earl of Chesterfield. By the Rer. pp. 226, cloth, ts, 6d.

Mr Cooper.

23d edition, brought COLENS0.—The Elements of Alge- down to the year 1842. bra: designed for the Use of Schools. 252, cloth, 2s. 6d.

[108 By the Rev. J. W. Colenso, M. A., COOPER.- The Jack O'Lantern (Le Fellow of St John's Co (am- Few-Follet); or, the Privateer. By bridge, and late Mathematical Master J. Fenimore Cooper, Esq., author of at Harrow School. 3d edition, re- ' The Pilot,' “ The Spy,' &c. 3 vols. vised and improved, 12mo. pp. 21+, post 8vo. pp. 914, bes., 31s. 6d. [109 boards, s. 6d.

198 COPLAND.-A Dictionary of Practi

18mo. PP.


cal Medicine : comprising General DE LA RIESTRA.- A Complete Pathology, the Nature and Treat- Series of Exchange Tables between ment of Disease, Morbid Structures, Buenos Ayres and Montevideo with and the Disorders especially inciden- England and France. By N. de la tal to Climate, to the Sex, and to the Riestra. Fcp. 4to. pp. 86,cl., 15s. [120 different epochs of Life; with numer- DENNIE.- A Personal Narrative of ous Prescriptions of the Medicines the Campaigns in Alfghanistan, recommended, Classification of Sinde, Beloochistan, &c. Detailed in Diseases, a copious Bibliography, and a Series of Letters of the late Coloan Appendix of approved Formulæ. nel W. H. Dennie, C.B., Junior By James Copland, M.D., F.R.S. 8vo. Lient.-Colonel of Her Majesty's 13th Part 8 (pages 641–784 of Vol. 2), Light Infantry; Aide-de-Camp to sewed, 4s. 60.

1110 the Queen. Fcp. 8vo. with a map, COTTRELL.-Recollections of Sibe- 5s. cloth. (Dublin.)

(121 ria, in the Years 1840 and 18+1. By DESCANT upon RAILROADS (A.) C. Herbert Cottrell, Esq. 8vo. pp. By X. A. P. Post 8vo. pp. 42, swd. 422, with map, cloth, 12s. [111 Is. 6d.

[122 COVENANT (THE); or, the Conflict DE VERE.—The Waldenses; or, the


of the Church: with other Poems, Fall of Rora: a Lyrical Sketch; chiefly connected with the Ecclesias- with other Poems. By Aubrey de tical History of Scotland, Fcp. 8vo. Vere. Fcp. 8vo. (Oxford,) pp. 324, pp. 160, cloth, 5s.

cloth, 7s. 6d.

[123 COX.-History of the Baptist Mis- DE VERE.-A Song of Faith, De

sionary Society, from 1792 to 1842. vout Exercises, and Sonnets. Ву By the Rev. F. A. Cox, D.D., LL.D. Sir Aubrey de Vere, Bart. Fcp. To which is added, a Sketch of the 8vo. pp. 302, cloth, 7s. [124 General Baptist Mission. 2 vols. DICK. – The Christian Philosopher;

12mo. pp. 896, cloth, 10s. 6d. [113 or, the Connexion of Science and CRUCHLEY'S General Atlas, for the Philosophy with Religion. By T.

use of Schools and Private Tuition, 31 Dick, LL.D. 8th edition, revised, Maps, full coloured, half-bd, 16s.[114 corrected, and greatly enlarged,

12mo. pp. 656, with engravings, D'ARBLAY.—Diary and Letters of cloth, 8s.

[125 Madame D'Arblay, Author of Eve- DICKENS. American Notes for lina,' • Cecilia,' &c. Edited by her General Circulation. By Charles Niece. Vol. 5 (1789-1793,) post Dickens. 2 vols. post 8vo. pp. 638, 8vo. pp. 446, cloth, 10s, 6d. [115 cloth, 21s.

(126 DAVENPORT.- A History and New DOWNING. Cottage Residences ;

Gazetteer ; or, Geographical Dic- or, a Series of Designs for Rural tionary of North America and the Cottages and Cottage Villas, and West Indies. A new and much im. their Gardens and Grounds : adapted proved edition. · By Bishop Daven- to North America. By A. J. Downport. Royal 8vo. (New York,) pp. ing, Author of 'A Treatise on 592, cloth, 15s.

[116 Landscape Gardening.' Royal 8vo. DAVIS'S (Dr DAVID D.) Elements (New York,) pp. 188, with 10 plates

of Obstetric Medicine. 21 edition, and woodcuts, cloth, 14s. (127 8vo. published in 1871, with (now) DRAKE.-- The Heroes of England: the edition of 70 plates, in 1 vol 4to. Stories of the most celebrated Bri

(price altered to) cloth, 27s.6d. [117 tish Soldiers and Sailors. By Law. DAY.- The Chronicles of lerne. By rence Drake. Fcp. pp. 320, with 8 T. Day, Esq., B.A., Barrister-at-Law. plates, cloth, 6s. 60.

[128 12mo. pp. 358, cloth, 10s. 60. [118 DRESDEN GALLERY.- The most DE FIVAS,-Modern Guide to French celebrated Pictures of the Royal

Conversation; or, the Student and Gallery at Dresden, drawn on Stone Tourist's French Vade-Mecum : con- from the Originals, by Franz Hanftaining a comprehensive Vocabulary, staengel; with Descriptions of the and Phrases or Dialogues, &c.


Plates, Biographies of the Masters, A. De Fivas. 18mo. pp. 228, halt. &c., in French and German. Nos. 1 bound, 3s. 6d.

to 27, each 20s.



DRUMMOND. - Histories of Noble ERSKINE.- The New Statute for the

British Families; with Biographical Relief of Insolvent Debtors, 5 and 6 Notices of the most distinguished Vict. c. 116; with Observations and Individuals in each, illustrated by Notes, and an Appendix containing their Armorial Bearings, emblazoned, the Rules and Forms issued by the Portraits, Monuments, Seals, &c. Court of Bankruptcy. By H. T. Compiled and edited by H. Drum- Erskine, Esq., Barrister - at - Law. mond, Esq. Parts 1 and 2, imp. fol. 12mo. pp. 96, boards, 3s. [138

containing 53 pls., each L.3, 3s. [130 EUSEBIUS.- An Ecclesiastical HisThis is one of the most splendid tory of the Twentieth Year of the

works of Family History produced in Reign of Constantine, being the 32th this country, and will be found of of the Christian Era. By Eusebius, surgreat interest to the historian, topo- named Pamphilius, Bishop of Cæsarea. grapher, and genealogist. It is on Translated by the Rev. C. F. Cruse, the same principle as the celebrated D.D., Professor in St Paul's College, work of Count Litta-of the Families Flushing, New York. 3d edition, of Italy.

carefully revised; to which is pre

fixed, the Life of Eusebius, by ValeEDWARDS. – A Collection of Old sius, translated by S. E. Parker of

English Customs and Curious Be- Philadelphia. 8vo. pp. 480, boards, quests and Charities, extracted from

(139 the Reports made by the Commis- EVANS. The Bishopric of Souls. sioners for Enquiring into Charities By the Rev. Robert Wilson Evans, in England and Wales. By 1. Ed. B.D., Vicar of Haversham; Author wards. Post 8vo. cloth, 6s. [131

of · The Rectory of Valehead,' &c. ELLIOTSON.— The Principles and 2d edition, fep. 8vo. pp. 328, cloth, Practice of Medicine. By John


[140 Elliotson, M.D. Cantab., F.R.S., &c. Treats of the duties of the clergy. Edited by N. Rogers, M.D., and A. EVANS. Furness and Furness AbCooper Lee. 2d edition, greatly en- bey; or, a Companion through the larged and improved, 8vo. pp. 1232, Lancashire part of the Lake rict. cloth, 258.

[132 By Francis Evans. Fcp. 8vo. (UlverELPHİNSTONE.— The History of ston.) pp. 264, 3 plates and a map, India. By the Hon. Mountstuart cloth, 6s. 6d.

[141 Elphinstone. 2d edition, 2 vols. 8vo. EVANS.— The Rectory of Valehead.

pp. 1362, with map, cloth, 30s. [133 By the Rev. R. W. Evans, M.A. EL WOOD.- Memoirs of the Literary 12th edition, enlarged, fep. pp. 356, Ladies of England, from the com- cloth, 6s.

(142 mencement of the last Century. By EVELYN HOWARD; or, Mistaken Mrs Elwood. 2 vols. post 8vo. PP Policy: a Domestic Tale. 2 vols. post 686, 2 portraits, cloth, 21s. [134 8vo. pp. 628, boards, 21s. [143 ENGLISH WIFE (THE): a Manual EWBANK.-A Descriptive and Hisof Home Duties. By the Author of torical Account of Hydraulic and

The English Maiden.' Fcp. 8vo. other Machines for Raising Water, pp. 230, cloth, 4s. 6d. [135 Ancient and Modern; including the ENGLISH PEARLS; or, Portraits Progressive Development of the

for the Boudoir. Ten highly finished Steam Engine. By Thomas Ewbank Engravings, from Drawings by emi- of New York. Royal 8vo. pp. 598, nent Artists, engraved under the su- illustrated by nearly 300 engravings, perintendence of Mr C. Heath; with cloth, 18s.

(144 Poetical Illustrations. Royal 4to. EXAMPLES of INLAID GOTHIC cloth, 21s.


TILES; consisting of Specimens EPISCOPALIA;

Leiters of the or,

engraved in Fac-simile from the ori. Right Rev. H. Compton, D.D., ginals, existing in the ChapterBishop of London, to the Clergy of House at Westminster, Winchester his Diocese, 1679-1685. A new edi.

Cathedral, Malvern Abbey Church, tion, with a Memoir of the Author, Romsey Abbey Church, &c. 410. by S. W. Cornish, D.D. 18mo. pp. Parts 1 and 2, each containing 24 94, cloth, 2s.

[137 specimens, sewed, each 5s. [145


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