The Canterbury Tales of Chaucer: With an Essay on His Language and Versification, an Introductory Discourse, Notes, and a Glossary by Tho. Tyrwhitt, 4 tomas

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Pickering, 1830
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130 psl. - Now preye I to hem alle that herken this litel tretise or reden it, that if ther be any thing in it that liketh hem, that therof they thanken...
337 psl. - Thus have we traced the Alliterative Measure so low as the sixteenth century. It is remarkable that all such poets as used this kind of metre, retained along with it many peculiar Saxon idioms, particularly such as were appropriated to poetry : this deserves the attention of those who are desirous to recover the laws of the ancient Saxon Poesy, usually given up as inexplicable : I am of opinion that they will find what they seek in the Metre of Pierce Plowman.5 i Jest.
123 psl. - ... gostly and bodily, wher as men have nede, and namely in sustenance of mannes food. And take kepe that a man hath nede of thise thinges generally, he hath nede of food, of clothing, and of herberow, he hath nede of charitable consenting and visiting in prison and in maladie, and sepulture of his ded body.
329 psl. - Ne cures si quis tacito sermone loquatur ; Conscius ipse sibi de se putat omnia dici.
42 psl. - ... worth than that other is, paradventure ; and eek wayteth or desireth to sitte above him, or to go above him in the way, or kisse the pax, or ben encensed, or gon to the offringe biforn his neighebore, and suche semblable thinges, agains his duete...
130 psl. - Al that is writen is writen for oure doctrine...
211 psl. - Were I in my castle of Bungey Upon the river of Waveney, I would ne care for the king of Cockeney...
3 psl. - I wol you tell a litel tale in prose, To knitte up all this feste, and make an ende: And Jesu for his grace wit me sende To shewen you the way in this viage Of thilke parfit glorious pilgrimage, VOL.
2 psl. - But trusteth wel, I am a sotherne man, I cannot geste, rom, ram, ruf, by my letter, And, God wote, rime hold I but litel better.
75 psl. - Payenes, that never were cristened, commendeden and useden the vertue of patience. A philosophre upon a time, that wold have beten his disciple for his gret trespas, for which he was gretly meved, and brought a yerde to bete the childe, and whan this child sawe the yerde, he sayd to his maister : what thinke ye to do ? I wol bete thee, sayd the maister, for thy correction. Forsoth, sayd the childe, ye ought first correct yourself, that have lost all your patience for the offence of a child.

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