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Yes," said my father; “but as Handel died before Beethoven was born, I don't see how any coolness could have existed between them.”

TO A FLOWER. SAY not that you came from me,

You are only to remind him Of a love that used to bind him, Say not that you came from me. Seek him out, and when you find him With your breathing drug and blind him, I will creep me up behind him And my arms shall close en wind him, Ah What welcome will there be !

E. V. Sheridan.

stands the little town of Chicago, containing two thousand inbabitants. Aunt, uncle, and ibeir children come to meet and welcome us. Then there is such a shaking of hands and a kiss all round, and "Why, how well you are looking!” and “Is this Charlie? How he has grown!" "Why, that's no! Joe? Dear me, who'd have believed it?" And then we all laugh again and have another kiss.

The captain said he had enjoyed a splendid trip, such fun, such music and singing and dancing. "Well, good-by all,” “Good luck"; and off we go ashore and walk through the busy town, busy even then, people hurrying to and fro, frame buildings going up, board sidewalks going down, new hotels, new churches, new Theatres, everything new. Saw and hammer, saw saw, bang, bang.-look out for the drays,-bright and muddy streets gaudy-colored calicos, blue and red flannels and striped ticking hanging outside the dry-goods stores; barrooms, real-estate offices, attorneys-at-lawoceans of them.

And now for the new theatre, newly-painted canvas, tack-hammer at work on stuffed seats in the dress-circle, planing-boards in the pit, new drop-curtain let down for inspection, "beautiful!' -a medallion of Shakespeare suffering from a severe pain in his stomach in the center, with, “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin" written under him, and a large painted, brick-red drapery looped up by Jus. tice, with sword and scales, showing an arena with a large number of gladiators hacking away at one another in the distance to a delighted Roman public; though what Justice had to do with keeping these gladiators on exhibition was never clearly explained by the artist. There were two private boxes with little while-andgold balustrades and turkey-red curtains, and over each box a portrait of Beethoven and Handel-upon unfriendly terms, glaring at each other. The dome was pale blue, with pinkand-white clouds, on which reposed four ungraceful ballet girls representing the seasons, and apparently dropping flowers, snow, and grapes into the pir. Over each season there floated four fat little cherubim "in various stages of spinal curvature."

My father, being a scenic artist himself, was naturally disposed to be critical, and when the painter asked his opinion of the dome, he replied:

“Well, since you ask me, don't you think that your angels are a little stiff in their attitudes?"

“No, sir; not for angels. When I deal with mythological subjects I never put my figures in natural attiiudes; it would be inharmonious. A natural angel would be out of keeping with the rest of the work."

To which my father replied that it was quite likely that such would be the case. “But why have you made Handel and Beethoven frown at each other? They are not mythological subjects."

"No, no," said the painter. “But they are musicians, you know; and great musicians always quarrel, eh? Ha, ha!"

CUES, CUTS AND CHANGES. MLLE Sibyl Sanderson has been engaged by

M. Paravey for the Opera Comique. Her first rôle is to be Manon Lescaut. Music by Massenet.

Dion Boucicault has almost completed the comedy in which Sol Smith Russell will star next year.

Mr. John L. Stoddard will visit Norway next summer, and on his return hither, will add lectures on Ibsen and Ibsen's country.

Aeschylus' play, “The Persians," is to be played in Athens, Greece.

Mr. Kendal is said to be very clever with the brush.

Mrs. Langtry will revive with grandeur Antony and Cleopatra” next spring.

Mr. Marston says that the introduction of the electric light for theatric purposes has been the means of making our scenic artists more painstaking in their work, on account of the greatest delicacy and minuteness necessary.

Cousin Pons.

WILLIAM TERRISS. THE frontispiece of this number of The The

ATRE MAGAZINE, is a dainty bit of the engraving art in reproduction of a London photograph of William Terriss, the picturesque actor now playing Roger La Honte at Niblo's Garden. Mr, Terriss might be said to belong to the intense Irving school of actors, because he imbibed the spirit of the preceptor during a long association with him in his company. He has a noble voice and presence, an intellectual face, and is in every way a strong actor as well as a very popular one,


THE COMEDIAN'S EXPLANATION. Low Commedian (reading his own play to Company). – Now, “Enter Lady Brinvilliers with dagger, R. U. E.; she crosses to C. D. in flat, looks out, closes door, goes to L. 2 E., looks out, closes door, comes down C., gnashes her teeth at Sir Ptolemy Too-too, then lizard-like glides behind his chair, O. P., and stabs him in the P. S. breast. He yells, and falls insensible. She rushes out door in C. F.; as she

pssses R. C. window, without, her figure is reflected on the blind. Ptolemy rises on his elbow and sees her shadow. Lady Brinvilliers !' he exclaims. Simultaneously Lord Rotterdam enters, L. 2 E. Lady B. has vanished, but Rotterdam has overheard Too-too shriek her name; with a fearful oath for vengennce he flies to Ptolemy, who dies on his 0. P. knee. Tableau. Curtain.” Now, you thoroughly understand the idea? (No answer.) Eh? You understand, don't you? Eh!--eh? You---.Nl (doubtfully).--Ye-es.

Low Commedian.--.Well, I'm hanged if I do!


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Adapted from the original of Mary and Grisier and


Roger La Roque, a victim of fate,

..Mr. Wm Terriss
Lurersan, his shadow and double,
Lucien De Noirville, a wreck from the battlefield,

Mr. Wilton Lackaye M. Gerbier, a banker....

Mr. J. H. Fitzpatrick The President of the Court. Mr. Eugene Oimond Che Commissary of Police. Mr. Frank Norcross The Attorney General..

L. B. Morse Ricordot, the usual expert.

Mr W. A. Paul Tristot, a veteran...

Mr W. J. Gilbert Picolot sound in mind and limb. Mr. Dan Collyer Moreau, of the Noirville household.

Mr. Paul Clerk,

Mr. Harry French Porter.

Mr E Corrigan Mme. La Roque.

Miss Henriette Crossman Little Susanne.

Marguerite Fields Victoire, the subject of much dispute,

Miss Hattie Russell Mme. Benardit, of the Noirville household,

Miss May Sylvie and, Miss Jessie Millward as... ..Julie De Noirville

An eccentric comedy in three acts (from the
German of Franz von Schönthau and Gus-
tave Kadelburg', adapted for the present
occasion by AUGUSTIN DALY, and entitled:

The Great Unknown.
Mr. Jeremiah Jarraway. Rather a large sized Mouse,

likewise a somewhat full-growp Moth, but offer-
ing a lively illustration of two familiar fables,

Mr. James Lewis Ned Dreemer. “Cousin Ned," who went away a

Methuselah, and returns "a Daisy,” Mr. John Drew The O'Donnel Don, With a proverb for every occasion

Mr. Wilton Lackaye (His first appearance in this company.) Tom Prowde, In the Musical line, with a penchant for his pupils

Mr. Sidney erbert Patrick, An indispensable in the Jarraway household

Mr T. Cronin Etna, Lusus Natura, combination of Mouse & Puss,

no other specimen known to exist, Miss A da Rehan Pansy, Her sister.......

Miss Isabel Irving Mrs. Arabella Jarraway, The feline article of the

proverb who returns in season to catch the fro-
licking rodents

Mrs. Anne Yeamans Aunt l'enelope, A Protecting Angel as well as an

Avenzing Spirit, and taking a deal of enjoyment
out of both

Mrs. G. H. Gilbert Shirley Munkittrick, Her niece, a young widow with

Histrionic aspirations.... Miss Sarah Chalmers Miss Twitters, Mentor and guide to the Demoiselles Jarrawav.

Miss Nita Sykes Malle. Agathe, Arabella's companion, Miss Adl. Prince


Broadway, cor. 30th Street.

Evening at 8. Matinee, Saturday at 2. Proprietor and Manager,

A. M, Palmer.



Monday, Othello.

Wednesday, Gladiator

Thursday, Samson.

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Saturday (Matinee), Othello.

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Mr. Daniel Frohman Monday Night, October 21st, A New, Original, Comedy in Three Acts, Entitled


By MRS. MUSGROVE, Reginald Sylvester, “ Dramatic Author". .H. B. Conway Clarence Vane, "An Artist,

Morton Selten Mr. McCullum, "Father-in-Law to Reginald,"

Thos. Whiffen Nathaniel Glover, “ Manager of the Globe Theatre."

R. F. Cotton Stout, “Porter,

Louis Hendricks Pinchard, " Dairyman,'

Edward Coleman Furniture Employee.

Chas Anderson Margery Sylvester, “Wife to Reginald,"

Mrs. Thorndyke-Boucicauit Lucy McCullum, “Sister to Margery," Josie Stoffer Bella,“ Servant,'

Lillian Alliston Madame Volant, “ Court Dressmaker,

Kate Pattison-Selten Clara Pryout. “ Friend of Margery," ....Marion Russell Elsie Claremont

Ida Waterman Boxes,

. $10, $12 | Dress Circle and Bal. (up Orchestra

$1 501 stairs)..$1.50, $1.750 , 50c General Admission


Theatre closed on other

evenings. Box office open daily, 9 a. m.

to 9 p. m. Lower Boxes...

$25 Upper Boxes

$20 Orchestra

$2 Balcony.... $2 and $1.50 Family Circle.....$1 and 50c. General Admission.. . $1



24th St., bet. Broadway and 6th Ave.

[blocks in formation]

14th Street and Irving Place.
Evenings at 8.30.

Afternoon at 2.30.
Props. and Managers....Messrs. Gilmore and Tompkios
Business Manager....

Mr. Alex. Comstock
Joshua Whitcomb

Denman Thompson Cy Prime..

.Geo. A. Beane Happy Jack

Walter Gale Frank Hopkins.

James Morril Eh, Ganzey

J. L. Morgan John Freeman

Frank Thompson dunt Matilda Whitcomb.

Mrs. Louisa Morse Rickety Ann...

Annie Thompson Miss Annie Hopkins

Venie Thompson Miss Nellie Freeman.

Lillian Stone Maggie O'Flaherty.

Minnie Luckstone Prices

25c., 50c., 75c. and $1. General Admission. 50c.

[blocks in formation]

Star Theatre

Saturday, Matinee at 2. Evening at 8 Broadway and 13th Strect.

Manager.... Mr. Rudolph Aronson. Every Evening.

Matinee Saturday.



Pauline Hall Claudine..

Marie Halton Duchess Della Volta..

Eva Davenport Bob Acres ...Joseph Jefferson The Abbess

Sylvia Gerrish Drummer Boy.

Florence Bell Sir Lucius ('Trigger..

W.J. Florence

Georgie Dennin Sir Anthony Absolute...

Edwin Varies

Blanche Roberts
Captain Absolute......
Frederick Paulding | Gravolet.

James T. Powers Geo. Frederick Yash Faulkland..


Edwin Stevens Robert.

John E. Brand David..

...Geo. W. Denham
Duke Della Volta.

X. S. Burnham Fag

.....Joseph Warren
Marquis Bambini

Charles Campbell Mrs. Malaprop

Mrs. John Drew

A. W. Maflin
Viola Allen
Lydia Languish


F. Ridsdale Clampas....

Edgar Smith Lucy..

. Agnes Miller

Geo. R, White
$8, $10, $12 | Balcony...


.$1.50 Admission.


Rare English and Foreign Books.


Fine Editions in Choicc Bindings.
Early Printed Books, Illuminated Missals, &c. Por-

traits for Illustrating. French Novels.

AT 232 WEST 34TH ST., N. Y., a block from Broadway, and the green car passes thedoor.



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Bertie Van Loo, the lover sighing like a Furnace.

Mr. Henry E. Dixey Carolus Van Loo, his uncle.....Mr. George W. Howard Jacob Van Wart, a conspirator.... Mr. Herbert Gresham Myra Van Twiller, Bertie's bride...Miss Marie Williams Barbara

1 ..Miss Geraldine McCann Gretchen her bridesmaids

Miss Minnie Miller Barbette

Miss Marion Giroux Katrine

Miss Ella Rock Derrick

Miss Lila Blow Elliot his best men

Miss Cora Tinnie Seymour

Miss Edith Merrill Derrick

Miss Eileen Kary AVONIA, she will tell you who she is,

Miss Elaine Eillson Boxes. .$6, $8, $10, 12 | Balcony. $1 and $1.50 Orchestra.

. $1.50 | Second Balcony...... .50c General Admission


Adelphi Success.

For all American Rights apply direct to



VOCAL TEĄCHER OF ITALIAN SCHOOL, Drawing Room, Oratorio, Church and Concert

Singing. Operatic Acting and Finishing for the Stage.

217 Second Avenue, New York.


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