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most accomplished Person. Neither can there be a Wish, more suitable to the Obligations or the Dictates of a grateful Heart, than that You may experience what you read, and be what You patronize.

Did Religion consist in a formal Round of external Observances, or a forced Submission to some rigorous Austerities, I should not scruple to join with the Infidel and the Sensualist, to dread it in one View, and despise it in another. You need not be informed, MADAM, that it is as much superior to all such low and forbidding Singularities, as the Heavens are higher than the Earth. It is described by an Author, who learnt its Theory in the Regions of Paradise, and who displayed its Efficacy in his own most exemplary Conversation. It is thus described by that incomparable Author ; The Kingdom of God, is not Meat and Drink, but Righteousness, and Peace, and Joy in the HOLY GHOST.

To be reconciled to the Omnipotent GOD -To be interested in the unsearchable Riches of CHRIST___To be renewed in our Hearts, and influenced in our Lives, by the sanctifying Operations of the Divine SPIRIT—This


is evangelical Righteousness. This is genuine Religion. This, MADAM, is the Kingdom of GOD established in the Soul. --How benign and inviting is such an Institution! How honourable and advantageous such a State! And from such Privileges, what other Effects can flow, but that Peace, which passeth all Understanding ? That Yoy, which is unspeakable and glorious ?

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Is there any Thing in the Amusements of the Gay and Pursuits of the Ambitious, of greater, of equal, of comparable Value? Is not all that Wealth can purchase, all that Grandeur can bestow, somewhat like those glittering Bubbles, which when viewed are Emptiness, when grasped are Nothing ? Whereas, the Comforts, the Benefits, the Hopes of Christianity, are at once supremely excellent, and infinitely durable. A Portion, suited to the Dignity of a rational Soul; large as its Faculties, and immortal as its Being.

All these Blessings are centered in CHRIST; were purchased by CHRIST; are communicated from CHRIST.-It is for want of know


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ing those boundless and everlasting Treasures of pardoning, justifying, saving Merit, which the LORD JESUS CHRIST possesses, and which He freely dispenses even to Sinners, that so many unthinking Persons are attached to ignoble Objects, and beguiled by delusory Pleasures. Unhappy Creatures! What can they do, but catch at Shadows, and stoop to Trifles, while they are ignorant of the grand, the substantial, the exalted Good ?- It is for want of duly attending to that Fulness of Grace, and that Plenteousness of Redemption, which dwell in our most adorable SAVIOUR, that so many ferious Persons are Strangers to the Tranquility and Sweetness of Religion: are subject to all its Restraints, but enjoy few, if any,

of its Delights. Miftaken Zealots ! How can they avoid the gloomy Situation and the uncomfortable Circumstance, so long as they withdraw themselves from the Sun of RIGHTEOUSNess and his all-chearing Beams?

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May your Ladyship live continually under his heavenly Light and healing Wings! Be more fully assured of his dying Love, and have brighter, still brighter Manifestations of



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his immense Perfections! By these delightful Views, and by that precious Faith, may your Heart Be transformed into his holy, his amiable, his divine Image! Your Happiness will then be just such as is wished, but far greater than can be expressed by,


Your most obliged, and

Most obedient bumble Servant,

Jan. 6. 1755



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