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Yn OARDAGH fon Shirveish





Y vod oo Vondeifh y

THAT you may profit by gheddyn liorish y ChoonTHE D the following Affiftances, be advited to read the ey ta nifh chebbit dhyt, bee Communion Service, with coyrlit dy lhaih Shirveish y the Directions and Meditations, Chreeftiaght, marith ny Coyrlefome time before you go to yn as ny Smooinaghtyn crauee ta the Sacrament, that you may attend to every Part of the public Service without Dif-marith dy chooilley Ayrn jeh'n


Whenever you have Time for your private Devotions, let them be fo fecret that nobody may be difturbed by you.

aynjee, Laghyn my jed oo gys y Chreefiaght, dy vod oo goll

Chirveish chafherick thoh fegooifh veg y Rouail.

Tra vees Caa ayd fon goaill dty Phadjeryn er-lheh, lhig daue ve cha follit nagh bee Perfoon erbee boirit liort.

And if, inftead of repeat- As ayns Ynnyd goll harrish ing the Prayers, and other ny Padjeryn, as ny Ayrnyn elParts of the Service, after ley jeh'n Chirveish geiyrt er y the Minifter, as the Manner Taggyrt, myr ta Cliaghtey of too many is, is, to the rouyr dy eallagh, myr fhoh Difturbance of fuch as are boirey adfyn ta er-gerrey daue; near them; if inftead of do- ayns Ynnyd fhen, dy niarragh ing fo, you would fecretly oo Amen rhyt hene, ec Jerrey fay AMEN, at the End of dy chooilley Accan, yioghe oo every Petition, you would fhoh dy ve yn eer Aght fhare find this the very best Way dy reayll dty Aigney foit er to keep your Mind intent dty Phadjeryn. upon your Devotions.

If any Perfon, who is or- My nee Perfoon erbee, ta dained to adminifter this Sa- pointit dy hirveish yn Sacracrament, fhall think fit toment fhoh fmooinaghtyn eh


caft his Eye upon this feeu dy lhaih yn Lioar fhoh, Book, I would befeech him ghueein's dy jeean er dy to confider seriously, how ma- fmooinaghtyn dy creeoil as dy ny Communicants there are, dowin, cre'n earroo dy eallagh who have no ordinary way ta cheet gys y Chreeftiaght, of coming to the Knowledge nagh vel Aght erbee arragh of this great Duty, or other oc dy heet gys Tushtey jeh'n Help to their Devotion, be- Ard-churrym fhoh, ny Cooney fides what the Church has erbee elley oc lefh nyn Graueeprovided for them in this Of- aght, cheu-mooie jeh ny ta'n fice; that therefore in Com- Agglifh er chiarail nyn gour paffion to fuch, this Service ayns y Chirveifh fhoh; thenought to be performed with y-fa ayns Chymmey da nyn the greatest Deliberation as lheid, lhifagh yn Chirveish well as Devotion, that the fhoh ve cooilleenit lesh goaill Unlearned, who are generally lane Traa, chammah as lesh y the greatest Number, may be Chraueeaght fmoo, dy vod adedified as well as inftructed. fyn nagh vel Ynjaghey oc (ta dy mennick yn Earroo fmoo dy Leih) Vondeifh y gheddyn liorifh, chammah as ve er nyn ynfaghey.


[blocks in formation]


Life has been fuch as

And if any of those be an If you are conscious to yourself, open and notorious evil Liver, tho' your Paftor fhould not know it] that or have done any Wrong to hath given Offence or Scandal to your his Neighbour by Word or Chriftian Profeffion, do not go to Deed, fo that the Congrega- the Sacrament, until you have given tion be thereby offended; the fome plain Proofs of your RepentCurate having Knowledge Life. ance, and Purpose of leading a new thereof, fhall call him, and advertise him that in any wife he prefume not to come to the Lord's Table, until he has openly declared himself to have truly repented and amended his former naughty Life, that the Congregation may thereby be fatisfied, which before was offended; and that he hath recompenfed the Parties to whom he hath done Wrong; or at leaft declare himself to be in full Purpose fo to do, as foon as he conveniently may.

But then, as you hope for God's Grace and Mercy, do not put off the doing of this one Moment, left you provoke God to leave to yourself; for then you never will




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y Chreeftiaght, derrey t'ou er choyrt
Prowallyn ennagh fofhlit jeh dty Ar-
leeideil Bea noa.
rys, as jeh dty Chiarail fhickyr dy

Agh eiht myr t'ou treifhteil fon
Grayfe as myghin Yee, ny lhig
haghey dy yannoo fhoh er-y-chooyl,
er-aggle dy brafnee oo Jee dy aagail
bragh Arrys.
oo dhyt hene, fon eight cha gow dy

As my vees unnane erbee jeu My ta dty Chree hene ginfh dhyt fboh Peccagh ta leeideil Drogh- Anmey) dy vel dry Vea er ve lheid (ga dy vel eh gyn-yfs da dty Vochillvea ayns Aght fofblit as naarey- as t'er choyrt Oltooan ny Scammylt da dagh, ny er n'yannoo Aggairty Chredjue Creeftee, ny gow gys erbee rifh e Naboo liorish Goo ny Fannoo, myr shen tayrn Scammylt er y Chefhaght Chreeftee; lurg da'n Saggyrt v'er gheddyn Toiggal jeb fhob, fhegin da geamash er, as Raaue y chur da nagh gow eh er Aght erbee yn Daanys er dy beet gys Boayrd y Chiarn, derrey vees en dy fofblit er boilfhaghey dy vel eh er ghoaill Arrys firrinagh as er byndaa veih e ghrogh Vea, liorish hen jannoo L.hiaffaghey da'n Ag glish, da v'eh roie ny Scammylt; as dy vel eh er n'yannoc Cooilleen dauefyn ren eh 'Aggair; er-nonney ec y chooid floo dy boilshaghey eb bene dy ve dy flane kiarit shen y yannoo, cha leah as oddys eb.

* Order ny Hagglish kys dy ymmyrkey fhin hene ayns goll trooid dagh Ayrn jeh Shirveish ny Kiilagh.


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