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yourself a Chriftian, and living like a Heathen, in the Contempt of one of the greatest Means of Salvation: You live in a State in which all your Prayers, whether public or private, whether for yourself or for others, will all be rejected.

mys oo hene dty Chreeftee, as leeideil Bea goll-rith Anchreeftee, ayns foiaghey-beg jeh unnane jeh ny Ard-faafeyn dy Haualtys: T'ou beaghey ayns Stayd, ayn vees beg er ny hoiaghey jeh ooilley dty Phadjeryn, edyr ec y Cheeill ny ec y Thie, edyr er dty hon hene, ny fon feallagh elley.

In hort you provoke God Gyn arragh y ghra, t'ou every Day more and more brafnaghey Jee dy chooilley to withdraw his Grace. Laa ny fmoo as ny fmoo dy To leave you to your own ghoaill e Ghrayfe void,-Dy corrupt way of Living, till aagail oo gys yn Ymmyrkeyyou have filled up the Mea- bea mee-chrauee ayd hene, fure of your Sins, and pre- derrey vees oo er lhieeney pared yourselves for a Sen- feofe Towle dty Pheccaghyn, tence not to be heard with- as er hayrn ort hene y Vriw out trembling--I tell you that nys fhen nagh vod v'er ny none of thefe Men that were chlafhtyn, gyn ve er-creau----bidden, fhall taste of my Sup-Ta mee gifb diu nagh jean Fer pen, The Marriage Supper jeufyn v'er nyn guirrey, blafhtyn of the Lamb in Heaven. jeb my Hibber---Eer Shibber Poofee yn Eayn ayns Niau.



Nagh mooar eifht thegin da'n Peccah ocfyn y ve, ta higgey fhaghey dy birveish, as y Peccah ocfyn ta chyndaa nyn Gooyl rifh yn Oardaghey fhoh, er ta'n Saualtys ain lhie? Son fhe Fuill Chreeft begin fhin y ghlenncy veih dy chooilley Pheccab..1 Ean 1. 7.

How great then must the Sin of those be, who neglect "to adminifter, and of thofe who turn their Back upon this Ordinance, upon which our Salvation depends? It being the Blood of Chrift which must cleanse us from all Sin, -1 John i. 7.



FTER all, this is not URG ooilley, cha vel fhoh to encourage any Perdy choyrlaghey Perfoon ion to go to the Lord's erbee dy gholl gys Shibbery Supper without a Wedding-Chiarn, fegooifh y Garmadgarment, without a due re- Poofee, fegooifh arrym cooie



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gard to the Duty.For a da'n Churrym fhen.---Son fodMan may go fo unworthily dee Dooinney goll cha neuas to receive Judgment, in-feeu fhen as dy hoilchin Briwftead of a Bleffing.For nys ayns ynnyd Bannaght.----Example, Such as live in any Ta fhen dy ghra, Lheid as ta known Sin unrepented of; beaghey ayns Peccah erbee er

Such as are not fincerely fys daue gyn Arrys ;---Lheid refolved to live, and be go- as nagh vel dy creeoil kiarit dy verned, by the known Laws leeideil nyn Mea, as dy ve reilt, of the Gofpel; ---Such as liorish ny Leighyn ta foit roïn live at Variance with their ayns y Tufhtal;--1.heid as ta Neighbours without being beaghey ec Streeu rifh nyn willing to be reconciled; Naboonyn fegooifh ve booiagh Such as have done Wrong, dy ve coardit róo ;---Lheid as and will not make Satisfac- t'er n'yannoo Aggair, as nagh tion, as they are able: jean Lhiaffaghey, gys Rere nyn Laftly, Such as go out of mere Booar :---Er-jerrey, Lheid as ta Custom, without confidering goll trooid eer Chliaghtey, fethe End or Benefit of this gooifh Taftey 'choyrt da Oyr Ordinance, and return to ny da Vondeifh yn Oardaghey their ufual finful Liberties, fhoh, as chyndaa reefht gys y as foon as the Service is Reamys peccoil v'ad cliaghtey 'ghoaill, cha leah's ta'n Chir veish harrish.


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All fuch ought to know, that they went unworthily; and if they have any true Concern for their Souls, they will confider better, and lay themselves under ftricter Obligations, before they go again to the Lord's Supper.

Lhifagh ooilley nyn Lheid fhoh toiggal, dy jagh ad dy neu-feeu; as my ta veg y Gheill firrinagh oc danyn Anmeenyn, hig ad gys Smooinaghtyn fhare, as ver ad adhene fo Kianglaghyn s'trofhey roifh my jed ad reefht gys Shibber y Chiarn.

But then let them not, Agh ny lhig daue er Gaue at the Peril of their Souls, Anmey, molley ad hene, as deal deceitfully, and make fhoh y yannoo ny Leshtal fon this a Pretence of neglect- lhiggey fhaghey dy gholl gys ing to go to this Ordinance yn Oardaghey ihoh fon y Traa for the future; left they pro-tary heet; er-aggle dy braf voke God to leave them to nee ad Jee dy aagail ad daue themfelves,

themselves, which is one of the greatest Judgments that can befal them.

tym orroo.

On the other hand, let Er y Laue elley, ny lhig da not any well-meaning Chrif- Creeftee mie-aignagh erbee tian be difcouraged with Fears v'er ny choyrt afs Cree lefh Agof having gone unworthily gle dy vel eh er gholl dy neuto the Lord's Supper, and fofeeu gys Shibber y Chiarn, as forbear, because they do not myr fhen higgey fhaghey, find all the Benefit and Change kyndagh nagh vel ad feddyn wrought in them which they ooilley yn Vondeifh as y Caghhoped for; but let them laa obbrit ayndoo v'ad treishconfider, that a State of teil er y hon; agh lhig daue Holiness and Perfection is not Taftey 'ghoaill, nagh vel Stayd to be expected at once, but dy Chafherickys as Bea firrinby Degrees, and as we make agh Creeftee dy ve jerkit rish er good Ufe of the Graces, y chooyl, agh ny veggan as ny which the holy Spirit from veggan, as 'naght myr ta fhin time to time vouchfafes us : jannoo Ymmyd vie jeh ny Grayfeyn, s'cooidfave lefh y Spyrryd Noo veih Traa gy Traa 'chur dooin.


A good Chriftian not being one, who has no Inclination to Sin, but one, who thro' the Grace of God immediately checks, and fuffers not fuch Inclinations to grow into evil Habits.

hene, ta unnane jeh ny Briwnyffyn s'trimmey oddys tuit

God, who knows our Infirmities, will accept our fincere Endeavours, tho' attended with Imperfections and Backflidings, provided we condemn ourselves for them, and ftrive to amend.

And let us remember for

Fakin nagh nee Creestee mie Fer, nagh vel veg yn Yeearree echey gys Peccah, agh Fer, ta trooid Grayfe Yee chelleeragh Smaghtaghey, as nagh vel furranfe lheid ny Yeearreeyn dy aafe

gys drogh Chliaghtaghyn. Jee, ta toiggal ny Annooinidyn ain, nee foiaghey jeh nyn Inrickys, ga nagh vel eh cheet feofe gys flane Towfe nyn Gurrym, my the fhen dy vel fhin deyrey thin hene er y hon, as ftreeu dy lhiafiaghey nyn Mea.

As lhig dooin cooinaghtyn Our Comfort, that Jefus fon nyn Gherjagh, dy ren YeeChrift himself pronounced all fey Creeft eh-hene genmys his Difciples (the Traitor cx-ooilley e Oftyllyn, (cheu-mooie


cepted) to be clean, that is, jeh'n Traitoor) dy ve glen, ta qualified to receive this Sa-fhen, dy ve feeu" dy ghoaill y crament, which he was go- Chreeftiaght then, v'elhyn goll ing to administer to them, dy hirveish orroo, ga va fys altho' he knew them to be echey dy row ad aarloo dy fubject to very great Failings huittym ayns Failleilyn as Anand Infirmities; which foon nooinidyn feer vooar; quoid va appeared, when they all for- dy leah er ny akin, tra ren ad fook him, contrary to their ooilley y hreigeil eh, noi nyn folemn Promises; but this yarroo Ghialdynyn; agh shoh they repented of, and were ghow ad Arrys jeh, as ve leiht forgiven by their compaffion-daue liorish nyn Ver-kionnee ate Redeemer. chymmoil.

If therefore you love God, Shen-y-fa my ta Graih ayd's and your Neighbour, tho'er Jee, as er dty Naboo, ga not fo. fervently as you could nagh vel eh cha jeean as wifh;-If you have a real wooifhagh oo;-My ta TeearDefire of being better, than ree firrinagh ayd dy ve ny at prefent you find yourself fhare, na t'ou gennaghtyn oo to be-If the Fruits of hene dy ve ec y Traa t'ayn the Holy Spirit, tho' in a My ta Meffyn y Spyrryd very low Degree, do ap- Noo, ga ayns Cooid ny pear in your Life-Laftly, veggan, er ny akin ayns dty if you do daily pray for Ymmyrkey-bea Er-jerrey, God's Grace, that you my t'ou gagh laa goaill Padjer may, in his good time, be, fon Grayfeyn Yee, dy yod oo, and do, what he would have 'fy Traa mie echeyfyn, y ve, you to be, and do not live as jannoo, myr t'eshyn dty hain any known Sin; -By rey, as nagh vel oo beaghey no means forbear to go to ayns Peccah erbee er-fys dhyt; his Ordinance, as often as you have an Opportunity,

Ny lhig fhaghey er Aght erbee dy gholl gys yn Oarand depend upon God's Blef-daghey echey, cha mennick as

fing, and an Increase of his Graces.

te er ny hirveifh, as foddee oo ve fhickyr jeh Bannaght Yee, as Bifhaghey jeh e Ghrayse


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GRANT, O God, that I

TALL, O Yee, nagh dayrn-yms may never draw down bragh thy Judgments upon myself, Vriwnyffyn neofe orrym pene, either by turning my Back edyr liorish my Ghreeym y upon this Ordinance, or by hyndaa rifh yn Oardaghey going to it without Thought fhoh, ny liorish goll huggey or unworthily. May thy gyn-tort ny dy neu-feeu. Dy Mercy pardon what is paft, jean dty Vyghin leih dou fon and give me Grace for the ny t'er n'gholl fhaghey, as cur time to come, to confecrate Grayfe dou fon y Traa ta ry. my Life to Thee, and to heet, dy chafherickey my Vea embrace every Occafion of hood, as dy ghoaill dy chooilremembering my Redeemer's [ley Chaa dy chooinaghtyn er Love, and thereby fecuring Graih my Er-kionnee, as liothy Favour and my own rifh fhen jannoo fhickyr jeh'n Salvation! And if it be thy Foayr ayd's as jeh my HaualWill, grant that I may al-tys hene! As my fhe dty Aigways find fuch Comfort and ney eh, giall dy voddym dy Benefit in this Ordinance, as bragh geddyn lheid y Ghermay encourage me to ob- jaghey as y Vondeifh ayns yn ferve it with Joy unto Oardaghey fhoh, as oddys m'y Life's End. ghreinnaghey dy reayll eh leth Boggey gys jerrey my Vea.



Give me Leave to recomCur Kied dou chymney gys mend to thine infinite Mer- dty Vyghin erfkyn-earroo, yn cy, the miferable Condition Stayd hrimfhagh ocfyn ooilley of all fuch as neglect fo great ta meerioofagh jeh lheid ny Means of Grace and Salva- Saafeyn bannee dy Ghrayfe as tion:-Awaken all Chrifti-dy Haualtys ----Dooisht dy an People into a Senfe of chooilley Phobble Creestee gys this Duty :- -Open their | Ennaghtyn jeh'n Churrym Eyes, and correct their Mif- fhoh :---Fofhil ny Sooillyn oc, takes, that they may be con- as lhiaffee yn Shaghrynys oc, vinced, that this is the only dy vod Toiggal firrinagh y ve Means of making their Peace oc, dy nee fhoh yn ynrycan with Thee, and of render- Saafe dy yannoo nyn Shee ing their Perfons and their rhyt, as Soiaghey dy ve jeant Prayers acceptable to thy jeh ny Perfoonyn as ny Pad


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