Puslapio vaizdai

Lord, the Frailty of Man without Thee cannot but fall In all Temptations, therefore, I befeech Thee, to fuccour me, that no Sin may ever get the Dominion

over me.

Give me a falutary Dread of the Corruption of my own Heart: Make me truly fenfible of the End of Sin, and mindful of my own Infirmities and Backflidings.

Vouchsafe unto all Sinners a true Senfe of their unhappy State, a Fear of thy Judgments, and Grace and Strength to break their Bonds.


Hiarn, myr nagh vod Annooinid Sheelnaue agh tuittym, fegooifh dty Chooney: Ayns dy chooilley Violagh, er-y-fa then, ta mee guee ort dy my niartaghey, nagh vod dy bragh Peccah erbee yn Varriaght y gheddyn orrym.

Cur dou Aggle flayntoil jeh Neu-ghlennid my Chree hene: Cur Enn aghtyn firrinagh do jeh Jerrey Peccah, as freill mee ayns Cooinaghtyn jeh my Annooinidyn as my Skirraghtyn hene.

Dy gooidfave lhiat coyrt da dy chooilley Ghrogh-yantagh Ennaghtyn firrinagh jeh nyn Stayd vee-vaynrey, Aggle roish dty Vriwnyffyn, as Grayse as Niart dy vrifhey nyn Gheulaghyn,

Enlighten my Soul with Soilfhee my Annym lesh faving Truth;-Correct dty Ghoo firrinagh.---Smaghme in Mercy, and reduce tee mee ayns Myghin, as me when I go aftray. Make chyndaa mee gys y Raad cair, me ever mindful of my tra ta mee goll er-fhaghryn. latter End, and fix in my Freill mee kinjagh ayns CooinHeart a lively Senfe of the aghtyn jeh my Laa jerrinagh, Happinefs and Mifery of the as foie ayns my Chree EnWorld to come, naghtyn brecoil jeh Maynrys as Treihys y Theihll ta ryheet.

May the Thoughts of Dy der Smooinaghtyn y Death mortify in me all Vaaith all Vaaith naardey aynym dy Pride and Covetoufnefs, and chooilley Voyrn as Saynt, as a. Love for this World! Graih fon y Theihll fhoh! As


And may my firm Belief of a Judgment to come, make me ever careful to please Thee, my Lord and Judge, that I may find Mercy at that Day!

Grant that I may lie Giall dy voddym lhie sheese down to Sleep with the fame dy chadley leh yn "Aigney charitable and forgiving Tem-ghiaftyllagh cheddin as arrylper, in which I defire and tagh dy lei, ayn 1 mee treihhope to die. teil dy gheddyn Vaailh.

And may the Almighty As dy jean y Jee OoilleyGod take me, and all all niartal mith, as ooilley ny ta that belongs to me, under bentyn dou, y ghoaill fo e his gracious and powerful Choadey ghrayfoil as pooaral! Protection! May he give his Dy der en Currym da e AinleAngels Charge concerning my-nyn-gione, as dy vreill eh us, and keep us in perpetu-ihin ayns Shee as Sauchys fon al Peace and Safety, through dy bragh, trooid Yeesey Creeft Jefus Christ our Lord! nyn Jiarn!

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dy jean my Chredjue shickyr jeh Briwnys ry-heet, cur orrym dy bragh ve karalagh dy wooiys Ufs, my Harn as my Vriw, dy voddym Mghin y gheddyn ec y Laa shen!

UR Father which art in Heaven ; Hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy Will be

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done in Earth, as it is in Thalloo, myr te ayns Niau Heaven. Give us this Day Cur dooin nyn Arran jiu as our daily Bread. And for- gagh-laa. As leih dooin nyn give us our Trefpaffes, as Loghtyn, myr ta fhin leih we forgive them that tref- dauelyn ta jannoo Loghtyn nyn pass against us. And lead 'oi. As ny leeid fhin ayns us not into Temptation. But Mislagh; Agh livrey fhin veih deliver us from Evil: For Olk. Son lhiat's y Reeriaght, thine is the Kingdom, and as y Phooar, as y Ghloyr, fon the Power, and the Glory, dy bragh as dy bragh. Amen. for ever and ever. Amen.


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