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Pf. cxvi.


render unto the Lord, for his Mercies renewed unto me every Morning?I will offer the Sacrifice of Thanksgiving, and


Smooinee er y Dangeyr t'ayns goll magh fud drogh Heibll, as eight cha thig oo dy bragh haghey dy ghoaill Padjer fon Bannaght, Coadey as Grayfe Yee, dy chooilley Voghrey jeh dty Vicys.


THAT fhall I Pf. cxv. ver-yms da'n

RE'N Cooilleeney

Chiarn fon e Vyghinyn, foilfhit orrym afs-y-noa dy chooilley Voghrey?--Nee'm chebbal Curallyn dy Hoyrt - booife, as pay

theeeck-ym my Vrecarraghyn da'n Jee Smoo Syrjey.

As dy jean Jee Soiaghey 'yannoo jeh my Vioofe fmoo creeoil fon my Choadey as Ooraghey, as fon ooilley Bannaghtyn ny Hoie t'er n'immeeaght, as my Vea t'er n'gholl' fhaghey.

pay my Vows unto
Most High.
And may
God accept
accept of
my moft hearty Thanks for
my Prefervation and Refresh-
ment, and for all the Blef-
fings of the Night paft, and
of my Life paft!

Poffefs my Soul, gracious God, with fuch a Senfe of this thy Goodness, and of my Dependance upon Thee for Life and Health, and Profperity and Comfort, that it may be my Delight, as it is my Duty and Intereft, to ferve and obey Thee.

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Lhieen my Annym, Yee ghrayfoil, leth lheid yn Ennaghtyn jeh fhoh dty Vieys hene, as jeh my Varrant's ort fon Bea as Slaynt, as Maynrys, as Gerjagh, dy vod eh 've my Voggey, myr te my Churrym as my Vondeifh, dy hirveish oo as dy chur Biallys dhyt.

As dy voddym fhoh y yannoo lefh Aigney fhecoil, leih dou ny Peccaghyn ta my Chooinfheanfe goaill Aggle roue, as chyndaa voym ny Briwnyffyn ta mee dy cairagh er hoilchin.

Cur Grayfe dou dy voddym tannaghtyn ayns Aggle royd fey ny Laa, as dy voddym beaghey as jannoo, myr dy, beagh ufs aym, O Yee, kinjagh Feanish jeh my ymmyrkey-bea; as dy vod eh ve flane Kiarail my Annym, gyn dy bragh Jymmoofe y chur ort's jeh my Yioin.

Lhig da dty Ghrayfe lhiettalagh mish y choadey veih Miolaghyn Seihll peccoil, veih Annooinid as Neu- ghlennid my Ghooghys hene, as veih and

and from the evil Principles | Drogh - chredjue, as Droghand Practices of the Age I chliaghtaghyn yn Traa t'ayn! live in!

Poffefs my Heart with a Lhieen my Chree leth Graih fincere Love for Thee, and firrinagh dhyt's, as da ooilley for all Mankind; and grant Sheelnaue; as giall dy vod ve that I may have this com- aym yn Prowal gerjoilagh as fortable and fure. Proof of thickyr fhoh jeh dty Ghraih thy Love abiding in me, tannaghtyn aynym, Dy vel that I ftudy to please Thee mee dy jeean fhirrey dy dty and to keep thy Command- wooiys, as dy reayll dty An


Give me a tender Compaffion for the Wants and Miseries of my Neighbour, that thou mayeft. have Compaffion upon me, O God.


In all my ways I do ac- Ayns ooilley my raaidyn ta knowledge Thee. Do thou, mee goaill rhyt. Kiartee my O Lord, direct my Paths, Chaffanyn, O Hiarn, as ynfee and teach me to guide my dou dy oardrail my ChooifhAffairs, my Defigns, my yn, my Smooinaghtyn, my Words, and Actions, with Ghoan, as, my Yannoo, lefh Charity, Difcretion, Juftice, Giaftyllys, Tufhtey, Cairys, and Piety. as Craueeaght.

Shew me the Way that I fhould walk in, and give me Grace to follow the Conduct of thy good Spirit, that I may do my Duty in that State of Life, in which thy Providence has placed



Cur dou Ennaghtyn er-. recifhagh fon Egin as Treihys my Naboo, dy vod ufs ve erreeifhagh dooys, O Yee.

Let me ever remember, that the Night cometh, when no Man can work; and that now is the Time, in which to provide for Eternity.

Grant, gracious God, that

Soilfhee dou yn Raad lhifin gimmeeaght ayn, as cur Grayse dou dy eiyrt er Coyrle dty Spyrryd vie, dy voddym my Churrym y yannoo ayns y Stayd then dy Vea, ayn ta dty Chiarail flaunyffagh er my hoiaghey.

Lhig dou dy kinjagh cooinaghtyn, Dy vel yn Oie cheet, tra nagh vod Dooinney erbee gobbraghey; as dy nee nifh y Traa, dy chiarail cour y Vea


Giall, Yee ghraysoil, nagh


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no worldly Pleafures, no worldly Bufinefs may ever make me lose the Sight of Death, or forget the Dangers that furround us.

Fill my Heart with the Dread of thy Judgements prepared for impenitent Sinners, and my Soul with a Senfe of the Bleffings which will be the Reward of all them that love Thee, and obey thy Laws.

Lhieen my Chree lesh Atchim roish ny Briwnyffyn fhen ta kiarit cour Peccee vee-arryffagh, as my Annym lefh ny Bannaghtyn fhen vees y Leagh fhickyr ocfyn ooilley ta graihagh ort, as cur Biallys da dty Leighyn.

Hear me, O O Heavenly Člafht rhym, O Ayr FlauFather, not according to nyffagh, cha nee cordail rish my imperfect Petitions, but my Accanyn giare - hushtagh, according to the Meaning agh cordail rish flane Bree yn of that holy Prayer, which Phadjer chafherick shen, ta thy beloved Son hath taught dty Vac graihagh er n'ynsaghey dooin.


jean Eunys erbee feihltagh, cur orrym's dy bragh y Baafe y chur afs my Chooinaghtyn, ny jarrood ny Dangeyryn ta cruinaghey mygeayrt-y-mooin.


Our Father which art in ́Ayr ain, t'ayns Niau :---CaHeaven:- Hallowed be fherick dy row dty Ennym.---thy Name.Thy Kingdom Dy jig dty Reeriaght.----Dty come.Thy Will be done Aigney dy row jeant er y in Earth, as it is in Hea- [Thalloo, myr te ayns Niau.---ven.Give us this Day Cur dooin nyn Arran jiu as our daily Bread :----And for- gagh-laa.---As leih dooin nyn give us our Trefpaffes, as Loghtyn, myr ta fhin leih we forgive them that tref- dauefyn ta jannoo Loghtyn


pass against us. And lead nyn 'oï.---As ny leeid fhin ayns us not into Temptation :- Miolagh :-----Agh livrey thin But deliver us from Evil, veih Olk. --Son lhiat's y ReeFor thine is the King- riaght, as y Phocar, as y dom, and the Power and Ghloyr, fon dy bragh as dy the Glory, for ever and ever. bragh. Amen.



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Every thoughtful Perfon, before be lieth down to fleep, will put himself under the Protection of God, who giveth his Angels Charge concerning his Elect, to preferve them from the Pow ers of Darkness, from the Dangers of the Night, and from all fad Accidents.


Dy chooilley Pherfoon taftagh, roifh my lhie eb heefe dy chadley, ver eh bene fo Coadey Yee, ta curmal e Ainleyn lefh Kiarail e Chloan reiht, dy choadey ad veih Pooaraghyn y Dorraghys, veih Gaueghyn ny Hoie, as veih dy chooilley Lhag-baghyrt.






ON dy gooidfave lefh Jee dy choyrt Laa elley gys Bleeantyn my Vea, as dy


HAT it hath pleased God to add another Day to the Years of my Life, and that he hath kept vel eh er my reayll veih Gaueme from the Dangers of an ghyn Seihll mee-chrauee :---evil World:For thefe Son ny Myghinyn fhoh, as fon and for all his Mer ooilley e Vyghinyn veih Laa cies from Day to Day be- gy Laa er ny ghiootal orrym, ftowed upon me, I blefs his ta mee bannaghey e Ard-, good and gracious Provi- chiarail vie as ghrayfoil, dy dence, most earnestly be-feer jeean guee er dy leih dou feeching him to pardon my my Pheccaghyn fon y Laa t'er Offences of the Day paft, n'gholl fhaghey, as dy ghialand to grant that they may dyn, nagh n'irree ad dy bragh never rife up in Judgment feofe ayns Briwnys m'oï. against me.

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