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derrey yeh da'n jeh elley.... Foddee ufs fendeil thin ayns Laa yn Violaghey, as fhin y livrey veih Pooar y Drogh spyrryd:---Hood's, Hood's dty lomarcan, dy row Gloyr fon dy bragh. Amen.

That his Holy Spirit may direct and rule our Hearts, teaching us what we ought to do, and what to avoid.

That the Grace of God may ever be with us, to fupport us in all Dangers,

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us through all dy nyn ymmyrkey trooid dy chooilley Violagh.

Dy jean y Chiarn ooilley nyn Obbraghyn onneragh y vannaghey, as fhin y yannoo booiagh lefh Cre-erbee nee yn Ard-chiarail echeyfyn goardrail

and carry Temptations.

That the Lord may bless all our honeft Endeavours, and make us content with what his Providence fhall order for us.

And that we may continue his faithful Servants This Day, and unto our Lives End.

For all which Bleffings let us devoutly pray.

Then all devoutly kneeling, let Eight ooilley tuittym fheefe dy one fay : imlee er nyn Ghlioonyn, big da unnane gra:

nyn gour.

As dy vod mayd tannaghtyn nyn Sharvaantyn firrinagh dafyn yn Laa t'ayn jiu, as gys Jerrey nyn Seihll.

Son ooilley ny Bannaghtyn fhoh lhig dooin dy crauee guee.

GOD, by whom the whole World is governed and preferved, we give Thee humble Thanks for thy Fatherly Care over us; befeeching Thee to make us

Yee, liort's ta'n Seihll ooilley er ny reill as er ny choadey, ta fhin cur Booife inlee dhyt fon dty Chiarail Ayroil barrin; guee ort dy chur Tufhtey firrinagh dooin truly fenfible of thy Mer-jeh ooilley dty Vyghinyn, as cies, and thankful for them. dy ve booifal er nyn fon.

Cur dooin Grayfe, dy vod mayd gimmeeaght myr ayns dty Hilley's, leth Cooinfheanfe vie reill nyn Raaidyn; as goaill Aggle dy chur Jymmoofe ort, nagh jyndaa mayd reefht gys ny Peccaghyn, er nyn fon ta fhin er ve arryffagh.

Give us Grace, that we may walk as in thy Sight, making a Confcience of our Ways; and fearing to offend Thee, may never fall into the Sins we have repented of.

Enable us to refift, the Temptations of the World, the Flefh, and the Devil;

To follow the Motions of thy good Spirit To ;

Niartee fhin dy haffoo magh noi Miolaghyn y Theihll, yn Eill as y Drogh-fpyrryd ;-Dy eiyrt er Leeidenys y Spyrryd mie ayd's ;---Dy ve tajtagh, as


be ferious and holy in our
Lives; true and just in
our dealings; watchful o
ver our Thoughts, Words,
and Actions; diligent in our
And temperate in
all Things.

crauée ayns nyn Mea;----firrinagh as jeeragh ayns nyn Ghellal ;---kiaralagh harrith ooilley nyn Smooinaghtyn, Goan as Jannoo ;---jeidjagh ayns nyn Obbyr, as Jheelt ayns dy chooilley Nhee.

Lhig da dty Vannaght 've or

May thy Bleffing be upon our Perfons, -upon |rin hene,---er nyn Laboraght, our Labours, -upon ourer nyn Gooid, as er ooilley Subftance, and upon all that ny ta bentyn dooin! belongs to us!


Give us Grace, that we may honestly improve all the Talents which thou haft committed to our Trust And that no worldly Business, no worldly fures, may divert us from the Thoughts of the Life to


Make us fenfible and thankful for all thy Favours --and mindful of the Wants of others.

Cur dooin Grayfe, dy vod mayd dy onneragh yn Chooid fhare y yannoo jeh ooilley, ny Talentyn t'ou er hreifhteil or rin: As nagh jean Obbyr erPlea-bee feihltagh, ny Eunyffyn feihltagh erbee fhin y chleayney veih fmooinaghtyn er y Vea ta ry heet.

Cur orrin dy ve toiggalagh jeh as booifal fon ooilley dty Chenjallys,--as Ennaghtyn y ve ain fon Egin ny Ymmyr


By thy mighty Power defend us in all the Affaults of our Enemies: And grant that this Day we fall into no Sin. neither run into any kind of Danger; but that all our Doings may be ordered by thy Governance,


Liorish dty Phooar niartal jean fhin y endeil ayns dy chooilley Hoiaghey orrin jeh nyn Noidyn: As giall nagh duitt mayd jiu ayns Peccah erbee, chamoo nagh roie mayɖ ayns Monney erbee dy Ghaue; agh dy vod ooilley nyn Yanto do always that is righte-noo ve oardrit liorish dty reills, ous in thy Sight, dy yannoo dy bragh ihen ta cairal ayns dty Hilley.

May our gracious God give us what is needful for

Dy der nyn Yee grayfoil dooin cre-erbee ta ymmyrchus, and Grace not to abuleagh er nyn ton, as Grayfe nagh


his Favours; and, withal, jean mayd Drogh-ymmyd y give us contented Minds!

yannoo jeh e Vannagntyn; as myrgeddin dy der eh dooin Aignaghyn dy ve booiagh lesh ny ta ain!

Dy der eh dooin 'fy Theihll fhoh Tuthtey jeh e Ynrickys, as ayns y Theihll ta ry heet y Vea dy bragh farraghtyn! Amen.

Give us in this World the Knowledge of his Truth, and in the World to come Life everlasting! Amen.

EAR O God, not

Haccording to our weak



Lafht rooin, O Yee, cha nee cordail rish y Tushtey Understanding, but accord- annoon ainyn, agh cordail rish ing to the full Meaning of flane Bree y Phadjer shen ta that Form of Prayer which Yeefey Creeft er n'ynfaghey Jefus Christ hath taught us; dɔoin.

UR Father which art

in Heaven; Hallowed AYR ain t'ayns Niau; Ca

fherick dy row dty Enbe thy Name. Thy King-nym. Dy jig dty Reeriaght. dom come. Thy Will be Dty Aigney dy row jeant er y done in Earth, as it is in Thalloo, myr te ayns Niau. Heaven. Give us this Day Cur dooin nyn Arran jiu as our daily Bread. And for- gagh-laa. As leih dooin nyn give us our Trefpaffes, as Loghtyn, myr ta fhin leih we forgive them that tref- dauefyn ta jannoo Loghtyn nyn pass against us. And lead 'oi. As ny leeid thin ayns us not into Temptation. But Miolagh; Agh livrey fhin veih deliver us from Evil; For Olk. Son lhiat's y Reeriaght, thine is the Kingdom, and as y Phooar, as y Ghloyr, fon the Power, and the Glory, dy bragh as dy bragh. Amen. for ever and ever. Amen.

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HE Grace of our Lord Greeft, as Graih Yee, as

nyn Yeefey


Jefus Chrift, and the

Love of God, and the Fel- Shefhaght gherjoil y Spyrryd lowthip of the Holy Ghoft Noo dy row marin ooilley er be with us all evermore. | fon dy bragh. Amen.



On Sunday Morning, let the following Prayer be added to your daily Prayers.


LORD, who haft confecrated this good Day to thy Service, give us Grace fo to obferve it, that it may be the Beginning of a happy Week to us; and that none of thy Judge ments may fall upon us for profaning it. Fix in our Hearts this great Truth, that here we have no abiding Place, that we may feriously and timely provide for another Life; and grant that this great Concern may make us very defirous to learn our Duty, and to do what thou requirest of ús. And bleffed be God, that we have Churches to go to; that we have Time to ferve our Creator; that we have Paltors to teach us. The Lord profper their Labours, and give us Grace to profit by them; that they and we may enjoy an everlasting Sabbath with thy Saints in Heaven, for Jefus Chrift's Sake. Amen.


Er Moghrey Jia-doonee hig da'n Phaijer fhub heefe ve er ny ghra marih nyn Badjer. yn fon gagb-laa.


Hiarn, t'er chafherickey yn Laa mie fhoh gys dty Hirveish hene, cur Grayfe dooinyn myr fhen dy reayll eh, dy vod eh ve Tofhiaght Shiaghtin vannee dooin; as nagh duitt veg jeh dty Vriwnyffyn orrin fon y vrishey eh. Soie ayns nyn Greeaghyn yn Raa mooar firrinagh fhoh, Nagh vel ain ayns shoh Ynnyd-vaghee tannaghtyn erbee, dy vod mayd dy creeney as ayns Traa kiarail fon Bea elley; as giall dy vod yn Obbyr vooar fhoh cur orrin ve feer aggindagh dy ynfaghey nyn Gurrym, as dy yannoo ny t'ou ufs dy harey dooin. As bannit dy row Jee, dy vel Kialteenyn ain dy haaghey; Dy vel Traa ain dy hirveish nyn Ver-cioo; Dy vel Bochillyn-anmey ain dy nyn ynfaghey. Dy bifhee Chiarn yn Laboraght oc, as dy der eh Grayfe dooinyn dy gheddyn Vondeish lioroo; dy vod adfyn as fhinyn Doonaght vees dy bragh farraghtyn y chofney, marifh dty Nooghyn ayns Niau, fon Graih Yeefey Creeft. Amen.



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