Puslapio vaizdai


God, who thy Apoftle


has taught us to make Prayers and Supplications, and to give Thanks for all Men; we humbly befeech thee most mercifully to receive thefe our Prayers, which we offer unto thy Divine Majefty, befeeching Thee to infpire continually the Univerfal Church with the Spirit of Truth, Unity, and Concord; and grant that all they, that do confefs thy holy Name, may agree in the Truth of thy holy Word, and live in Unity and godly Love. We befeech Thee alfo to fave and defend all Christian Kings, Princes and Governors; and especially thy Servant George, our King, that under him we may be godly and quietly governed: and grant unto his whole Council, and to all that are put in Authority under him, that they may truly and indifferently minifter Juftice, to the punishment of Wickedness and Vice, and to the Maintenance of

thy true Religion and Virtue. Give grace, O Heavenly Father, to all Bifhops and Curates, that they may both by their Life and Doctrine fet forth thy true and lively Word, and rightly and duly administer thy holy Sacraments. And to all thy People give thy Heavenly Grace, and efpecially to this Congregation here prefent, that with meek Heart, and due Reverence, they may hear and receive thy holy Word, truly ferving Thee in Holinefs and Righteoufnefs all the Days of their Life. And we moft humbly befeech Thee of thy Goodness, O Lord, to comfort and fuccour all them who in this tranfitory Life are in Trouble, Sorrow, Need, Sickness, or any other Adverfity. And we also bless thy holy Name, for all thy Servants departed this Life in thy Faith and Fear; befecching Thee to give us Grace fo to follow their good Examples, that with them we may be Partakers of thy Heavenly Kingdom. Grant this, O Father, for Jefus Chrift's fake, our only Mediator and Advocate. Amen.



Oilley-niartal as Yee dy bragh bio, ta liorish dty Oftyl

cafherick er n'ynfaghey fhin dy yannoo Padjeryn as Aghinyn, as dy chur Booife fon dy chooilley Ghooinney; Ta fhin dy imlee guee ort dy feer vyghinagh dy ghoaill ad fhoh nyn Badjeryn ta fhin chebbal gys dty Ard-ooafhley Flaunyffagh, guee ort dy lhieeney dy kinjagh dty Agglish ayns dy chooilley Ynnyd lefh Spyrryd ny Firriney, Unnaneys, as Coardail: as giall dy vod adfyn ooilley ta goaill-rifh dty Ennym casherick, coardail ayns Firrinys dty Ghoo cafherick, as beaghey ayns Unnaneys, as Graih crauee. Ta fhin guee Ort myrgeddin dy hauail as dy endeil dy chooilley Ree Creestee, Prince, as Kiannoort, as erfkyn ooilley dty Harvaant George, nyn Ree, dy vod mayd fofyn ve dy crauee as dv feagh er nyn reill; as giall da'n flane Choonceil echey, as dauefyn ooilley t'er nyn goyrt ayns Pooar fo, dy vod ad dy firrinagh as dy kiart Cairys y yannoo, gys Kerraghey Peccah as olkys, as gys cummal feofe dty Chredjue's firrinagh as Craueeaght. Cur Grayfe, O Ayr Flaunyffagh, da dy chooilley Afpick as Shirveishagh, dy vod ad chammah liorish nyn Ymmyrkey-bea as Ynfagh, foiaghey magh dry Ghoo's firrinagh as bioal, as dy cairagh as dy cooie dty Hacramentyn cafherick y hirveish. As da ooilley dty Phobb'e cur dty Ghrayfe Flaunyffagh, as er-lheh da'n Cheshaght fhoh kionfenifh; dy vod ad lesh Cree meen, as Arrym cooie dty Ghoo's cafherick y chlafhtyn as y ghoaill, as dy firrinagh ufs y hirveish ayns Craueeaght as Cairys ooilley Laghyn nyn Mea. As dy feer imlee ta fhin guee ort jeh dty Vieys, O Hiarn, dy chur Gerjagh as Kemmyrk dauelyn ooilley, ta ayns y Vea ghiare fhoh ayns Seaghyn, Trimfhey, Feme, Chingys, ny Arkys erbee elley. As ta fhin myrgeddin bannaghey dty Ennym cafherick, fon ooilley dty Harvaantyn t'er phaartail y Vea fhoh ayns dty Chredjue as dty Aggle; guee ort dy chur dooinyn Grayse myr fhen dy eiyrt er ny Sampleyryn mie ocfyn, dy vod mayd maroofyn ve goaill Ayrn ayns dty Reeriaght Flaunyffagh. Giall fhoh, O Ayr, er graih Yeefey Creeft, yn ynrycan Fer ta eddyr fhin as fheer loayrt er nyn fon. Amen.





When the Minister giveth Warning for Celebration of the holy Communion, (which he shall always do upon the Sunday or fome Holy-day immediately pre

If you feriously attend to 'the following Exhortations or Warnings, you will learn what you ought to do, in order to be a worthy Communicant.

And you would do well to read them over again, when you return ceding after the Sermon or Ho-home, that you may fix them in your mily ended, he hall read this Memory, and that they may be a Standing Rule to go by through your Exhortation following: whole Life.

DEarly* beloved, on

Believe it for a certain Truth,

that fuch as are not religiously dispofed to go to this Ordinance, are unqualified to ask or receive any Blef

Day next, I purpose, through God's Affiftance, to Administer to all fuch as fhall be religiously and devoutly diffing or Favour from God. pofed, the most comfortable That therefore you may lay hold Sacrament of the Body and of every Occafion offered you-ConBlood of Chrift, to be by them fider seriously what you are called to. received in Remembrance of his meritorious Crofs and Paffion, whereby alone we obtain Remiffion of our Sins, and are made Partakers of the Kingdom of Heaven. Wherefore it is our Duty to render moft humble and hearty Thanks to Almighty God our Heavenly Father, for that he hath given

mand of Jefus Chrift, by whom a FirftTo obey an exprefs Comlone you can hope for Salvation.

2dly, To teftify to the World, that you belong to him, and to join with his Family, in order to recount and acknowledge the most ineftinabe Bleffing which he hath purchased for his Church.

* When it is confidered how many poor Chriftians there are, who have little or no other Means of coming to the Knowledge of his Ordinance and the Manner of preparing themfelves for it, but by what they learn from hearing thefe Exhortations; every Paftor will think himself obliged in Confcience, and as he values the Edification of his Flock, to read thefe Exhor tations with the greatest Deliberation, and with an Affection that fhall even force the Attention of his Hearers./




Yn Rubrick.

Tra ta'n Saggyrt cür Raaue fon Shirveish y Chreeftiaght chafberick (quoid fbegin da kinjagh 'yannoo er y Doonaght ny er Laa feailley ennagh chelleeragh roih y Chreeftiaght) lurgy Sharmane ny'n Homily, fbegin da Ibaih yn Ghoyrle hob.

My eaifhtys oo dy imneagh rish ny Coyrleyn as ny Raaueghyn ta dy heet ny lurg fhoh, ynfee oo cre lhidy ghoaill y Cheeftiaght.

fagh oo y yannoo, dy vod oo ve fecu

As yinnagh oo dy mie dy lhaih ad harrish reefht, tra hig oo dy Valley; dy vod oo ad y yannoo fhickyr ayns dty Chooinaghtyn, as dy vod ad ve Leeideilee fhickyr dhyt choud s'bio



Haarjyn ghraihagh, jy-fhoh cheet ta foym's lefh Cooney Yee, dy Hirveish orroofyn ooilley vees dy crauee as dy arrymagh kiarit er y hon, yn Sacrament fmoo gherjoilagh jeh Corp as Fuill Chreeft, dy ve lioroofyn er ny ghoaill ayns Cooinaghtyn jeh e Chrofh as e Hurranfe toilchinagh; liorish ny lomarcan ta fhin geddyn Leih nyn Beccaghyn, as jeant dy ghoaill Ayrn ayns Reeriaght Niau. Sheny-fa yn Currym ain eh dy chur

Ayns y nah Ynd, Dy hoilfhaghey da'n Theill dy vel oo bentyn da, as Booife fmoo imlee as creeoil dady yannoo Shefhaght rifh Lught e hie, dy vod fhiu dy cheilley gimr jeh as Jee Ooilley-niartal nyn Ayr goaill rifh va Bannaght erikyn-earroo Flaunyffagh, fon dy vel eh erh er chofney da e Agglish.


Creid eh dy jarroo fon Firrinys, dy vel ny lheid ocfyn as nagh vel dy thoh, neu chooie y hirrey, ny ly crauee kiarit dy gholl gys yn Oardagh gheddyn Bannaght ŋy Foayr erbee vein Jee

Dy vod oo er-y fa fhen Greme y ghoaill er dy chooilley Hraa ta chebdown thyt hene cre gys t'ou er dty. bit dhvt er y hon,-Smooinee dy



Sarey chion Yeefey Creeft, lionth ny Hofhiaght Dy chur Biallys da tomarcan ta fhin treihteil fon Saualtys.

* Tra ta fhin fmooinaghtyn cre whilleen Creeftee boght ta ayn, nagh vel oc agh beggan ny s'coan Saafe erbee arragh dy heet gys Tufhtey jeh'n Oardagh fhoh, as yn Aght dy gheddyn ad hene aarloo ny chour, agh liosifh nv t'ad gynfaghey veih Clashtyn ny Coyrleyn fhoh: nee dy chooilley Vochill anmey fmooinaghtyn eh hene kianlt ayas Cooinfheanfe as myr bailith Foayr anmev e Hioltane, dy lhaib ny Coyr eyn shoh leth y Jeeanid s'crecoil, as lefh lheid y Bree, as dy hayrn huggey A gnaghyn e Phobble.






And, 3dly, to devote yourfelf to him, and to his Service, who is continually interceding for all fuch as go unto God by Him.

his Son our Saviour Jefus Chrift, not only to die for us, but also to be our fpiritual Food and Sustenance in that holy Sacrament. Which being fo divine and comfortable a Thing to them who receive it worthily; and fo dangerous to them that will prefume to receive it unworthily; my Duty is to exhort you, in the mean Seafon, to confider the Dignity of that holy Mystery, and the great Peril of the unworthy Receiving You hear in what a good Prethereof; and fo to fearch and paration confifts :------ In confeffing your Sins to Almighty God, with examine your own Confcien- full Purpofe of Amendment of Life--ces, and that not not lightly, In exercifing the Duties of Charity, and after the manner of Dif-in giving and forgiving, &c. femblers with God; but fo that ye may come holy and clean to fuch an heavenly feast, in the Marriage-garment required by God in holy Scripture, and be received as worthy partakers of that holy Table.

All which being done in Obedience to the Command of Christ, must

needs be acceptable to the Divine Majefty, and, in time, gain you all thofe Graces, which you can defire or ftand in need of.

And for your Comfort, remember, that if you are prepared as you ought to be, for this Sacrament, you are prepared for Death, and for a bleed Eternity.

The Way and Means thereto is: Firt, to examine your Lives and Converfations by the Rule of God's Commandments; and wherein-foever ye fhall perceive yourselves to have offended, either by Will, Word, or Deed, there to bewail

And very many will be the Benefits of embracing every Occafion that is offered you.

You will not easily fall into a state of Sin and Security, being fo often put in mind of the Danger of going carelefly and unprepared.

Confider how many there are, who, to their Sorrow, are deprived of this Means of Grace and Salvation :-----And how many, through a most stupid Ignorance and Negligence, deprive themselves of it. And you cannot but give Ged Thanks, both for the Opportunities which he affords you, and for the Graces he gives you, by your refolving to clofe with them.


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