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Dangerous conceits are in their natures poifons,
Which, at the firft, are fearce found to diftafte:
But with a little act upon the blood,

Burn like the mines of fulphur.


THE appearance of lord Monteith, when the carriage ftopped at Powerfcourt, was fufficiently deplorable to excite commiferation even in those bofoms which felt the ftrongeft abhorrence of his former conduct. Pale, and trembling with apprehenfion, he asked if his lady were ftill alive. On receiving an




answer in the affirmative, he flew to her apartment, not reflecting upon the effect which his fudden return might have. Fitzofborne, poffeffed of a greater command of his own feelings, ftopped him at the door, and, dragging him into an adjoining room, whispered to him, that prudence and compofure were highly neceffary. "If you fee lady "Monteith in your prefent perturba"tion of fpirits," faid he, "you will "certainly become your own accufer, "and perhaps lay the foundation for "much future mifery. Remember, poffibly fhe knows nothing of Mrs. Harley's affair. For fhame, my friend, how you unman yourfelf by "these emotions."

"She lives," faid Monteith, lifting up his eyes, which, to the extreme mortification of Fitzofborne, were fuffused with tears. "If he had died, mur"dered

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"dered by my infidelity, I would not "have furvived her."

"Can you tell how her illness and your infidelity can poffibly be con"nected? If it proceeds form her "knowledge of your weakness, you "have certainly caufe to dread feeing " her. I must entreat you, if you re


gard your reputation as a man of the "world, or your authority as the mafter " of a family, do not even let your valet "witness your disorder.

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He was prevented from proceeding by the appearance of fir William Powerfcourt, whose benevolent heart had been deeply penetrated by a description of his fon-in-law's diftrefs, though his paternal pride had been previously ftimulated to refent the abfence which even his unfufpicious temper had confidered to be a neglect of his beloved daughter.

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"Be compofed, my lord," faid the good baronet, fhaking him affectionately by the hand; "my dear child will do "well, don't make yourself fo unhappy "-she will be very glad to fee you, I She always names you

< affure you. " with the greatest tenderne fs." "Dear injured excellence!" fobbed Monteith.

"She never made one complaint of your staying fo long in London," continued fir William. "Sometimes, "indeed, the said, The house fits late "these turbulent times. Then, after "parliament broke up, you had fome "business to get through to serve a

friend. The physicians give us great "hope of her to-day; and when you "are a little more compofed, I will let "her know that you are come. Depend upon it, there will be no reproaches."

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