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teith's felf-accufation. His once-adored wife was proved to be innocent in that inftance which had appeared to fix upon her the charge of deliberate perfidy. The final views of Fitzofborne could only be obtained by bafe falfehood and almost murderous fraud. Her delicate fenfe of honour, fhrinking with horror from the imputation of crimes, of which fhe had rather been the victim than the participator, overpowered her feeble frame; and the wronged innocent (for fo the quick tranfition of lord Monteith's paffions induced him now to think her) muft with her life atone for a husband's credulous confidence and


a traitor's temerity. She was now dearer than ever to his heart; and lady Arabella, convinced that there was no refifting a torrent, endeavoured to obliterate the remembrance of paft sarcasms by her lively commiferation for the


Lord Monteith asked

fweet fufferer. for the rejected letter; bathed every fentence with tears; called for the little outcaft, whom he had renounced and banished from his fight; and recollected with horror, that he had fent it to a diftant county till the law fhould relieve him from the fuppofititious incumbrance. His daughters were now alternately folded in his arms. Their likeness to their mother was recognized with heart-rending anguish. In fine, the carriages were immediately ordered for Caernarvonshire; and the tedious journey was fomewhat beguiled by the hope, that a reconciliation to her lord, and the prefence of her children, might ftop the progrefs of decay. The filence of Henry was intended to fuppress that vain expectation, and to prepare the unhappy husband for the fcenes which awaited him.


Compaffion for the children, who fuffered much from the fatigue of rapid travelling induced Mr. Powerfcourt to ftop two ftages fhort of their intended deftination; and he was urging lord Monteith to try to obtain a few hours repose when an exprefs arrived from the manor-house to announce the increased danger of the countefs, and to expedite his return. Fresh horfes were immediately ordered, and the travellers fet off with a rapidity which even the speed of the earl's former journey could not equal. His tortured memory continually recalled the occurrences of that journey, and his heart feemed fomewhat eafed of the pangs of felf-reproach by the invectives with which he loaded the arch-hypocrite, who then acted the part of friendship, that he might be enabled with his fcorpion fangs to tranffix his breaft with impunity. of hope would fometimes break in. Ge


A ray

raldine had recovered from one dangerous attack; why not again? Henry had indeed affirmed that the vital organs were irreparably injured; but it was prefumptuous to affirm what human fkill could not afcertain.-She might live, and they might yet be happy. Rafh, misjudging Monteith! when hap. piness was not only in thy power but abfolutely in thy poffeffion, the common bleffing feemed unworthy prefervation. All thy folicitude, all the anguish that corrodes thy foul, cannot now restore the flighted good. Could the healing art acquire miraculous energy fufficient to renew in the lamented fufferer the loveliness and the sprightly health which once captivated thy foul,

"Not poppy, nor mandragora, "Nor all the drowsy fyrups in the world, "Can ever medicine to a mind diseased. —“O, now for ever

"Farewell the tranquil mind! farewell content."



The path of reconciliation is impeded by infurmountable barriers; and reflection would foon convince even the uxorious husband, that wounded honour impofed the neceffity of feparation.

The morning broke before the travellers entered the gate of Powerscourt. The earl's attention was arrested by the atchievement suspended under the architrave, and a figh burft from his heart, extorted by the remembrance of the meek[benevolence which it was defigned to commemorate. Lights appeared at feveral of the windows. He could difcern the servants gliding about when the carriage stopped; yet all was filent, except the whispering breeze. The hofpitable doors, which used to fly open at his approach, were now cautiously unclosed. The attendants, whom the noife of the carriages had gathered in the hall, were dreffed in the weeds of


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