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ftill alive, and he learnt the following particulars from Mr. Evans.

The news of lady Monteith's elopement had travelled to Powerscourt with inconceivable celerity. A dependant of the earl's, more grateful than judicious in his intentions, had perfuaded himself, that a mighty noife was made about nothing at all; for that the lady was only gone to stay a little with her father, as his wife would fometimes do, when he had a word or two with her. He determined therefore to ride poft to Caernarvonshire, not doubting that he fhould bring news back of her being fafe and well. His uncouth manner and confufed extravagant account rather amufed than alarmed the fervants, and it was accidentally communicated to fir William. Nothing refpecting his darling child was uninterefting to him. He ordered the "bonnie Scot" into

his prefence; and though he gave little' credence to the improbable narrative, he heard with concern, that lord Monteith's affairs were in a bad ftate, and that he and his lady were thought not to be quite fo happy as they were.

Sir William paffed a reftlefs miferable night, and the next morning appeared feriously ill. He rofe, however, with the determination of going himself into Scotland, when an exprefs arrived from lord Monteith, which proclaimed his own difgrace in terms of the most rash severity; and haftened the crisis of fir William's diforder. He was immediately seized with spasms in his ftomach and, though fomewhat relieved by medical aid, he still remained speechless, and in a very alarming state.

"He is perfectly fenfible," continued Mr. Evans, "and his counte"nance is inconceivably interefting. I

"never faw fo much meek forrow "filently expreffed. I am confident, "that his frame of mind is fuch as his "life would warrant us to expect, and "that he bleffes the Power that cor«rects him. I have just been at prayers "by his bed-fide. He preffed my

"hand when I had finifhed; looked at "the portrait of his daughter, which "hung at his bed's feet, then on me ; "and lastly raised his eyes to Heaven. "I understood that he commended her "to me. The ligature, as Sterne ob"ferves, fine as it is, fhall never be "broken. When the world for fakes "her, I will receive and cherish the "mourner. She may be frail and cri"minal; the cannot be wholly aban"doned."

Lucy now, having heard of Henry's return, rushed into the room with inquiries refpecting her friend. She


liftened with breathlefs eagerness to the narrative which he related. 'Tis as "I faid” exclaimed fhe, clasping her hands: "I knew that her pure elevated "mind could never yield confent to an "adulterous elopement. O Henry! London-the

"do follow her to "traitor has certainly concealed her "there ;-rescue her from him ;-fear "not his oppofition-guilt like his "must be cowardly: perhaps even yet you may fave our Geraldine." "Let us ftudy moderation in every "thing," replied Mr. Evans in his ufual dignified manner; "whether we

grieve for the refpectable friend who "feems leaving us for a happier world, "or feek to affift the dear lady who ap"peared to be worthy of a better fate. "Let us every remember, that excess "offends. Do not you fee, my dear "child, that Mr. Powerfcourt is ex"haufted

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hausted by diftrefs, and the fatigue "of feven days' inceffant travelling. "We have no clue to direct us where "to find the loft countefs. Instead,

therefore, of wearying out his ftrength "in impatient romantic wandering, let "him referve it, till fome certain in"telligence calls us forth to action; " and if I can serve the child of my be"nefactor, neither my age nor my "function fhall be pleaded in my ex"cufe. In the mean time we will con"fole ourselves with the conviction, "that Fitzofborne cannot fecrete her "from the fuperintendence of Omni<< potence; and we will confide her to "the care of that Providence which "never deferts thofe who, fenfible of "their own weakness and the perils by "which they are furrounded, fanctify "the measures which human prudence fuggefts by a dependence upon him




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