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racter. It rather taught him to respect himself, than to defpife others. Educated in the spirit of benevolence and univerfal good-will, if any indications of latent vanity fometimes appeared to check the nobler growth of Geraldine's foul, Mrs. Evans was ever at hand to eradicate the pernicious weed. The internal principle thus fecured, her native good fenfe and obfervation taught her to copy the exterior of politeness from the best models which her fituation afforded; and on her entrance into the first circles, fhe only appeared to want a little familiarity with peculiar customs, to realize in its fulleft perfection the character of a well-bred woman.

On the contrary, lady Arabella's conftant attempts to fhine announced

the effort, and miffed the effect. Hau teur could not command refpect from those who, equal or fuperior in rank,


allowed nothing to the claims of a longer pedigree. Confeffedly inferior to most young ladies of her own station in acquired graces, the mere attraction of beauty, though foon felt, was as foon forgotten. The flippant obfervation and severe farcafm, which at Kinloch-castle paffed for eloquence and wit, could not, endure the test of more competent judges, who cannot relish a fneer unless recommended by fome other quality than mere malignity. When to these confiderations is added the reflection, that the world is generally more inclined to approve those who folicit their favour than those who command their attention, it will not be wondered at, that general opinion loudly proclaimed lady Monteith a very charming woman; and that if ever the filence of polite referve was interrupted by repeated inquiries of "What do you think of lady Arabella N 5 "Mac.

"Macdonald ?" the moft candid answer

Nothing very

generally received was, " "ftriking."

The Philofopher who attempts to describe the fecret powers of nature will not expect to trace the footsteps of the fovereign queen" in crowded cities" or" the bufy haunts of men," but in the fequeftered glen or uncultivated mountain. The Moralift who, by a defcription of the human character, wishes to correct the failings of the human heart, will not place his fphere of obfervation in thofe fcenes where fashion prefcribes a genteel uniformity of manners. The crowded rout, where every body is well-bred; the drawing-room, where every body is well dreffed; the public breakfast, where every body is lively; and the opera, where every body is in ecftacies, may prove an author's intimacy with the great world; but, however

however the reader may be dazzled by the glare of finery, the mind commonly complains of meagre entertainment. A few general obfervations will fuffice to defcribe the first month of lady Monteith's acquaintance with fafhionable life, She trod the giddy maze of diffipation with firm but graceful ftep. The voice of flattery, though foothing to her ear, excited no dangerous emotion. Her character retained its primitive virtues, her heart remained faithful to the im preffion which was now confecrated by indelible ties, and her judgment continued to prefer the mild luftre of connubial happiness to all the glare of fashion, and all the fascination of pleafure.

The earl of Monteith ftill continued to think his Geraldine the most perfect of all human beings, and himself the moft fortunate man in the world. It N 6. was $

was impoffible for him to think otherwife; for all his young friends declared him a happy fellow, and his courtly acquaintance pronounced his lady to be the most divine creature ever feen. It was aftonishing, they faid, how the could acquire fuch an air of high ton in her fecluded fituation; and still more wonderful, that the refplendent fame of the fair reclufe had not pervaded the rural shades by which she was surrounded. "Your tafte in beauty, my lord," they added, " is perfectly accurate, and "the world is infinitely obliged to you "for introducing this paragon to its "adoration"

His lordship always went home in raptures from fuch converfation; but his lady was either gone out with a party, or the prefence of his noble relations qualified his transports, and convinced him that one angel cannot prote&t

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