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terefted affection. "I fhall mifs you "very much, my dear love," said he; "but it is for your good, fo I fhall "not complain. I muft look for amuse"ment to your letters now, instead of "your pretty prattle. Don't be caft "down, child; for I fhall not be dull "if you are happy." The tender Geraldine could only answer with her tears.

At this inftant Mr. Evans, who had been from home the preceding morning, interrupted the family party by his characteristic adieus. "I truft, my dear

lady, you are going to make many "hearts happy; you will leave many aching ones behind you here." Then turning to lord Monteith, whose bosom glowed with fentiments which Nature meant he should have been better acquainted with, "Providence," faid the good man with patriarchal fimplicity,


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"has intrufted you, my lord, with a "rich jewel. Wear it at your heart." ››

"That I will," replied the young earl, fhaking him cordially by the hand; and for the fhare you had in giving "it to me, remember, when I am "prime minifter, you fhall be archbishop of Canterbury." A fudden glow of pleasure brightened the general dejection. Sir William, enjoying the tribute to his daughter's worth, thu's haftily extorted from her lord, more than he would have done a ftudied com pliment, tenderly preffed his fon-in-law's hand, and led his drooping daughter to the chariot. The carriages drove off. London, and its round of pleafures, foon regained poffeffion of his lordship's mind, unaccustomed to the finer emotions; while his lady's eyes oft turned to take another view of Powerscourt. "Farewell," faid the to herself,

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herself, "ye dear fcenes of my youth"ful pleasures. Farewell to the home " and the protection of the beft of fa"thers! I enter upon an untried, and, "if I may trust to the experience of "others, a perplexing world. Will the "husband of my choice, the future maf"ter of my deftiny, treat me with fuch << uniform tenderness as my indulgent "parent did? Will he guide my inex"perienced steps, like my dear Mrs. "Evans? or, may I unbofom to him "C my inmost foul, as I did to my fympathifing Lucy? Ah! could I but be "fure that I fhall return in a few months, "fatisfied with my own lot, find my "dear father unchanged in health and "fpirits, Mrs. Evans well, and my "Lucy happy!" A tear obfcured her radiant eyes, when my lord roufed her from her reverie, by telling her the number of miles they were from London.



Come then, the colours and the ground prepare!
Dip in the rainbow, trick her off in air,
Choose a firm cloud before it fall, and in it
Catch, ere she glance, the Cynthia of the minute.

On the clofe of the first day's journey lady Monteith accidentally inquired how far they were from Oxford. "Admira"bly recollected!" cried his lordship; "I have always intended to go there, "and never could find time. We will "take it in our way to London."

"Don't you recollect," faid the countess," that by the laft accounts "from Scotland our friends intend to be "in town before the end of this week?"

"O! we fhall run all over Oxford "in a day or two. Befide, fuppofe M 3 'they

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they do get to Portland-place before us, my housekeeper is the civileft, "beft-bred creature you ever faw, infinitely fuperior to the myrmidons near "Kinloch-caftle. She will make them very fine courtefics, and they will glide about and get over their first "wonder before we reach town."

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"But will that be perfectly refpect"ful and accommodating?”

"My dear Geraldine, if you take "fo much pains to accommodate other "people, they will foon give you a "furfeit of courtely. My good aunt "in particular; fhe has had her own way years enough; and for fear the "fhould take up any idea of managing me, I fhall fhew her at first that I "mean to please myself, and never care "what he or the world think about it.



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