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plained the advantages of inland navigation, and the gentleman oppofite addreffed to him a long narrative expla natory of the difficulties attending a lawfuit which had been awarded to him at the laft Caernarvon affizes. Their manner was verbose, and they talked all together: his lordship, therefore, concluded that they faid nothing worthy of attention, and that the chagrin he felt arofe from the want of fuperior fociety.

He feized the firft opportunity of withdrawing from the company to the countess's dreffing-room, and on entering flung himself upon a fofa, with fo loud a yawn as to alarm her ladyship and Mifs Evans with ferious apprehensions that he was taken ill. "Are not you "well ?" exclaimed the former with

tender anxiety. "It is impoffible to "be well among fuch boors," returned his lordship. "I have been talk'd-át K 5


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all the afternoon, and cannot for my "foul remember one fingle sentence "that has been uttered. I am deter"mined to go to London the first op"portunity living here three months "would be the death of me. I proteft, "my charming Geraldine, that you put

me in mind of a rofe growing in the middle of a wilderness."

Lady Monteith could fcarcely enjoy a compliment which conveyed such strong contempt for what fhe had ever been accustomed to view with affectionate regard. She fmothered a figh, and af fumed a faint fmile. But the smile and the figh were alike difregarded. Her lord's attention was now engroffed by a favourite spaniel; with that he amused himself for a few moments, and then dropped afleep upon the fofa.

Another incident a few days after this displayed his humour in a still stronger

light. Sir Ralph and lady Morgan fent an invitation in form, requesting the honour of the bride and bridegroom's company at their feat to a dinner and a ball given in honour of their nuptials. The invitation was written on an elegant card, decorated by her ladyship's own pencil with Lilliputian Cupids lighting their tiny torches. Twenty years ago the Morgans were people in highlife, and even the gallant Monteith would not then have blushed to have appeared at her ladyfhip's parties; but twenty years are fufficient to annihilate mighty empires, and muft unqueftionably cause great revolutions in a private family. Juft before his affairs. were irretrievable, fir Ralph discovered, that to be one of the very first people is a preliminary step to becoming nobody; and his lady reflected on the danger of coquetry and diffipation before the last K 6

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falfe ftep had entirely ruined her character. They had fufficient good sense to refolve on mutual amendment; plans of retirement and ceconomy were immediately adopted, and regular perfeverance in thefe falutary measures had enabled them to refume their old family fplendor a little before lady Monteith's marriage. Certainly at this period nobody knew the Morgans; and her ladyfhip's knowledge of the fashionable world was fo antedated, that the very card she intended fhould announce her indifputable claim to fuperior elegance, convinced Lord Monteith that she must be a mere fal lal, and that the visit would prove a bore: as a natural confequence, he determined not to go.

On the day appointed, the countess, attired in all her bridal fplendor, in compliment to her father's old friend, waited for her lord's approach to lead her to


her chariot. Her lord appeared in his morning dishabille, and in a half-whisper announced his refolution not to go. " I "hate ftate vifits," said he," and I "never could endure country balls in all

my life."-"But this," returned the countefs, raising her pleading eyes, "is

abfolutely given in compliment to us.” "Never mind, never mind," continued his lordship, hurrying her to the carriage, and at the fame time holding handkerchief to his mouth: "You can "make an apology. You fee I have got "a terrible tooth-ach; upon my foul, I "would not go for a thousand pounds. "Come, your father waits; you will "be too late." At these words he lifted

her into the chaife, and then, with the voice of one in extreme pain, exclaimed, "Beft compliments-forry I can't "do myself the honour-make hafte,


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