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1 Guard. Cæsar hath sent— Char. Too slow a messenger.

[Applying the Asp,

O, come apace, despatch; I partly feel thee.

1 Guard. Approach, ho! All's not well: Cæsar's beguil'd.

2 Guard. There's Dolabella, sent from Cæsar: call him.

1 Guard. What work is here!—Charmian, is this well done?

Char. It is well done, and fitting for a princess Descended of so many royal kings.

Ah, soldier!

Enter Dolabella.

Dol. How goes it here?

2 Guard. All dead.

Dol. Cæsar, thy thoughts

Touch their effects in this: Thyself art coming
To see perform'd the dreaded act, which thou
So sought'st to hinder.

Enter CESAR and Train.

Dol. O, sir, you are too sure an augurer; That you did fear, is done.

Oct. Krav'st at the last:


She leveled at our purposes, and, being royal,
Took her own way. The manner of their deaths?
I do not see them bleed.

Dol. Who was last with them?

1 Guard. A simple countryman, that brought her figs;

This was his basket.

Oct. Poisoned, then.

Dol. Here, on her breast,

There is a vent of blood, and something blown:

The like is on her arm.

1 Guard. This is an aspick's trail;

[Pointing to the Floor.

And these fig-leaves have slime upon them, such
As the aspick leaves upon the caves of Nile.
Oct. Most probable,

That so she dy'd: for her physician tells me,
She hath pursu'd conclusions infinite

Of easy ways to die.—Take up her bed;
And bear her women from the monument:—
She shall be bury'd by her Antony:
No grave upon the earth shall clip in it
A pair so famous. High events as these
Strike those that make them: and their story is
No less in pity, than his glory, which
Brought them to be lamented.

Our army shall,
In solemn show, attend this funeral;
And then to Rome. Come, Dolabella, see
High order in this great solemnity.



[blocks in formation]

The Delinquent, 2s 6d

The Will, a Comedy, 2s 6d

Folly as it Flies, 2s 6d

Life, a Comedy, 2s 6d

Notoriety, a Comedy, 2s 6d
How to grow Rich, 2s 6d

The Rage, a Comedy, 2s 6d
Speculation, a Comedy, 25 6d

Management, a Comedy, 2s 6d The Blind Bargain, 2s 6d

Laugh when you can, 2s 6d
The Dramatist, 2s 6d

Fortune's Fool, 2s 6d
Werter, a Tragedy, 2s

The Honey Moon, a Comedy, by John Tobin, 2s 6d
The Duenna, a Comic Opera, by Mr. Sheridan, 2s 6d
The Heiress, a Comedy, by General Burgoyne, 2s 6d
The Road to Ruin, a Comedy, by Mr. Holcroft, 2s 6d
Deserted Daughter, a Comedy, by ditto, 2s 6d

The Belle's Stratagem, a Comedy, by Mrs. Cowley, 2s 6d
Which is the Man? a Comedy, by ditto, 2s 6d

England Preserv'd, a Tragedy, by Mr. Watson, 2s 6d
The Bank Note, a Comedy, by Mr. Macready, 2s 6d
The Votary of Wealth, a Comedy, by Mr. Holman, 25 6d
Ramah Droog; or, Wine does Wonders, by J. Cobb, Esq. 2s 6d
Mary, Queen of Scots, a Tragedy, by Hon. Mr. St. John, 25 6d
The Stranger, a Play, as performed at Drury-Lane, 2s 6d
The Maid of Bristol, a Play, by Mr. Boaden, 2s
Raising the Wind, a Farce, by Mr. Kenney, 1s 6d
Matrimony, a Petit Opera, by ditto, is 6d

Too many Cooks, by ditto, 1s 6d

The Point of Honour, a Play, by Mr. C. Kemble, 25

What is She? a Comedy, 2s ød

Wife in the Right, a Comedy, by Mrs. Griffith, 2s 6d

Julia; or, the Italian Lover, a Tragedy, by Mr. Jephson, 2s 6d Clementina, a Tragedy, by Kelly, 2s 6d

Doctor and Apothecary, a Farce, is 6d

Smugglers, a Farce, is 6d

First Floor, a Farce, is 6d

Tit for Tat, a Farce, 1s 6d

Sultan, a Farce, is 6d

Match for a Widow, an Opera, 1s 6d

Turnpike Gate, a Farce, by Knight, is 6d

Soldier's Return, a Farce, 1s 6d

Hartford Bridge, a Farce, by Mr. Pearce, 1s 6d

The Midnight Wanderers, an Opera, by ditto, 1s 6d
Netley Abbey, an Opera, by ditto, 1s 6d

Arrived at Portsmouth, a Farce, by ditto, 1s 6d

The Mysteries of the Castle, by Mr. Andrews, 2s 6d

The Irishman in London, a Farce, by Mr. Macready, is od

Lock and Key, a Farce, by Mr. Hoare, 1s 6d

Marian, an Opera, by Mrs. Brookes, is 6d

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