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The Principles of Criticism


he Principles
of Criticism


An Introduction to the Study
of Literature → By W. Basil
Worsfold, M.A., of University
College, Oxford, and of the Middle
Temple, Barrister-at-Law


London: George Allen, Ruskin House
156 Charing Cross Road mdcccxcvii

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The purpose of this book is to present an account of the main principles of literary criticism, and to illustrate these principles by passages from great writers.

The book will, therefore, be found to contain (in addition to the text) a collection of noteworthy critical utterances.

The translations from the Greek, German, and French have been done by the Author.

References are made (with two exceptions) to the text of Aristotle by the pages of Immanuel Bekker's large (Berlin) edition; and to that of Plato, by the pages of the edition of Henry Stephens. Addison is cited by numbers of The Spectator, and Lessing by chapters of the Laocoon. In the case of other authors, the footnotes will sufficiently indicate the sources of reference.

Both an index of authors and an index of subjects have been provided.

September 8, 1897.

W. B. W.

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