The Chinese Classics: With a Translation, Critical and Exegetical Notes, Prolegomena, and Copious Indexes

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Legge, 1871
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305 psl. - ... be born to him ; They will be put to sleep on couches ; They will be clothed in robes ; They will have sceptres to play with ; Their cry will be loud. They will be (hereafter) resplendent with red knee-covers, The (future) king, the princes of the land.
495 psl. - And the lower people are full of distress. The words which you utter are not right ; The plans which you form are not far-reaching. As there are not sages, you think you have no guidance ; — You have no real sincerity. (Thus) your plans do not reach far, And I therefore strongly admonish you. Heaven is now sending down calamities; — Do not be so complacent. Heaven is now producing such movements; — Do not be so indifferent. If your words were harmonious, The people would become united.
459 psl. - The superior man 8 serves his ruler in such a way, that when at court in his presence his thought is how to discharge his loyal duty to the utmost; and when he retires from it, his thought is how to amend his errors. He carries...
448 psl. - Was gifted by God with the power of judgment, So that the fame of his virtue silently grew. His virtue was highly intelligent, Highly intelligent and of rare discrimination ; Able to lead; able to rule, — To rule over this great country; Rendering a cordial submission, effecting a cordial union. When the sway came to King Wan, His virtue left nothing to be dissatisfied with. He received the blessing of God, And it was extended to his descendants.
241 psl. - Parts of the She-King, or the Minor Odes of the Kingdom, the Greater Odes of the Kingdom, the Sacrificial Odes and Praise-Songs, and the Indexes. Royal 8vo.
595 psl. - Let me be reverent, let me be reverent [in attending to my duties]; [The way of] Heaven is evident, And its appointment is not easily [preserved]. Let me not say that It is high aloft above me. It ascends and descends about our doings; It daily inspects us wherever we are. I am [but as] a little child. Without intelligence to be reverently [attentive to my duties] ; But by daily progress and monthly advance, I will learn to hold fast the gleams [of knowledge], till I arrive at bright intelligence....
499 psl. - We must not let (the king) be solitary and consumed with terrors. Revere the anger of Heaven, And presume not to make sport or be idle. Revere the changing moods of Heaven, And presume not to drive about (at your pleasure).
507 psl. - Therefore all under heaven peace and harmony prevailed; disasters and calamities did not occur; misfortunes and rebellions did not arise. " It is said in the Book of Poetry, "' To an upright, virtuous conduct All in the four quarters of the State render obedient homage.
427 psl. - ... Ever think of your ancestor, Cultivating your virtue, Always striving to accord with the will (of Heaven). So shall you be seeking for much happiness. Before Yin lost the multitudes, (Its kings) were the assessors of God. Look to Yin as a beacon; The great appointment is not easily (preserved) . "The appointment is not easily (preserved). Do not cause your own extinction. Display and make bright your righteousness and name, And look at (the fate of) Yin in the light of Heaven. The doings of High...
600 psl. - To offer to our ancestors, male and female, And to provide for all ceremonies. Fragrant is their aroma, Enhancing the glory of the state. Like pepper is their smell, To give comfort to the aged. It is not here only that there is this (abundance) ; It is not now only that there is such a time : — From of old it has been thus.

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