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[blocks in formation]

Gent. Help, help!

Edg. What kind of help?

Alb. Speak, man.

Edg. What means this bloody knife?

Gent. 'Tis hot, it fmoaks, it came even from the heart

Of O! fhe's dead.

Alb. Who's dead? fpeak, man.

Gent. Your Lady, Sir, your Lady; and her fifter

By her is poifon'd; the confeffes it.

Baft. I was contracted to them both; all three

Now marry in an inftant.

Edg. Here comes Kent.

Enter Kent.

Alb. Producé the bodies, be they live or dead,

[Gonerili and Regan's bodies brought out.

This judgment of the heav'ns, that makes us tremble,

: [To Kent.

Touches us not with pity. O! is this He?
The time will not allow the compliment
Which very manners urge.

Kent. Sir, I am come

To bid my King and Mafter aye good night;

Is he not here?

Alb. Great thing of us forgot!

Speak, Edmund, where's the King? and where's Cordelia? See'ft thou this object, Kent? [Pointing to the dead bodies. Kent. Alack, why thus?

Baft. Yet Edmund was belov'd:

The one the other poifon'd for my fake,

And after flew her felf.

Alb. Even fo; cover their faces.

Baft. I pant for life; fome good I mean to do, Despight of mine own nature. Quickly fend

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(Be brief) into the castle; for my writ Is on the life of Lear and Cordelia: Nay, fend in time.

Alb. Run, run, 3/0 run, make hafte.`

Edg. To whom, my Lord? who has the office? fend Thy token of reprieve.

Baft. Well thought on, take my fword,

Give it the captain

Edg. Hafte thee for thy life:

[Exit Meffenger.

Baft. He hath commiffion from thy wife and me

To hang Cordelia in the prison, and

To lay the blame upon her own defpair.

Alb. The Gods defend her! bear him hence a while.

[Baftard is born off.


Enter Lear with Cordelia dead in his arms

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Lear. Howl, howl, howl, howl, O you are men of Had I your tongues and eyes, I'd use them fo,


That heaven's vault should crack; fhe's gone for ever!
I know when one is dead, and when one lives;
She's dead as earth! lend me a looking-glass,
If that her breath will mift or ftain the ftone,
Why then she lives.

Kent. Is this the promis'd end?

Lear. This feather ftirs, fhe lives; if it be so,
It is a chance which do's redeem all forrows
That ever I have felt.

Kent. O my good mafter!
Lear. Pr'ythee, away-

Edg. 'Tis noble Kent

your friend.


Lear. A plague upon you, murth'rers, traitors all!
I might have fav'd her; now fhe's gone for ever!
Cordelia, Cordelia, ftay a little. Ha!

What is't thou fay'ft? her voice was ever soft,
Gentle and low, an excellent thing in woman.

I kill'd

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I kill'd the slave that was a hanging thee.
Gent. 'Tis true, my Lords, he did.
Lear. Did I not, fellow?

I've seen the day, with my good biting faulchion
I would have made them skip: I am old now,
And these fame croffes fpoil me. Who are you?
Mine eyes are none o' th' beft. I'll tell you ftrait.
Kent. If fortune brag of two fhe lov'd and hated,
One of them we behold.

Lear. Are you not Kent?

Kent. The fame; your fervant Kent; Where is your fervant Caius?

Lear. "Twas a good fellow, I can tell you that, 'He'd ftrike, and quickly too: he's dead and rotten. Kent. No, my good Lord, I am the very man, Lear. I'll fee that strait.

Kent. That from your firft of difference and decay, Have follow'd your fad fteps.

Lear. You're welcome hither.


Kent. 'Twas no man elfe: all's cheerlefs, dark, ar

Your eldest daughters have fore-done themselves,

And defp'rately are dead..

Lear. Ay, fo I think.

Alb. He knows not what he fays, and vain is it That we prefent us to him.

Edg. Very bootlefs.

Enter a Messenger.

Mef. Edmund is dead, my Lord.

Alb. That's but a trifle.

You Lords and noble friends, know our intent;
What comfort to this great decay may come,
Shall be apply'd. For us we will refign,
During the life of this old Majefty,

To him our abfolute power: to you, your rights,

With boot, and fuch addition as your honours

4 He's... old edit. Theob. emend.

5 He'll.

old edit. Theob, emend.

[To Edg.


Have more than merited. All friends fhall tafte
The wages of their virtue, and all foes
The cup of their 'defervings.
Lear. O fee, fee-

And my poor fool is hang'd: no, no, no life?
Why should a dog, a horse, a rat have life,
And thou no breath at all? thou'lt come no more,
Never, never, never, never, never,—

Pray, you, undo this button.
Do you fee this? look on her,
Look there, look there-

Thank you, Sir;

look on her lips,

Edg. He faints; my Lord!

Edg. Look up, my Lord!

Kent. Break, heart, I pr'ythee, break.

[He dies.


Kent. Vex not his ghoft: oh, let him pafs! He hates

That would upon the rack of this rough world

Stretch him out longer.

Edg. He is

gone indeed.

Kent. The wonder is, he hath endur'd fo long:
He but ufurpt his life.

Alb. Bear them from hence, our present business
Is general woe: friends of my foul, you twain,
Rule in this realm, and the gor'd ftate fuftain.
Kent. I have a journey, Sir, fhortly to go;
My mafter calls me, I muft not fay no.

Alb. The weight of this fad time we must obey,
Speak what we feel, not what we ought to fay.
The oldeft hath born moft; we that are young
Shall never fee fo much, 7'live e'er fo long.

[blocks in formation]

[Exeunt with a dead march.







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