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In the prefatory note to the second edition of this work (1896) the Editor invited criticism with a view to the improvement of future editions. Several critics responded to this appeal, and their valuable suggestions have been considered in preparing this re-issue. In some cases the text has been revised and the selection varied; in others, additions have been made to complete the representation. The biographical and bibliographical matter has been brought up to date.-A. H. M.




SINCE the publication of the first edition of this volume several writers, whose work occupies considerable space in its pages, have been removed from human activities by the hand of death. The Hon. Roden Noel and Mr. John Addington Symonds were in a very practical sense united in life; in death they are not divided. Lord de Tabley, public interest in whose work was in some measure revived by the former edition of this volume, and Mr. James Ashcroft Noble, two of whose articles enrich its pages, have also passed away. Such alterations and additions as were deemed necessary in view of these losses were made in the second edition of this volume, which was published in 1896. Since that issue, Mr. William Morris, Mr. Cosmo Monkhouse, and Mr. Robert Buchanan have laid aside the pen. It has been thought unnecessary to vary the selections originally given of their works. By the kindness of Mr. Theodore Watts-Dunton, changes have been made in the representation of his verse. For the rest, except that the work throughout has been brought up to date, the volume remains identical with the first edition.

The editor desires to express his thanks to the many poets represented for the favours whereby their poems are included in this volume.

Grateful reference is also due to the kindness of the several firms of publishers whose books are so largely represented.

Messrs. Reeves & Turner, the

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